Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oldie but Goodie - Magic Attraction

Oldie but Goodie!
I polished this one wayyy back in January when I was visiting my family.  I've been storing it on my computer, but last week I had to go through and delete more than 6,000 pictures because my computer has been trying to crash.  And it is running much better now.  Because of that, I have some oldie photos to show you.  Sorry this one isn't cropped - I couldn't get Iphoto to edit my older photos without acting up.

This is Color Club Magic Attraction.  I used three coats.  It is a really cool glitter.  How does it compare to OPI Mad as a Hatter?  I'd love to see the two side-by-side.  It was really rough, even with a top coat (a lot like China Glaze Atlantis).  Dried very quickly, awesome multi-toned holographic glitter.

I also have a GORGEOUS polish I found in my Mom's collection during that same visit:

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Rose Gold (I think?)

This is a BEAUTIFUL glittery holo.  It is old - not sure how old, but I doubt you could buy this anywhere now.  I believe the name is Rose Gold, but don't hold me to that.  I applied smooth and covered with two coats, although I wore three for a stronger effect.  Enlarge the picture to see it better - it really is a pretty shade!

Happy Saturday everyone!!


Rhea said...

I love the second polish you showed, I prefer smooth holo, :P

Linnie said...

Very pretty Brooke!
Enjoy your weekend ;) :D

Kelsey said...

I love glittery nails!!! Magic Attraction is beautiful :)

ShortAndSweetNails said...

I want that Sally Hansen...LOL

Vibrant V said...

Hi! What is the 6 digit number on the back of the SH? I'm curious if this is the same one I have! :)

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