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OPI Shrek Forever After - Summer 2010 Collection

OPI Shrek Forever After
Summer 2010 Collection

It is officially time to party Shrek-style because I have OPI's brand new Shrek Forever After Collection and I am totally Rumple's Wiggin-out over these shades!  I broke into song the moment I first heard about this collection (and by song I mean the entire Shrek soundtrack) and I have been waiting with baited breath (and fingernails) ever since to get these awesome colors on my digits.  The day has finally arrived and these shades do not disappoint!

OPI's Shrek Forever After Collection is this year's Summer Brights lineup.  This collection will be available beginning May 2010.  I really love that the shades work together - two variations of purple, two blues, and of course, two very iconic greens.  This was obviously a very well thought out collection.

I was really pleased with the formula on all six of these cremes, which is something we have all come to expect (and love) about OPI.  They all dried quickly and covered with two to three coats, depending on the shade.  Check out OPI's newest and, might I say, most fun lineup and let me know which shades you can't wait to get your hands on!

Who The Shrek Are You?
I had to start with the most iconic shade in this collection.  This is true, pure Shrek green and it is totally Shrek-tastic.  I am OBSESSED with this shade.  I was a little worried about how it would look on my fair skin, but I just LOVE IT.  This is the one I reapplied after all my swatches.  It is an awesome, totally unique, fun shade.  It covered well with two coats and the formula was excellent - very smooth and easy to work with.  I love this one.  I really struggled to narrow this down to just two pictures.  If you get just one polish from this collection, this is the one.  These are very color accurate shots (for more color reference, Google 'Shrek' - he is this color!)
Can we all please wear this color on our toenails the day Shrek Forever After hits theatres?  This one is a fun shade all-around, but it will be a really hot toenail polish.

Fiercely Fiona
You know what I love about Fiona?  She really is fierce.  She is the anti-Sleeping Beauty in so many ways.  Part of the reason I love Shrek so much (and I suspect many share this sentiment) is because it turned the traditional fairy tale on it's head.  And what does Fiercely Fiona do?  It turns yellow on its head.  This shade is yellow, but not totally, and kind of green, but then again, not all the way there.  You know that Yellow Green crayon (the one that isn't the Green Yellow)?  This is that crayon in polish form - and I love it.  It is perfectly springy, very fun, and totally Fiona.  Keep in mind - it looks slightly more green in the bottle than on the nail.  It is a yellow creme with a hint of green.  Like Who the Shrek are You? this shade is totally unique.  Fiercely Fiona was not a streaky mess like so many yellows (hallelulah!).  It covered with three coats and dried fairly fast.  This one was a little thicker than some of the others.  Another great, fun spring shade.

Funky Dunkey
This one won my heart on name alone, but the deep, rich purple has me totally swooning.  So who would have guessed that Donkey would have been a purple?  I would have expected some type of taupe (donkey-colored taupe, of course).  But who wants a shade of donkey in a Summer Brights collection?  OPI knows what they are doing, and this shade is a true example of that.  Funky Dunkey is a very cool purple - it is deep but also bright.  My camera kept trying to turn it into a blueberry-plum, so I took a ton of shots of this one trying to capture the true shade.  It reminds me of grape jelly.  Funky Dunkey covered well with two coats and applied very smooth.

Rumple's Wiggin'
Rumple's Wiggin' is a really pretty light lilac creme.  Although this one is light, it covered really well with three coats and the color layered nicely.  The formula was great and easy to work with.  I don't have any other purples like this one - it is a very true lilac without noticeable blue or pink tones.  This shade is very 'Spring' to me.

When I first saw this collection, Ogre-the-Top-Blue wasn't a shade that jumped out at me right away, so I was really surprised when I painted it on my nails.  It is a beautiful, beautiful blue - look at how gorgeous it is!  This is the brighter, slightly lighter, version of Suzi Says Feng Shui minus any hints of grey.  Ogre-the-Top-Blue applied really smooth and covered well.  It had a great shine (I'm not wearing a topcoat in the pictures and it is still super shiny).  This is the perfect blue for a Brights collection.

What's With the Cattitude?
Puss in Boots may well be one of my favorite animated characters ever.  Lets pause for a moment to recognize the cuteness...
Ok, back to the polish.  What's With the Cattitude is SO FLATTERING on my fair skin.  It is a beautiful sky blue with an absolutely excellent formula.  This one was so easy to apply, layered great, and dried quickly.  I used three coats for complete coverage.  I wasn't expecting to love this polish so much, but it is (surprisingly) only second to Who the Shrek are You?  I can see myself wearing this a lot during the summer with light wash jeans.  This blue is so pretty!

I'll have comparison shots posted Friday!

So, what do you think?  Which Shrek shades do you love?  Which ones make you want to dig up your Shrek DVDs and have a little Ogre marathon?  Do you have a favorite Shrek quote to share?  I love hearing from you!

OPI's Shrek Forever After Collection will be available beginning May 2010 at most salons and beauty supply stores.

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DistantDreamer said...

I love them all! And I love that they made colors based off of Shrek! it's so different and fun! Great swatches!

Aru said...

Funky Dunkey is lovely!! Thanks for the review ^_^


SeeingSunshine said...

These shrek colors are so cute! I love the blues and purples! I don't think the greens would flatter my skin though :[

Unknown said...

Thanks Distant Dreamer! I love that they are based on Shrek too :)

Aru, Funky Dunkey is such a fun shade (and name! lol) Thanks for checking them out!

SeeingSunshine, Thanks so much!! I didn't think the greens would flatter me either, but I was actually really surprised! The blues and purples are really great though - I especially love What's With the Cattitude with my skintone.

jaljen said...

