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Hana Professional Flat Iron from Misikko - Reivew


Misikko, one of the top online retailers for flat irons and hair care products, sent me a Hana Professional 1" Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron to review.  Misikko offers a huge selection of the top rated flat irons currently on the market, including the CHI, T3 Tourmaline Wet to Dry, the Croc Nano, Corioliss Classic Pro, and the Hana Elite.

I tried the Hana Professional under multiple conditions - on dry, wavy hair, on wet hair, on damp hair, and on my sister's very curly hair.  And how did it hold up?  VERY well.  It left my hair so smooth, shiny, and SOFT - and it straightened ultra fast.  Check out the before and after shots to see for yourself!

My hair naturally dries big, frizzy, and curly/wavy.  It is a mess!  The Hana Professional smoothed it out really quickly (I've actually never used a straightener that could get my hair this straight after it had already dried)

Before: dry, wavy, and frizzy     After: smooth and soft
elapsed time: around 10-12 minutes

This was after about 3 minutes of using the Hana Professional Flat Iron.


No before shot.  The left was with wet hair, the two below were with damp hair.  The Hana worked well on wet hair, but I liked the results best with damp hair.  I made it very straight and soft.  Using it on wet hair did take longer than on dry hair, so with wet hair it took a little less than 20 minutes.  On damp hair, it took about 12 minutes to make it perfect.  All three of these shots are 'after' pictures.

My sister's hair is a lot like mine, only more curl, less frizz, and she has a LOT more of it.  Her thick hair takes a long time to straighten, but she was impressed with how quickly the Hana made her curls smooth and silky.
Before using the Hana Professional on curly hair and After
(Thanks, Kelsey!!)

What I LOVE about the Hana Professional Flat Iron:
  • 100% Solid Tourmaline Ceramic plates for shine, frizz-free styles, and conditioning
  • Floating 1" plates allow the Hana to glide over hair (no snagging on strands)
  • Curved plate edges allow you to curl or flip your hair (in addition to straightening)
  • Adjustable temperature - this is SO IMPORTANT and a lot of straighteners still don't have adjustable temperatures.  The Hana adjusts from 140-410°.  Use a lower temperature when your hair is already dry, if you are restyling, or if you have thinner hair.  You a higher temperature for wet, thicker, or coarser hair.  The adjustable temperature makes the Hana such a versatile straightener.
  • Heats in SECONDS!  Turn it on and start using it right away - it gets hot that quick!
  • It is super lightweight. I have never used such a light straightener - and trust me, after using the Hana for 20-25 minutes, you'll be kissing it because your arms won't be aching!
  • The Hana has a 360° swivel, tangle-free 8 foot cord and a two year warranty
  • It is safe for damp or wet hair, allowing you to straighten and style whenever!
  • The Hana didn't burn my scalp.  I've used flat irons where the plates were too close to the edges, so when you try to straighten close to your scalp, you get burnt - OUCH!  The Hana didn't burn when I straightened those hairline waves, which is really great.

I am a flat iron junkie.  My old one broke recently, and I actually cried - not because I was so attached to my flat iron, but because I am so attached to my straight hair!  As you can see from the first picture, my hair dries SUPER frizzy and pretty curly/wavy.  So I was VERY excited to get the Hana Professional Flat Iron from Misikko.

When it came, I literally jumped for joy - and ran out to meet the UPS guy in the driveway.  Here is how it arrived:

WOW!  So sweet!!  It was packaged with scented roses (which was adorable), a bonus hand sanitizer and set of nail files in a cute zebra print pouch, Hana Shine Shield Thermal Protectant, a free texturized silicon heat-proof mat for setting the Hana on (very cool!!), a storage tin, a pink Hana carrying case, and a heat-proof storage pouch, which will be great for travel.  It was really touching getting such a special, personal package.  You can really tell that the people at Misikko care about their customers.

I was not expecting all of that - but I shouldn't have been surprised. Misikko's customer service has been awesome.  John, who sent me the Hana Professional, has been wonderful and so friendly.  He responds to all of my emails quickly and professionally and he is always so kind.  My Hana was shipped Wednesday night and I got it Friday around lunch - seriously, could it get any faster than that?

So as soon as I open it, I scrambled off to take a shower so I could get straightening.  When I used the Hana, I was initially impressed by how FAST it heated up (I'm talking seconds here - like two).  This is a FAST straightener.  This will be great when I'm running late and need a quick touchup, since I won't need to sit around waiting for my straightener to warm up.  I was also surprised by how long the cord is - 8 feet!  My former straightener kept me tied to the wall, but with the Hana I can actually sit on my couch and watch tv and still straighten my hair.  It is also very lightweight - you can barely tell that you're holding up anything, which is very beneficial when you spend more than a few minutes holding your arm in the air.

