Monday, April 12, 2010

Caracita Chooses the Cherry Blossom Nail Design WINNER! and Designers announced!

Well it looks like the DC Cherry Blossom Festival has come to an end (boo), as has our little Cherry Blossom contest (double boo).  Anyone here go to the Cherry Blossom Festival?
I LOVED seeing all of the incredible nail designs here - everyone truly did a spectacular job.  Thank you again to all the entrants!

The top three designers with the most votes are:

1. Entry 10, Golden Blossom Tips - Rhea at The Chain Nail
2. Entry 1, Blue Skies - Jeannie at My Latest Obsessions
3. Entry 7, Antique Cherry Blossoms - Thriszha at Fab Ur Nails

I put the three names in a bowl and had Caracita choose the winner.
I put peanut butter on her nose, and then put more peanut butter in the middle of a bowl with the three entries around the bowl.  Then I let Cara do her thing!
(She loved the peanut butter.  She hated having the peanut butter on her nose!)
I'm ready!  Peanut Butter me up!

Gotta make sure I get every last bit of peanut butter before I reveal the winner...

I'm really not happy that I ended up with this thing on my nose 
and you're making me sit here while you take my picture.

Thanks for taking that off!  Can I eat it?

So the winner is...
Blue Skies!!
Congrats Jeannie!

And because Rhea and Thriszha both did such a wonderful job, I will be sending them both some Kiss Fashion Diva Nail Art stickers.  Congrats ladies!!

Check out all of the beautiful designs and see who the top-secret designers were :)
Thanks again to all who entered.  I loved seeing the unique and beautiful designs!

1.  Blue Skies

2.  Golden Cherry Blossom
Niki at Polish on Digital Paper

3.  Flowering Pagoda
Niki at Polish on Digital Paper

4.  Branching Out
Mae at Art of Nail

5. Shimmering Blooms
Diana from Holland

6. Blue Blossoms and Lace
Gabriella from MD

7.  Antique Cherry Blossoms
thriszha at Fab Ur Nails

8. Pearls and Blooms
Li at Short, Wide Nails

9.  Cherry Blossom Tic Tac
Rhea at The Chain Nail

10.  Golden Blossom Tips
Rhea at The Chain Nail

11.  Cheery Cherry Blue Shine
Rhea at The Chain Nail

12. Lovely Blooms and Glitter
Rhea at The Chain Nail

13.  April Blossoms and Dots
Rhea at The Chain Nail

Not a cherry blossom, but some really pretty cherry blossom-esque trees in my yard!


Michelle said...

Yay for the winner! I love your dog :D

Unknown said...

Comgrats ladies!
What a beautiful puppy!

Rhea said...

Aww, look at that cutee little puppy!!!!!!!!
& yay! you are seriously too sweet for having 3 winners =)

Rhea said...

Aww, look at that cutee little puppy!!!!!!!!
& yay! you are seriously too sweet for having 3 winners =)

Rhea said...

urghh, this laptop, why does it post every other comment twice???

Unknown said...

aww, thanks ladies!!! and I agree - congrats to the winners!

Jeannie said...

cooooooool, ty!

adorable way of choosing, too!

jo.frougal said...

Caracita is the face of ;D

Unknown said...

Congrats Jeannie!

hahaha :) Jo, I decided Cara was MUCH more interesting to look at than a screenshot of I wish I could get The Hat to work on my mac, because that would be so much more fun than!! For the next giveaway, I'm going to try to install it on my teeny tiny PC - so hopefully I'll have a fun The Hat drawing for either the Chobani or the Cupcake necklace :) Although Cara did a pretty good job with this one - it was hilarious watching her rutting around with the peanut butter! :) lol

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Amazing nail designs and I wanna hug your doggie!!!!!

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