Saturday, April 3, 2010

Guest Blogger Fun!! China Glaze Up & Away

Today I have my friend Jana polishing away here at Babbling Brooke.  Jana has been a guest here before.  Check out some of her previous polish pictures HERE.  Jana writes for both a sports blog and a hockey blog, but she loves to try out new nail polishes.  She has a ton of shades that I don't own, so I really appreciate that she shares them with us here :)  Plus, she really knows her stuff when it comes to polish.  Jana has been reading my blog for so long, and I appreciate that she takes the time out of her busy life to stop by here AND to be a part of Babbling Brooke.  Thanks so much, Jana - and welcome back!!

Hi again!

First up, I have (two pictures of)  China Glaze - Something Sweet.

Something Sweet really lives up to it's name - it truly is a "sweet" looking polish!  Unfortunately it wasn't feeling so sweet when I tried to photograph it.  The pictures aren't totally accurate, the camera washed them out a little bit.  I really like this polish a lot.  It's very demure and versatile; I think you could wear it to work, a formal event, or just everyday.  Something Sweet isn't a terribly original color but it's still very cute.  The pictures here are with base coat, three coats of polish, and top coat.  It was a little thick, but not bad overall.  The color ends up being a little darker on your nail than the bottle color.

Here's (two pictures of) China Glaze - Flyin' High

Hands down of the three polishes I got from the Up & Away Collection, Flyin' High is my favorite.  The color is amazing!  It's bright, but not in your face bright like a neon.  Can I call it a subtle bright?  Consider the term coined, haha.  Flyin' High is exactly the same color on your nails as in the bottle - which almost never happens!  I used three coats for this picture (along with base and top coat), but you could get away with two.  The application was pretty smooth and easy.  This will be a really cute summer pedicure or a nice pop of color on your nails.  It photographes a tiny bit darker and greener than it actually is in real life.

And finally (two pictures of) China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint

Now I'm a sucker for any nail polish color that hints at mint or blue-green.  Remember my Tiffany Blues Comparison pictures?  I've got another three or four colors that fall in the blue-green category too; it's a sickness.  So naturally, I had to have Re-Fresh Mint when I saw the promo pictures for this collection.  Again, for these pictures (sorry for the sloppy mani) I have on a base coat, three coats of color, and a top coat - but you can get away with two coats.  Re-Fresh Mint is pretty similar to Essie's Mint Candy Apple, but with a bit more yellow undertones than the blue of Mint Candy Apple.  In my opinion, they are different enough to own both (enabling, enabling...).  But I'm happy to compare this to any of the previous Tiffany Blue colors if anybody wants!

All in all, I really liked all three of these colors.  The application was pretty good for all three and they're pigmented enough you can use only two coats if you want!  I just happen to be more comfortable with three, so that's what I used.  Flyin' High was my favorite of the three; I think it was the most unique one.

I've got a bunch of polishes I'm going to be swatching for you guys in the next few weeks, mainly Color Club ones - so get ready! :)

Thanks again, Jana!!  
I hope everyone is having a beautiful Saturday :)  The weather here in MD is incredible.  I hate to admit I've been writing all day, but I'm getting ready to go hiking right now.  What have you been doing today?


Green Stone said...

I quite like Flyin' High!

Unknown said...

I agree, Kate! I was just emailing Jana telling her that my favorite was Flyin' High - it is such a fun shade. I actually just got a new polish that looks like a Refresh Mint dupe... I'm thinking Refresh Mint is my second fave :)

Skulda said...

Lovely colours! :D

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Oh my! Flyin' High is too pretty!! Thanks for your reviews.

I'm in Northern VA so we're having that awesome weather too! YAY!!! (except for the allergies)

Alisa said...

Flyin' High is my favourite of the whole collection. You're right, it's hard to describe but I like 'subtle bright'.

Saimese said...

I like flyin high the best

Unknown said...

Thanks Skulda (well, thanks from Jana - I can't take the credit - but glad you like them anyway!!)

ShortandSweetNails, glad you're enjoying the awesome weather!! It's supposed to be nice tomorrow too - yay!! And everything is starting to bloom - I love it! (yeah.. except for those dang allergies.. lol).

Alisa, I agree, Jana described it really well :) Thanks for checking it out!!

Saimese, I'm in the same boat as you :)

Paulina said...

Flying High is so pretty!!!

Jana said...

Thanks everyone for such nice comments! Flyin' High is pretty isn't it? I love how unique of a color it is! I've got some more fun colors coming soon for you all - I hope you like them just as much :)

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