Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Old Yeller

Prior to meeting Piggy Polish Lemonade 5 Cents, NYC Taxi Yellow Creme was my all-time favorite yellow.  Lemonade 5 Cents beat it because it covers with one coat - not three.  But I still LOVE NYC Taxi Yellow Creme because it is a really, really pretty yellow (as much as these pictures may indicate otherwise), plus it is glittery.  Oh, and the other great thing?  It's 94 cents!  Beat that, Lemonade 5 Cents ;)

So here is my Old Yeller - Taxi Yellow Creme:

Taxi Yellow Creme

The picture on the right is more color-accurate (and therefore it must also be blurry, since that is how my unskilled photography works).  The picture on the left (if you look really hard) shows you the awesome shimmer this lovely shade has.  It is SO PRETTY.  It takes three coats for near-full coverage and four if you want it to look pretty nice.  I used four coats, then went to bed 30 minutes later and woke up with crease marks - so I'm actually wearing a whopping 5 COATS of polish in these pictures.  But normally 5 coats is not needed.

Yeesh, I needed to take a file to that pinky nail.  Thank goodness I did that since this photo was taken (Maybe 3 weeks ago?  Notice how I polished well in advance so I'd still have posts for you all while I was revising my capstone?  Which is why I probably haven't been answering comments and commenting on blogs - I'm sorry!!)  But back to my crazy pinky nail.  It is so thin that it basically makes me queasy to file it (kind of like fingernails on a chalkboard?).  Yick.  I can't even look when I'm filing my pinky nails - I have to watch tv or something.  I don't know why it weirds me out so much - it just makes this awful noise and feels funny and the file is all grating and making a sawing noise and ewwughh - not good.  But I'll do it - for the sake of having nails that are slightly even.  Do you have any weird fingernails-on-a-chalkboard kind of spine tinglers?  My other one is styrofoam.  I can hardly eat frozen yogurt because of that stuff.  Yeesh, don't get me started on styrofoam.

Now I'm thinking about chalkboards and styrofoam and filing pinky nails - ugh!  My three big spine tinglers.  Off to do something that doesn't relate to any of those (like revisions).

Have a fun filled day - live for today!!


Rhea said...

That's seriously a very pretty color =)

Rhea said...
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Rhea said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks Rhea!!! I love this yellow... wish it didn't take so many coats though! :)

april brooks said...

Confession time! I CAN'T file my nails! I try every few weeks to see if I can make myself tolerate it but it's just impossible. I can't stand the noise, or the sensation! It makes me grind my teeth and want to jump out of skin. I can't touch sandpaper for the same reason. Filing & sanding anything is basically almost impossible for me!
Good thing I'm not a total perfectionist!

vegesauras said...

Oo i was in superdrug and bought NYC White. Its the same takes about 4 or 5 coats but they dry is quick it doesnt matter so much does it :) Good luck with all your work

Bunny Masseuse said...

My pinkies and thumb fingers tend to get the longest than others... index fingers seem to be the first to get broken.

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