Sunday, April 11, 2010

Comparing Blue Polishes: Gumdrop, For Audrey, Mint Candy Apple

I did a blues comparison for you all way back in February, then stuck it on my desktop, and let it get buried by other photos.  Sad, right?  So I have it for you all today - now if only I knew which blue was which... hmm.  Just kidding!  Thank goodness I labeled this well, or it would have been useless.
Top: flash, bottom: natural light

Index: ORLY Gumdrop (3 coats)
Middle: Essie Mint Candy Apple (2 coats)
Ring: ORLY Gumdrop (3 coats)
Pinkie: China Glaze For Audrey (1 coat)

ORLY Gumdrop and China Glaze For Audrey are remarkably similar - but if you're a nut like me, they are still slightly different.  Gumdrop is a bit brighter.  Personally, I like the formula on For Audrey way better  Gumdrop was thick and difficult to work with (you can even tell in the picture!).  But, I actually prefer Gumdrop's color the most of all three.  Essie Mint Candy Apple is totally different than these two - and chalkier than both of them.  For Audrey is 100% my favorite formula and a great color, but I am still a big fan of Mint Candy Apple.  For Audrey wins because it has the best formula and it is my second favorite color.  Sorry Gumdrop, you were just really difficult to work with.
Wish I had thought to swatch Diamond Cosmetics Tranquility with these - I just traded it yesterday!
The winner: For Audrey!

Which one of the three is your favorite?

ps: I'm so excited that I added this little thing so you all can tell me how lame my posts are without commenting - see: "funny," "cool," or "interesting."  (I'll take "cool" to mean "please never post this again").  I am really excited about this thing!  Is there another category that should be there, like "snore" or "encore!" or "yum"?  Let me know!
(Hmm, this little gadget isn't showing up, but it says it is there when I check my layout.  Que pasa?).

On a totally unrelated note, I'm feeling like that old piece of gum stuck under some kid's sneaker.  My sister won this huge academic science award because she's basically a genius (and I'm not exaggerating at all).  There is this big dinner tonight to celebrate the achievements made by her and a few other college students throughout MD and I was supposed to go - and because I haven't finished my paper, I can't.  (Although I did very seriously consider going with my computer and books).  I feel terrible.
Congratulations Kelsey, and enjoy receiving your award tonight!  I so wish I could be there.


Green Stone said...

I think I like the Mint Candy Apple the best.

Gilbert Ganda said...

the baby blue polish is the best :)

cute and gorgeous

jaljen said...

I just got Audrey. I thought it would be more blue. Haven't tried it yet. It's a bit lighter than my BB Couture Bassins Bleu which I lurrrrrve!

i coat! That'll be my fave then.

ShortAndSweetNails said...

I needed both Gumdrop and For Audrey because that's just the nut that I am. :)

WizardsOfBling said...

I have for Audrey, but wanted something a little lighter, so I picked up Nina Pro - In a Tiff. We shall see. The new summer Chanel polish looks gorgeous.

AllYouDesire said...

Great comparison, thanks for this :)

Kelsey said...

Aww Brooke don't worry about missing it, we all came home to take naps anyway after the rousing lecture on TOF mass spectrometry... :)
The Merck index I got is awesome though! You have to see it, it's got my name in gold on the cover! And I got a periodic table coffee mug which I am using as I type :) haha

laquermanic said...

All favourite mine shades of mine! :D

Fiona M said...

oh good - you just stopped me from getting gumdrop. guess I'm not as much a nut as some people ;)

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