Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kiss and Broadway Nails Review

Kiss sent me all kinds of fun, new nail goodies to try out.  All items are currently available in stores such as ULTA, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, and I also saw them at my local grocery store.  They can be purchased online at Amazon or too!  Kiss, Broadway, and Pink! are all part of the Kiss family of nails.
Check them all out at and :)

These three were my favorites!!

Broadway Fashion Express Nail Kit
Love this!!  This one is my favorite design - it is so summery and fun.  One of my friends got her nails done just like this, only in green (except that cost her $35 at the salon).  These nails are a nice length - a little long but easy to wear.  They come in five different patterns, but the hot pink is my favorite.  These kits are not sold with glue, so you either need to already own some or pick it up separately.  They come in a nice, small pack: less over-packaging = better for the environment!  I love these.  The nail bed color looks natural and the nails look HOT!  These retail for $3.99 (which is a great price for a weeklong mani!)

Broadway Color Changing Nails
These are SO COOL!  They come in four different designs, which all change and become more colorful in the sunlight.  Unfortunately, we aren't having a very sunny day here today, but even in the minimal sun, the tips changed to flowered pink (aren't they cute?).  I LOVE the length - these are perfect for me.  They were easy to apply and look awesome.  I also really like how natural the nail bed looks on these.  Each kit comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes and nail glue.  Retail: $5.99

Broadway Fast French Divine Nails
This is a beautiful design and I love that the base is shimmery.  They were a little sheer - you can kind of see the glue on the pinky - but otherwise they look really beautiful.  These come in four artistic designs and they all have a very hand-painted look to them that I really like.  These retail for $6.49.

Kiss Catwalk Nails
These come in a variety of lengths - this one is obviously the long.  These are wayyy too long for me, but for those that love long nails, these would be perfect.  They come in four designs, all with silver glitter (which I love).  Each pack comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes, a manicure stick, and glue.  These retail for $6.99.

Kiss Artificial Nail Remover
Ok, this stuff is cool.  I always peel my fake nails off - OUCH!  A lot of times, I end up tearing part of my nail away too.  I told Kiss about this and they sent me their Artificial Nail Remover.  Basically you soak your nails in the formula and they dissolve right off with the formula and little brushes - and so does all the glue!  My nails were left smooth and soft - the way they looked before the nail glue.  I was really impressed.  Retails for $6.99.

I'll have the rest of the Kiss and Broadway products to show you soon!!
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Skulda said...

Good review. I almost spat water when I saw the length of the catwalk nails. I had instant flashes of my wearing them and getting them stuck in my hair and not being able to fasten my pants! LOL! It's neat that they come in a variety of lengths, that way everyone can find their perfect nail.
I am REALLY looking forward to the Dita Von Tease nails that are supposed to be coming out by Kiss. *dies*

Unknown said...

Skulda - haha, yeah I'm not a super long nail kinda girl either, lol. But I agree - I'm glad they have lengths for everyone - short and medium for us too! :)

Dita Von Tease nails?? ahh, exciting!!

SailorWifey said...

I'm really interested in the nail remover by kiss. I miss rockstar nails, but I don't want to ruin all my hard work on my natural nails.

Dita Von Tease nails??? For Real??? :)

Kae said...

Those french tips with designs look really awesome!

Unknown said...

SailorWifey - I was really impressed with the remover because it dissolved everything - the glue and the nails. There is a little buffer with the remover, so I just buffed my nails afterwards and they looked the same as before I used the artificial nails. No more peeling off the fake nails for me!

Kae - thanks so much!! I think they are so pretty :D

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