The Hana flat iron straightened my hair quickly, whether is was dry, damp, or wet.  My sister loved it for her curly hair.  It took her 20 minutes to get her very curly, thick hair perfectly straight.  She set the Hana at 350°, while I used around 310°.  We both loved that you are able to adjust the temperature.  My sister's current flat iron does not have an adjustable temperature, so it typically takes her 30-40 minutes to straighten her hair since it doesn't get hot enough for her thicker hair.  (She already asked for a Hana for her August birthday!).  Of course, we both LOVE the pink color - even the plates are pink! (Although for those of you who aren't pink lovers, the Hana Professional also comes in black with teal plates).

Another thing I really loved about the Hana is the fact that the plates don't burn my scalp when I straighten near my hairline.  I get crazy curls along my hairline, so I need a flat iron that can get those flat.  With other flat irons, I've burnt my scalp because the plates are too close to the edge.  I still cringe when I bring any flat iron near those hairline curls, but the Hana didn't burn me ONCE.  For me, this was a really important feature, because burns are never fun!

The Hana left my hair really, really soft and silky - I couldn't stop touching it!  It eliminates frizz, waves, and curls and gives me that straight style I love.  I just love how sleek and soft it left my hair.  My only complaint would be that the on/off switch was a little awkward to reach, but at least it wasn't in a place where I may accidently turn it off while using it.

I was really impressed with the Hana flat iron.  It was easy to hold, great to use, and left my hair so soft.  Plus, it was recently featured in Marie Claire.  I really can't say enough great things about this straightener - and about Misikko.  I have been so impressed with their friendly, professional service, quick shipping, and huge selection.  All products at Misikko have customer ratings too, so you can read all about products prior to purchasing.  The Hana Standard 1" Flat Iron can be purchased at Misikko for just $119.99 (retail: $204.99), as can a variety of flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, hair care products, and even makeup and skin care.  Every single item at Misikko ships free anywhere nationwide.

*    *    *

Check out some of Misikko's TOP SELLERS (including the Hana and the CHI Turbo), all with free shipping.
For a great deal on a CHI flat iron, visit Misikko's CHI section HERE.  And for Babyliss flat irons, check our the great selection offered at Misikko.

AND for the next 24 hours, Misikko is offering the Hana Professional, the Hana mini, Hana ShineShield, and a ton of other goodies for only $149.99 HERE.

What do you think of the before/after results?
Would you love to try the Hana Professional?  Or have you already?
I'd love to hear your comments!

PS: Check back soon...
you may just have the chance to win something VERY special just for you!

The featured products were provided by the company or PR for review purposes.  I was not paid for my opinion.


Linnie said...

Great result!!
I love your straight hair :)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, Linnie!! I love how soft it is - I can't stop touching it! lol

Rhea said...

I love straight hair. Actually, I am obsessed with straight hair, lol! This iron gave really terrific results on you =)

Rhea said...
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Rhea said...
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Unknown said...

Oh Rhea, me too!! I am totally obsessed with straight hair - and I am so envious of those people with naturally straight hair! I'm glad that there are tools out there that can give me those locks. I've actually wondered (many times, actually) what on earth I would have done with my hair if I had lived in, say, the 1800's. I would have been a frizzy mess! haha. Thanks for checking out my review, and thanks for the compliments :)

Skye said...

0o0o Brooke ur so pretty! and a fantastic review

polishedlyrics said...

This turned out great! I love your hair either way though!

Unknown said...

aww, Skye, you're too kind :) and I'm so glad you liked the review! I was really impressed with the Hana, so I really enjoyed writing this :)

Thanks so much Jessica!! And thank you :) If I put enough product in it, I can wear it curly, but not for work because it will start looking crazy halfway through the day! haha

Kelsey said...

The review turned out great! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Kelsey!!! and thanks for your help :) Glad you loved the Hana too!

Lissi said...

Hey! I just got a new iron (a Chi) for Christmas so I won't be jumping to a new one anytime soon. But I love how your hair turned out. My hair is super curly so I know what it's like to need a good iron.

And your sister and you look so alike! So pretty!

Great review!

Unknown said...

Hey Lissi! Thanks so much!!! Hope your CHI is working well :) I would have NEVER guessed you had curly hair! It is amazing what hot tools can do these days.

Thanks about my sister and me :) People always say she looks like I did when I was the age she is now, lol. Thanks about the review too!!

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