Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Red digits tied with a Bow (and one very cute yellow cat!)

SpaRitual Spread Your Wings

I've been waiting for a mani like this to use my new bow stamp!!  I started with two coats of SpaRitual Spread Your Wings and then stamped Konad plate m59 with Konad special white polish.  I finished with Diamond Cosmetics Super Topcoat (one of the best topcoats I've ever used).  I think this is such a cute, simple mani :)  I love Spread Your Wings - it is a beautiful, jelly-based red and a very unique shade.  My sister loved this one so much, I gifted her a bottle of this for Easter!

And now for... a cat in a bag!!  Why do cats love bags and boxes so much?  Delilah slept in this bag day after day until she finally tore a hole right through it the other day.  (Yup, this is the bag from the offending Godiva.)

She looks so smug in this picture.

She spent a good 15 minutes napping like this until her sister came and pounced on her :)

How is your spring shaping up?  The big, beautiful stinky tree outside is in full bloom (J claims it - and only that stinky tree - is the reason for his allergies this year).  J bought us a patio set so we can start dining al fresco.  Of course, being the nut we both are he is, we haven't put it outside yet because we don't want it to get dirty.  Ah, the dilemma.  He also got me a bird feeder that is made to hold these big, giant granola bars of bird seed, so I hung that up outside of my window.  I have been enjoying watching/listening to the birds while I work, but my cats are going absolutely nuts.  He also got me a hummingbird feeder.  I proceeded to dump hummingbird sugar juice all over my kitchen floor (hello, ants) and have been trying to de-stickify it ever since.  These week has felt really weird because I'm on a bit of a spring break - the class I teach is on break until tomorrow, the kids I babysit are on break, and both of my tutoring jobs got canceled.  I've been sitting at my kitchen table writing.  And editing.  And writing.  And staring at the wall.  Oh, and watching those happy birds.  They really are quite entertaining.
J wants to get a hot tub, so I have found the activity of Searching for Hot Tubs Online to be quite a nice distraction from this overwhelming amount of writing.  My computer is running smoother, since I stayed up until 4:30 am Saturday night deleting all types of random stuff from it.  I don't know much about computers and I fear I deleted something I shouldn't have because now YouTube keeps freezing on me.  I got rid of more than 6,000 photos, which is very healthy for my computer (by 'got rid of' I mean I transferred them to an external hard drive) and found some random junk clogging up my computer.  So it is doing much, much better.  It reached the point on Saturday where I couldn't do anything without this obnoxious message about my something drive being full popping up every minute or so.
I am also using Online Shopping for a Black Graduation Dress as a nice distraction.  I need to quit doing that.  I have a pair of heels for graduation - J and his family got me a gorgeous pair of black peep toe heels, so I plan to wear those to march across that stage.
I went for a nice ride on Friday.  By nice I mean my horse behaved moderately well.  She neighed constantly and tried to buck me off once, but I was able to walk and trot with no real problems (no jumping or cantering, since I was alone).  It was really nice going for a ride - I'm really looking forward to doing some trail riding in the next few months.
Can you tell I am procrastinating?  Telling you all about my bird feeder and smelly tree and new shoes and horseback ride and the current state of my computer?  Can you tell I am talking about everything but my paper?  Yes, I know you can, and I know you are all thinking, "Get back to work, Brooke!" because I am thinking it too.  And so I will.  Back to work.  This paper will be over soon!

Hope everyone is having a nice Wednesday!!!

PS: I have a REALLY, REALLY great BIG (over $100) giveaway coming soon :D
I am so excited!!


Green Stone said...

We have the exact same polish on! Crazy! :D

Green Stone said...
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polishedlyrics said...

That is a sexy red! I love Kitty in a bag, especially oranges ones like my Orton. I want to get a hummingbird feeder this year since I finally have a back porch/balcony at my new apartment but we don't get many up here.
I use to put off working on papers and homework all the time.

KONADomania said...

Love the red and the kitty is super adorable<3

Rhea said...

I just fainted seeing the cuteness!

Kelsey said...

I love that mani! And the bow is soooo cute!

And Delilah is very beautiful :)

L said...

This is really pretty, Brooke. I love the cat photos.

Unknown said...

oh my wow!! i love the bow! it's beautiful >__< wish i have one.
your kitty is cutee :) x

ShortAndSweetNails said...

That's a gorgeous red. And the bow makes it so cute.

Funny kitty in the bag.

