Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seeking UMD Graduation Red

Graduation is swiftly approaching and one of my biggest concerns is finding the perfect UMD red (ok, it isn't one of my biggest concerns - that would be that ridiculous library book fine I saw today - but this certainly has gone through my head!).

I stopped by the polish section in the grocery the other day and admired OPI Red for a bit - but I can't find any swatches online.  Anyone love this color?  There was another color named OPI something something Red that looked awesome - kind of a darker red (like the UMD red) with glitter (quite unlike the UMD red).  But I couldn't bring myself to pay the (gasp) $9 Harris Teeter price per bottle.

I love OPI Red My Fortune and Nicole by OPI Really, Really Red, but I feel like they might be too tomato-red for the UMD colors.  I just got Zoya Nidhi, which is a little darker (and glittery - yay!) but I'm still thinking it is too bright.  So I am seeking YOUR help!!  You guys helped me choose what colors to wear for my first day of class - and this is way more important than that - so I need (and will greatly appreciate) any and all suggestions.

So tell me: What is the perfect University of Maryland red nail polish?

And now, photos of the beautiful University of Maryland to inspire you:

Jim Henson went to UMD!

Meet Testudo.  He's fierce.  We like to rub his nose.

Photos copyright: The University of Maryland and zhurnaly at Flickr


Velvet said...

Maybe Opi An Affair in Red Square? From the Russian collection.

Libbeh said...

I have the perfect UMD red for you - if you can find "Santee" brand nail polishes (very cheap, but they do last as long as WnW or Sinful Colors nail poishes), buy "Light Red". It's not light or bright at all, but a muted red like UMD's red.

Ironically, it was one of the polishes I exchanged in Zoya's polish exchange program. It was brand new, and because I have so many red polishes, I picked that one out over my OPI, Essie, and China Glaze polishes. It was brand new too, so darn, I could have sent it to you, Brooke! :(

Skulda said...


Unknown said...

Velvet - just looked up Affair in red Square - I REALLY like that!! I think that could be the one! Thanks for the great rec. I'm going to go check it out at ULTA and see if it is... I'll let you know!

libbeh - I've never heard of that brand but I LOVE cheap! Where would you suggest looking? Because I will hunt it down! I do need a fingernail and toenail polish, since I'm wearing peep toes. Two reds would be AWESOME! Thank you!!

Skulda - thank you so much!!

Kelsey said...

When in doubt go purple haha :)

ch3rryco1a said...

Congratulations!!! My in laws live in Chesapeake Beach, MD. :)

Libbeh said...

Brooke, Cherry Culture (online beauty/makeup store) would be a good start if you can't find it at your local nail/beauty supply store. If Cherry Culture doesn't carry Santee polishes anymore, I suggest to try googling "Santee nail polish" and look at the Google Merchants to see if any of them carry Santee. It's cheap at the local nail supply stores I've been to (less than $1), but Cherry Culture and other online merchants might charge a bit more, just so you know.

Rebecca said...

Hmm I can't really think of a good polish as I don't know that many reds but I just wanted to say how cool it is that your uni has a statue of Kermit the Frog!

Bunny Masseuse said...

I saw Santee at an asian makeup store in HI... I grabbed one bottle of their opal type glitter and it's great!

I'll have to see if any of the asian markets around here carry it or the brand in the least...

Reds? Hmm, I have quite a few, but I don't normally keep the bright reds I would associate more w/ Terps... but I'll keep an eye out!

Unknown said...

haha, that would be a little to JMU for my Kels :) lol

cherrycola - THANK YOU!! I can't wait!

libbeh - thank you for the info!!! off to hunt...

Rebecca, isn't that awesome?? I never knew he went here until my tour a few years back. The whole frog thing mirrors our testudo quite well! lol

Bunny - that would be great if you hear of any asian markets around here carrying it. I know there is an asian market about 30 mins from here near one of my jobs - I'll have to check that out. Thanks for keeping an eye out!! :)

Libbeh said...

No problem! You should also check any local Asian owned nail & beauty supply stores, if you have them nearby. I would have recommend that earlier, but I didn't want to potentially offend anyone, hehe.

Good luck on your hunt & congrats! :)

Unknown said...

Hi I have two shades both from O.P.I
Big Apple Red and That’s an “EL”of a Color! I have only been able to find them both at Trade Secret. Congratulations :)

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