Friday, April 2, 2010

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

I was inspired by Tier's water marbling at Tier's Thoughts and decided to give it another try.  I did two water marbles in the past; the first was somewhat nice, the second was a mess.  But you know, even if you're terrible at something, it can still be fun.  Take organized sports, for example.  Babbling Brooke here is awful at any and all organized sports.  Running while attempting to kick/throw/chuck/hit/etc. a ball is quite impossible, never mind attempting to guard said ball from others.  But just because I've always been terrible at sports doesn't mean I don't love going in the backyard and kicking around a soccer ball.  And just because I'm not a water marbling expert (or even half-decent at the craft) doesn't mean I don't enjoy giving it a try.  And the verdict?  Still pretty bad at it - but hey, I'm learning! :)
(Cooking, unfortunately, falls into this same category.  No matter how many meals I make that totally bomb, I still enjoy attempting new concoctions!)  
Do you have something that you're not too great at, but you still love doing?

So how did I create this sparkly mess?  I started with two coats of SpaRitual Yes, I Can.  I filled a disposable cup about halfway with water then dropped Wet n' Wild Soul Mate, a gift from my friend, Kathy, and China Glaze OMG into the water, alternating colors (to create color rings).  Then I just dipped each nail in (totally forgetting the useful tip I was given last time: put petroleum jelly on cuticles).  My right hand looks like a holographic purple layer over green - it didn't marble much at all, but at least on this hand the colors remained separate.

I think part of the problem is China Glaze OMG.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this polish, but I think it is too thin to use for water marbling.  It kind of spreads and creates more of a holo layer. Soul Mate worked really well though.  It is really shiny and pearly and looks awesome with the green.

Today I'm going horseback riding, possibly dying Easter eggs with my sister, and then spending every other moment working on my master's capstone thesis.  It is serious crunch time now!
Have a fabulous Friday!!
What is everyone doing for the weekend and, if you celebrate, Easter?


Smoochiefrog said...

I've not heard of people using OMG in the water. Most water marbling I've seen has used OMG as the base color. Maybe try that instead?

You'll so have to email me and let me know where you ride. My daughter would love to be able to do that; given it's Western and not English.

Unknown said...

^^ What a great idea, Smoochie!! I never even considered using my holo as the base. I'll have to try that!

sending you an email right now about the riding - but it is English! lol

Akuma Kanji said...

It looks probably better that way (the marble technique) :D I think it's quite cute like that :D I tried it once and the first nail was so perfect, but the second... omg, just plain ugly! :P
I'm not used to celebrate Easter myself, but everyone seems to be into the spirit this year and you talking about paiting eggs made me want to do it too! ^__^
Good luck on your thesis! What is it about? ***

Unknown said...

Thank you, Kanji!! I appreciate that! I don't know how some polishers do such perfect marbling - I'm the same way, if one nail looks nice the rest will def. look terrible! lol.
Painting eggs is so much fun!! You should do it :) Plus, if you like hardboiled eggs, you can always eat them later (as long as you use non-toxic dyes). My thesis is about Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson - two of my favorite poets :) And thanks for the good luck!!

Tierney said...

I think your pinky and ring finger look pretty cool!! And I think it would be awesome to see what it would look like with OMG as a base.

One thing I can think of that I like doing but I'm not good at is sailing. Each summer I forget what I learned the summer before, but it's so much fun. It's why I do race committee now instead- I'm good at the committee work and still get to be on a boat. Haha.

Have fun horseback riding! I'm cleaning the house today because my parents are having 5 people come over for dinner. I get to see my favorite aunt and uncle, yay!

Good luck on your thesis!

Unknown said...

I like the marbling with the holo, very nice!

Unknown said...

Thanks Tierney!! Sailing sounds awesome - I've never tried that before. And I'd do the same thing - I'd much rather go for a ride without doing all the work! haha
Hope cleaning went well!!! and I'm sure you're enjoying time with your aunt and uncle :)

Thanks so much Jackie!!

Niki* said...

I tried OMG in the water and it was a hot mess. Dries too fast! I really like these though - they remind me of peacocks!

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