ANSTAH said...

You are SO cute Brooke! I love all your little stories. The polish looks gorgeous on you. Kitty in a bag is adorable! I wish I had an outdoor patio to have a patio set and dine outside =[ I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you. =p

Skye said...

lovee that red and the bow is adorable.. your cat is the most cutest little thing ive seen in ages

Witoxicity said...

Wow, that is such a gorgeous jelly red! And that cat in the bag - too cute! :D

Tierney said...

That red looks awesome and the bow is super cute!!

I love the pictures of the kitty. My sister's cat used to sleep in our dust pan when he was little, it was weird.


Unknown said...

Kate - that is bizarre!! what a weird coincidence :)

Thanks Jessica :) And Orton is adorable - I love seeing him on your blog :) I hope we get some hummingbirds :)

Thanks so much Konaddomania and Rhea!!

Thank you Kelsey!! :)

Thanks L - I love sharing cat pictures (I'm going to be that crazy cat lady one day!)

Thank you London's Beauty :) I'm so excited to finally have this one!!

Shortandsweet- THANKS!! :)

ANSTAH - aww, you're adorable :) thanks for reading!! and hope about dining with a few windows cracked? or hey, you can always picnic :)

Aww, thank you Skye!! I'll tell her you said that :) lol

Thanks Witoxicity!! I really love this red - it is so fabulous and fun!

Tierney - awww at your kitty sleeping in the dust pan !!! that is too cute! Thanks so much :)

WizardsOfBling said...

That mani is HOT! And MMmmmm kitty and Godiva chocolate, what could be better! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Sylvia!! :)

Stephanie said...

Oh wow, I love that red. Your cat is adorable. My uncle has a kitty, Shadow, that sits on his deck very near the hummingbird feeder. Hummingbirds are quite curious by nature, so they would flit on up to say hello to Shadow. The kitty would bat them straight out of the air and down onto the deck. The rest is rather graphic and horrifying. I associate every hummingbird I see with that one from the animated Pocahontas Disney movie.

I'm jealous of your ride. I rose a horse for quite a while called Luna. Whenever she saw herself in the mirror in the indoor stadium she had a freak-out. Aren't horsies funny?

Akuma Kanji said...

Beautiful mani, I only have to say that when I looked at the bow, I firstly saw the eyes of an angry man! 'cause I was looking upside down :P

Necromancer said...

I love the kitty pics, they're awesome.
I also love that SpaRitual NP (I really love that brand) and your nail art. It's such a fab mani.

Unknown said...

Stephanie, oh no, poor hummingbirds!! Cats are so curious too - (and dogs... my dog, Cara's, summers are devoted to hunting bees and flies! LOL). I associate hummingbirds with the one in Pocahontas too!! wow, the memories! and racoons too :)
Horses are weird, aren't they? Mine has this absolutely bizarre fear of the entire right side of the ring - especially the middle of the right side. The won't walk next to it without acting like the entire right side of the ring is going to jump out and bite her (in the indoor and outside ring). It is SO WEIRD! I think if we had a mirror in there she would be terrified of that too! haha

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHA, Kanji, I see it!!!! Oh my goodness, I totally want to actually try to make a grumpy eye mani sometime! that's so funny :)

Unknown said...

Necro, what a wonderful surprise to see you here!!! You made a SpaRitual monster out of me! I just love their polishes - and how green, environmentally friendly, not tested on animals, etc. etc. - they really are great - and the colors are beautiful! Thank you so much for introducing me to such a great brand :)

and thank you about Delilah!! I adore her - she has so much personality!

Libbeh said...

Delilah is too effin' cute! I love it when cats sleep in bags & boxes. I think it's THE cutest thing about cats.. that, and sitting on their hind legs like Beibei (the infamous "I Made You A Cookie But I Ated It"/I Has a Cheezburger cat). I found the owner's Flicker account, and spent hours look at Beibei's photos! Delilah has some striking similarities in the looks and cuteness departments.

I LOVE TABBYS!!! Oh, and I made that order on SkinStore for Spread Your Wings & Yes I Can... super excited to polish my nails w/ those 2 beautiful colors!! Thanks for the many lemmings, Brooke!! :-P

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...


Unknown said...

awww, thank you Libbeh!! I love Cheezburger cats :) haha.

I can't wait to see the new polishes on you!!! I'll have to make sure to see them on your blog :) I hope you love them!!

Thanks ART OF NAIL!!

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