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Piggy Polish - 2 reviewers, 6 polishes, lots of fingers and toes!

Piggy Polish!!

Babbling Brooke and Krafty Kelsey team up to review 6 stunning Piggy Polish shades in a range of colors.  Check out the verdicts (and the pretty colors)!!

left to right:
Lemonade 5 Cents, Pink for Yourself, Piglet, Poet-Tree, Parting Waves, Just Before Dawn

Parting Waves

Brooke says: Stunning.  Simply stunning.  This is a gorgeous and unique color.  Slighty duochromatic, beautiful sea blue/turquoise with hints of sea green.  I wasn't expecting this one to be this amazing - but it is.  Parting Waves made it onto my list of top 15 polish of all time.  It is that gorgeous.  I wore two coats for full coverage.  This one dried faster than all the others.

Kelsey says: This is such a fantastic color! It reminds me of a mermaid's scales because it is shimmery and the perfect shade of aqua blue/green. This polish covered with one coat, but I liked how much darker it was with the second coat. I would wear this year round!


Brooke says: I was drawn to this one just for the name (I'm writing my graduate thesis all about poetry), but the color just has me floored.  Poet-Tree is a lovely pastel green that looks great both on fingers and on toes.  It wasn't streaky at all (something that annoys me about a lot of pastels) and it covered with one coat (although I am wearing two here, being the perpetual over-polisher that I am).  It also was not chalky - something else I normally notice with pastels.  Excellent formula, great consistency, and a really, really pretty, soothing, perfect-for-spring shade.

Kelsey says: Cool like a cucumber! I loved how soft this shade was, it reminds me of green tea at the spa! It is such a beautiful Spring color with its hint of pastel quality and kick of chic color. I would wear this on my toes and nails all Spring... if I could borrow it from Brooke for that long :)


Brooke says: This is the exact same shade as Pooh's beloved buddy!  It is an adorable light, warm pink creme that covered nicely with one coat and great with two.  It was moderately thick, but still easy to apply.  I don't have a single light pink in this shade - and I love it.  Piglet, where have you been for the past, oh, 24 years?

Kelsey says: What an adorable color! Its the perfect shade of light pink and covers in just two coats (I was so happy to find a light pink that didn't need to be heaped up on my nails to cover!). This is a soft pastel that would be perfect for any Spring day and could be worn on finger nails throughout the year!

Lemonade 5 Cents

Kelsey says: This color makes my skin look nice and tan! I love how shiny the polish is and its so vibrant on my toes. If you're going to try one yellow, this is the one! Perfect for a hot summer day at the beach with a cool Pina Colada (a virgin pina colada of course!). And bonus: it Konad's beautifully over purple :)

Brooke says: This is the PERFECT yellow!  It covered so well, even with one coat.  How often do you find a yellow that doesn't streak??  I only needed two coats for full coverage, plus it is such a fun shade.  It is barely frosty and has a minimal amount of shimmer to it.  This is a fun one.  Anyone up for lemonade?

Just Before Dawn

Kelsey says: I love the red glitter in this polish, when i wiggle my toes it looks like rubies! Its a nice change to paint my toes in a dark shade, I like how it draws the attention to my pretty pedi. You won't find another color just like this one!

Brooke says: Hello, gorgeous!  I know everyone will LOVE this shade - how couldn't you?  Smoky black with hot red sparkles?  Tres chic.  It gave me full coverage with two coats, but I used three to get even more red sparkle.  Make sure you shake this one before you use it to get as much sparkle as possible!!  Gorgeous color and it came off easily (how often can you say that about a glitter?).  Love it.  I tried to take one picture a little blurry to show the glitter better.

Pink for Yourself

Kelsey says: I am in love with this color! I'm a sucker for dark pinks anyway, but this shade was so beautiful and vibrant with just a hint of berry coloring that I was totally sold! I love how it covered in just one coat (I'm also a sucker for fast nail-painting) and it is such an attention grabber for toes. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, this color is perfect for them all!

Brooke says: You all know I LOVE pink polish - and this pink is right up my alley.  Excellent coverage, perfect creme finish, and quick dry time.  This is a very nice blue-toned hot fuchsia. It really does cover with just one coat (it is super pigmented) but I used two.  I wore this shade for Easter!


Kelsey says: These polishes are so much fun, I love painting my toenails! The short brush is specially shaped for painting toenails and made it easy to cover even my little toe. The polish was the perfect consistency so that I didn't drip all the way from the table to toes :) And the consistency also makes this a wonderful polish to Konad with!  Love, love, love Piggy Polishes!

Brooke says: Like Krafty Kelsey, I love the brush shape - it was really easy to work with for both fingers and toes.  The consistency on all six polishes was excellent and these six colors really (in case you couldn't tell) blew me away.  They are very richly pigmented, fun, and truly perfect for fingers and toes.  Plus, I ADORE the pretty flower and bead ring that came with each polish - what a special touch!  

Piggy Polishes are available online at PiggyPolish.com and at your local ULTA.  Find more retailers HERE.  Piggy Polish retails for $9 each and are available in a huge range of colors.

Thanks for checking out all 6 reasons (on fingers and toes) why 
Krafty Kelsey and Babbling Brooke love Piggy Polish!
Which Piggy Polish shade is your favorite?

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Claire's Blog said...

Wow ! They are so cute !

Unknown said...

Thanks Claire! Glad you like them!

Tierney said...

Omg, I LOVE Parting Waves!! It looks amazing!

Unknown said...

Tierney - me too!! I am obsessed with it. I am wearing it today :) Thanks for checking it out!!

Tuli said...

I love them all ! These are great colors ! And love this post with the toes :-)))

Velvet said...

Now I'm having hard time picking a favorite color...lol! I love them all. Beautiful colors!

Unknown said...

Tuli - thank you!! Those are my sister's toes :) lol. Glad you like the polishes!

Velvet - I know, me too!! I really love them all. Glad you like them :)

Skulda said...

Nice review, girls!! The ring that is included is so cute!!

Unknown said...

nice colors :)

Kelsey said...

I love how this post turned out! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Skulda! I love the rings too :)

Thanks LilY!!

I agree, Kelsey! Thanks for the help!!

Paulina said...

These colors look great on you!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, Paulina!!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Great post!
I got myself Poet-tree a few days ago. I wish I had gotten Piglet too. That is such a cute name and polish.

Green Stone said...

Oh man, I love Parting Waves!

Akuma Kanji said...

Thank you Brook for the comment whishing good luck twice :P I loved all of these Piggy nail polishes, but I really adored Poet-Tree, Piglet and Just Before Dawn.

Unknown said...

ShortandSweet, I can't wait to see Poet-Tree on your nails!! It is an awesome color - light green without being chilly minty. Hope you have a chance to pick up Piglet!

Kate - me too!! and how did you sign your name with a link??? amazing! so tech savvy!

Kanji, you're welcome!! :) And thank you!! :)

Necromancer said...

That's a nice range of colours. My fave is Parting Waves, that's a really stunning colour.

Unknown said...

Thank you Necro!! I wasn't expecting Parting Waves to be my favorite (you know how I gravitate towards anything pink), but Parting Waves is too pretty to resist!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous toes girls! seriously beautiful, cute, delectible ;)

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