Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!!!
And for those of you who don't celebrate, happy Sunday!

I came to visit my family for the weekend, so I took them out to dinner last night (I think it may actually be the first time I've ever taken my whole family out to dinner myself, so I was proud of that).  Today, my sister and I made each other Easter baskets and hid them in our parents' house for the other to find (our fun little tradition).  The four of us made bagels and scrambled eggs for brunch, which was delicious.  How has your day been so far?  Any egg hunts?  That is one of the biggest things I miss - it will be fun to have egg hunts when (in the far, far future) I have children.

Easter Egg Mani!!

Ok, so my Easter eggs are a little more exciting than my mani, right?  I have always thought of Easter as a pink and yellow holiday (which explains why I wore pastel pink and yellow braces during the entire month of April in eighth grade).  I wanted to have a pink and yellow mani this year, so I started with a pink base - two coats of Piggy Polish Pink for Yourself.  Then I Konaded Piggy Polish Lemondade 5 Cents - it worked really nicely as a Konad polish!! The yellow is more visible in person - it is kind of metallic, so the flash washed it out a bit.

Easter Eggs!!
Here are some of the eggs my sister and I decorated.
My favorites: the tie dye, the rubber bands, and the dipped-dyes.

And a shot of one of my parents' Cherry Blossom Trees - just starting to bloom!!

Have a Happy Easter!!!


Michèle said...

Aw your eggs are so cute! I'm loving the happy sleeper in the lower left corner :-D

I think your mani looks wonderful, I'd never think of matching these colors together but it looks amazing!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

pretty Easter Mani, the eggs are pretty too, My favorite is the ninja egg. :) super cute! I would have trouble eating it, reminds me of when Crush the turtle said he didn't eat anything with a face. :)

Skulda said...

Pretty nails and super cute eggs!! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!! :D

Unknown said...

that's so cool! :) happy easter!!
<3 huong

Niki* said...

Awesome mani - its really pretty. And great eggs they're so cute!

Kelsey said...

you're ninja egg really was the best haha and I love how the tie die ones turned out :)

Kathy said...

I love the egs! Cute mani too!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Those eggs are adorable!!!!
Love the color combo on the nails ;)

Green Stone said...

Oooh, great patterns - nails and eggs!

Unknown said...

Thank you Michele!! That was my accidental baby egg - I was trying to do a dip-dye and I dropped it sideways into the dye! lol

Elizabeth, I'm glad you can tell it is a ninja - I wasn't sure it was obvious :) Thanks!! hahaha, love the Ninja Turtles memories :)

Thanks Skulda, London's Beauty, Niki, Kelsey, Kathy, Short n' Sweet, and Kate!!! I appreciate it :D

Jessica said...

Cute! Which Konad plate did you use for this one?

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