Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kiss and Broadway Nails Review - part II

Kiss and Broadway

Check out some more of the newest Kiss and Broadway Nails products!

All items can be purchased in stores such as ULTA, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and RiteAid, as well as  online at Amazon or!  Kiss, Broadway, and Pink! are all part of the Kiss family of nails.
Check them all out at and :)

Kiss Everlasting French - black tips
I've never tried black french tips, but I think they look pretty cool.  These are chip-proof - the tip isn't just painted on, so the colored tip will never chip.  The nail bed was a little sheerer than I would like, but it still looked nice.  Black tips are a fun twist on the traditional french manicure.  The white tips look just the same except the french tip part starts a little lower on the nail - which is good for me, because I have shorter nail beds.  Both retail for $6.99

Pink Color Changing Nails
Pink Color Changing Nails are designed for small nails.  They come in a variety of little sizes and attach with sticky tape - not glue - so they won't damage little nails.  In the sunlight, the turn to pink (so cute!).  They come in four different color-changing varieties and are mom approved (according to the package).  I stuck these on my windowsill in the sunlight so I could get a color-changed photo, but minutes after a ton of clouds moved in and the sky turned to grey.  And then there was rain.  What is up with all this cloudy, rainy weather?

Broadway Fashion Diva Nail Art Stickers
I love nail art stickers - they are so fun!  This pack is loaded with rhinestone-studded stickers that I LOVE.  These are great for creating intricate or simple nail designs and they are so easy to use.  I am a HUGE fan of these.  I'm going to be using them in some manis coming up so you can see more of them.  Honestly, these things are awesome, fun, and stay on really well.  Get them.  You won't regret it.  They retail for just $3.99

Kiss Nail Art Kit
Ok, I was baffled by what this was until I opened it and explored it.  Basically, it contains 3 skinny brush stripes (perfect for nail art designs and painting stripes) and these little stick on stencils that feel kind of like sticky leather (in a good way - they are durable, not paper).  You can use the striping polishes to fill in the stencils on your nails, or if you're an artsy person, you can use the stripers to create your own designs.  It's a pretty cool kit - and I'm a huge fan of stripers to begin with (and they are hard to find), so I'm excited to have some colorful stripers to use.  The stencils worked great.  I did an entire mani with the flower stencil a few weeks back that looked really cute.  This is a fun and easy to use kit - I recommend it.

Kiss 100 Pack Nails
I get a lot of questions about the nails I wear - here's all the info.  I use Kiss's 100 Pack of nails and I LOVE them.  They are a nice length, they don't break, they last well, and I really like the way they look.  There are ten different sizes and they also come with a big container of glue.  I have short, soft nails that only get minimally long with ridiculous care (and then break as soon as I go horseback riding or scrub a dish), so having these durable and nice looking nails has been so great for me. 

Hope you enjoyed my tour of Kiss and Broadway Nails!!  Thanks for reading!


Taki J said...

That nail art kit looks fun.

Unknown said...

It was - I was really excited to try that one out! I love the little stencils (and I'm obsessed with stripers - they are great for nails designs). Thanks for checking it out!

Taki J said...

I was in Walgreens with my daughter and we saw the kit. Are these stencils reusable. How many times of use do you think they would last? I didn't see any cleaning or care instructions on the package so I wasn't sure what the deal was. One and done?

Unknown said...

Hey Taki,

I used one stick-on stencil to do a mani on all ten nails - but I wasn't sure how to clean it, so I threw it away. I believe they could be wiped clean, but eventually the stickiness will wear off. Hope this helps!

Necromancer said...

I love nail stickers, they're so much fun.

Sara Elizabeth said...

i had no idea you used acrylics! no wonder your nails are always perfect :P:P!

i really like the black tips, that's so fun!!! i usually never wear fake nails because i have REALLY short nail bed...standard medium length nails extend so far beyond my fingers it's like my nails are hovering over things and i can't use the pads of my fingers without doing that weird pointing flat finger motion. hence why i usually stick with my natural nails but it is HARD to keep them nice and healthy. supplements and special basecoats...blahblah!

i'm so checking out those stickers when i go to california and ohio in july!


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