Friday, April 9, 2010

Double Dose Manis - Eggplant and After Dinner Mints (2 manis!!)

I have two very easy-to-recreate manis for you today!  Yippee :)

SpaRitual Shoot for the Stars

I used two coats of SpaRitual Shoot for the Stars, a beautiful, rich, and all-natural (vegan, no formaldehyde or toluene, made with plant-based dyes) eggplant purple creme.  It covered really well, applied nicely, dried moderately fast.  For my very simple design, I used my silver LAColors stripe polish to make a stripe across each nail.  It was really easy, but made my mani kind of fancy!  Plus, the silver kind of looked like a shooting star to me, which goes really nicely with the name :)  If I had tiny star stickers, it would have been cute to put a star at the end of each stripe (near the tip of the nail).  I wish I had some star stickers!

SpaRitual Hope Springs Eternal

I used two coats of SpaRitual's Hope Spring Eternal for this candy-colored mani.  I LOVE this color (and so does my mom - shhh, this is the PERFECT Mother's Day gift!!).  I think this mani looks like some type of hard candy - perhaps they are called 'after dinner mints'?  I remember eating something like that at my aunt's house.  They came in a tin and I despised them, yet I was drawn to the colors and pillow-like shape.  For this mani, I also used my LAColors silver stripe polish (got it at the dollar store!!  Just discovered one halfway between my house and my stable - yippee!!) and painted two silver stripes on my nails.  Then, using my LAColors hot pink stripe polish, I painted pink stripes down the middle.  For those of us who are less artistically gifted (raises hand), this can be a really easy way to fancy up a pretty pink mani - plus, you can dip your fingers into a bowl of after dinner mints and blend right in! haha.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend :)


Velvet said...

I applaud you teachers! Wow! That was a surreal first day back from Spring Break. Hope next week gets in a better groove for you,and your students. Love these mains,they do look easy to create.

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...

look like a candy swirl... so sweet! =)

Unknown said...

Thanks Velvet!! and it was a surreal first day back - very weird! I'm hoping next week will be better too :) Fingers crossed!

Unknown said...

Thank you ART OF NAIL!

ThRiSzHa said...

wow!! thats simply pretty.. i love the shoot for the star most.. when I've seen this polish from ur post.. i check the store where I see sparitual polish.. and sadly this polish is not available..waaaaa!! =(

Linnie said...

I like them both :D
But the pink one is soo cute on you!!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

The purple caught my eye, but the pink one reminds me of old fashioned stick candy. YUM!
Not judging, just completely curious: Why did you keep the stoned student in your class? why not send him to the office where he could talk to the counselor and maybe get some help?
I know schools aren't really set up for that, but teachers dealing with stoned students isn't ideal.
(I was once that student and my teacher did nothing much...kept a close eye on me but never talked to me about that day or anything.

I hope instructors of future teachers will include some training on "what to do when X happens in the classroom" as well as learning you how to teach. You wonderful teachers have enough to deal with.

Unknown said...

Thanks Thriszha!! That stinks you couldn't find Shoot for the Stars!! You could order them online, but you'd have to pay shipping. Maybe they will get it in soon?

Thanks Linnie!!

Thanks Elizabeth! It is a college course at an off-campus location, so we don't have a counselor or anything like that. I debated bout whether I should say something to him (address that I was aware that he was, in fact, under the influence of marijuana), but I wasn't really sure how to and if I should broach that. I just never imagined teaching a class where a student was high and it totally blindsided me. I'm not really sure how that type of thing is handled in a college setting. I know if I were teaching a high school class, for example, I would have asked the student to go see the nurse or perhaps their advisor, but how does that situation play out in a college course? I know I've been in many college classes with high students and the teacher didn't do anything - and I'm not sure what, if anything, they are supposed to or should do. Now that I've had more time to think about it (and talk with my very wise mother), I think that if that scenario happened again, I'd ask to speak with him privately outside of the classroom about it. Yeah - it was weird, and totally, totally unexpected. I just never even considered I'd ever have something like that happen (naive, isn't it?). I think that is one of those situations you need to take into consideration, process, and learn from. I agree with you - I wish that at some point during my training to become a teacher we had addressed those types of thing - because they happen, and need to be dealt with - but I guess it is one of those things they don't really want to talk about.

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Love both!
Want that purple :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Shortandsweet!! :)

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