Fiona would be good. Non-streaky yellow is rare. But I'm a bit "so what" about them.

hillary said...

OH no! When these collections come out I can usually pick one or two. I WANT ALL OF THESE! Ack I am already justifying in my head how this is my color palette and how well it would look with my summer dresses.

Also puss in boots when he does the big eyes slays me. Did you see the previews? HE GETS FAT!

Skulda said...


Tenns said...

Love the What's Up With the Cattitude! Its such a pretty blue.

G.R.I.T.S. said...

I CAN'T Wait to get ahold of these great polishes!! I've been looking for polish in just about all these colors!(it's hard to find a good lime green type of color along w/sky blue!) I'm so getting this collection!!!!

From Rollers, Ribbons, & Rouge

Velvet said...

Great collection! Can't wait to buy em all!

Unknown said...

jaljen, I agree - a good, non-streaky yellow is so hard to find!

hahaha Hillary, one from my own heart! I'm already plotting which 'holidays' (invented or real) these shades will look best for. and I did see the previews! Poor Puss!! I hope he gets a good workout plan by the end of the movie - I like my Puss in Boots svelte! lol

Glad you love them, Skulda!

Tenns, that one really surprised me - I am amazed how pretty it is. I'd love to see it on you!!

GRITS - this is my very first lime green - I don't think I've ever seen one before that actually appealed to me. I can't wait to see which ones (or all!) that you get and hear how you like them :)

Thanks for checking it out, Velvet!!

Dainty Darling Digits said...

I truthfully can't decide if I want this collection or not. I don't really like Shrek so maybe that is part of it. But the Shrek polish reminds me a lot of SH Lickety Split Lime, so I'm going to wait on the comparisons before I bust out my wallet! Great swatches though as usual.

polishedlyrics said...

Thanks for the swatches, they are lovely! I haven't decided yet if I need these or not. I dont have a favorite quote but Accidently In Love from Counting Crows is my fave song and thats from Shrek

Tierney said...

Oh I want all of these!! I think my favorite would have to be Funky Dunkey because of the name and because purple is my all time favorite color.

Kelsey said...

Omg these are beautiful colors!!! I love Funky Dunkey and Ogre-the-top-blue! All of the colors are fantastic! I really want to try the green :)

Kelsey said...

Omg these are beautiful colors!!! I love Funky Dunkey and Ogre-the-top-blue! All of the colors are fantastic! I really want to try the green :)

Perles & Paillettes said...

Great review ! I love them all, well I perhaps won't get the Fiona one 'cause it's a bit too yellow for me ... But all the others are gorgeous !

Cah_nossovicio said...

Awww, i'm in love with the two blues that you showed!!! They seem perfect!!

Unknown said...

l0verlada, SH Lickety Split Lime is more neon/bright than Shrek (although, unfortunately, I don't have it to compare side by side for you). I'll have the comparisons on Fri, so let me know what you think. Thanks about the swatches!!

Jessica, Thank you!! Accidently in Love in one of my FAVORITE songs too - J and I plan on using it as our first dance song at our wedding!! lol

Tierney, I knew the purple lovers would adore Funky Dunkey :) It is a pretty cool shade!!

Kelsey - thanks! I'm glad you like them! Can't wait to share them with you :)

Ayuu, thanks so much! Yellow can be a funny color with some skin tones (and certain yellows make me look like I have jaundice - not the look I'm going for). This one is paler, so it works well for me thankfully! :)

Cah_nossovicio - thank you so much!! I'm loving them too :D

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get Funkey Dunkey! Loves it!!

Susie said...

Love your write up. Awesome.
I want "Rumple's Wiggin'" :)

Trista said...

All gorgeous colors. I now want the whole set!! :~)

Sofia Gatchalian said...

They are all so beautiful. I can't choose! Gah! I want them all. :D

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

ShortAndSweetNails said...

I need What's with the Cattitude? :)

disneyfanheather said...

OMG! I loved Shrek, and these colors are fabulous!! My favorites are Fiercely Fiona and Funky Dunkey!

jo.frougal said...

No, Brooke, much as I admire you, I flatly and simply will not choose. You can't make me, so there.
They're all lovely. And I drool.
'Nuff said.

Unknown said...

im so glad i found this blog!! literally just saw the ad for the Shrek polish in InStlye magazine and imediently searched for a released date!! im glad May is around the corner!! I like the 'Who the Shrek are you' color... its soo sumbolic with the movie and i dont have a green polish in that shade! =]

Unknown said...

im so glad i found this blog!! literally just saw the ad for the Shrek polish in InStlye magazine and imediently searched for a released date!! im glad May is around the corner!! I like the 'Who the Shrek are you' color... its soo sumbolic with the movie and i dont have a green polish in that shade! =]

Unknown said...

Mocha - I love Funky Dunkey too - and the name is awesome!

susie - thank you so much!! I love to hear that :D I spend a lot of time on my write ups, so that is really sweet of you to say :)

Twister - Glad you love them!!! :D

Sofia - haha, I'm the same way! lol

wsxwhx - thanks!!

Unknown said...

shortandsweet - I LOVE Cattitude - I can't get over how good it looks on me! normally lighter colors make me look... even lighter, lol. but this one is so beautiful!

jo.frougal - hahaha, you make me laugh :D love your comment. Glad you like them!!

HersheyKissez - I'm so glad you found me too!! The Shrek polishes should be available any day now (and I'm heard rumors that they are already available in some stores). Glad you love the shades!!

-Diana- said...

Love it, really like the "green" ones. To bad I can't order it at Transdesign anymore :( and here it's way too expansive

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