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SpaRitual Believe Collection - Spring 2010

SpaRitual Believe
Spring 2010
I was introduced to SpaRitual a few months ago by a good friend and excellent manicurist. I fell in love with SpaRitual.  They are completely vegan, meaning their polishes are never tested on animals and there are no animal ingredients.  Also, SpaRitual polishes are completely free of DBP, Formaldehyde, and Toluene and are naturally colored and free of synthetic dyes.  What's not to love?
To learn more about SpaRitual, visit their website HERE

The newest collection, Believe, links color with nature for a perfect, beautiful harmony.  The Believe collection was "inspired by succulent leafy greens, juicy pomegranate, and vibrant eggplant."  Each polish comes with a charm with an inspirational mantra, which makes every one really special.  I found all six shades to be incredibly pigmented and very rich, which I love.  Each one has an easy-to-grip handle and a short brush for more precise polishing.  Check out the newest shades and let me know what you think!

SpaRitual Hope Springs Eternal
Hope Springs Eternal is a soft, shimmery, slightly frosty medium pink.  It has a medium amount of silver microshimmer and a very soft frost (in the first picture, it looks way more frosty than it actually is).  This is a really sweet, beautiful shade.  It applied very nicely and covered well with just two coats.  It also dried very quickly.  You know I love pinks, so of course I was immediately drawn to this lovely shade.
This one has a "Hope" charm, which I really like :)

SpaRitual Yes, I Can
Yes, I Can find the perfect green polish!  This polish is an excellent grass/leaf green creme.  I have a lot of greens, and none of them come close to matching this.  I like all the dark-dark greens we've been seeing lately, but a medium-toned green seems so much more 'spring' to me.  Yes, I Can covered with two coats and dried moderately fast.  I'm really quite surprised that this ended up being my favorite out of the entire group - it is just a beautiful green.  Plus, it is super shiny even without a topcoat.  This is the one I found myself going back to - and now I'm wearing it today.  Very beautiful grass green.  I just wish I had been able to wear this one for St. Patty's day!  The image on the left is a dead-on color match.

SpaRitual Shoot for the Stars
Shoot for the Stars is a very richly pigmented lavender creme.  It applied very smooth and covered with one coat.  This is a nice, medium-toned purple with no shimmer.  This shade is not extremely unique, but it is really beautiful - and I don't have anything even close to being a dupe for this one.  It is described as an eggplant-toned purple, and I agree 100%.  Again, a gorgeous, rich shade.
PS: Love the polish-name message!!

SpaRitual Spread Your Wings
How many jelly-based red polishes do you own?  Because this is my first one!  I was really surprised when I open this one up and discovered that it was a jelly, not a creme.  And that is what makes this shade so unique.  It applied beautifully, covered very well with two coats (and with one coat had that cool sheer jelly look), and dried quickly.  I don't normally think of reds and maroons for spring, but the fact that this shade is a jelly totally lightened it up, making it extremely fresh and new.  This is a very, very cool and unique shade.  I searched through my collection and couldn't find anything even close to being a dupe.  This is one you really need to see.  SpaRitual describes it as 'pomegranate,' which I think is quite apt.  It is both rich and juicy!

SpaRitual I am the Light
I am the Light is a beautiful spring pastel creme.  I ADORE light purples and pinks, so this one is right up my alley.  I was amazed that it covered with ONE coat.  Oftentimes I have trouble getting great coverage out of pastels even with a few coats, so I was really impressed with this one.  I thought it looked similar to SPARITUAL Thunder Road, but when I did a comparison I realized the two are very different.  My four-shade comparison is at the end of the post.  This is an excellent spring shade - I really love it.

SpaRitual I Believe in You
Who doesn't want to hear "I believe in you?"  I just love this inspirational messages.  I Believe in You is a really cool jelly-based orange.  It has a great summery sheerness to it.  I've said it a million times - I am not a fan of orange.  But this isn't orange - it is creamsicle, and I love creamsicle!  I painted this one last night and waited until I got back from work this morning to photograph it.  I went by the post office and bank right after work this morning and I got TWO compliments on this shade - and I only saw two people!  I Believe in You has a "Believe" charm, which I love.  I have a small metal keychain J gave me 5 years ago that says, "Believe in Yourself and Magic will Happen."  It is really special to me and reminds me of the importance of positive thinking.  The "Believe" charm is my favorite of the six and it has already made it's way onto my keys :)

index: OPI Panda-monium Pink (2 coats)
middle: SpaRitual I am the Light (1 coat)
ring: OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender (3 coats)
pinkie: SpaRitual Thunder Road (2 coats)

SpaRitual I am the Light is more purple than OPI's Pink or Lavender, but more pastel than SpaRitual Thunder Road.  I am the Light had the most even coverage off all four.

SpaRitual polishes sell for $10 and are available at many upscale salons and spas, and also online at  To find out where you can pick up these beauties, visit and click on "Find SpaRitual" in the top right.  The Believe collection is available now.

Thanks for checking out SpaRitual's newest collection!
Which SpaRitual Believe shade is your favorite?

The products in this post were provided by the manufacturer or PR firm for review purposes


Michelle said...

Arrr I love them all, now I want them. I'd buy them for the bottles only. :')

Tierney said...

Oooh, I love Shoot for the Stars!

Unknown said...

Michelle, I love the bottles too! They are so unique :) Glad you love the new shades too!!

Tierney, me too! I love purples :)

ANSTAH said...

uhm.. I think I really need that green. REALLY need it. lol. Thanks Brooke!!! =]

Kelsey said...

Wow that dark purple is beautiful! And the red is the perfect shade!!! Can I borrow? haha

Kae said...

Oh my, these are gorgeous colors! Love your pictures too :)

Cyan said...

Oh wow, they all look so lovely on you! And the names - how sweet and inspirational. I may be tempted to buy one (or a few...or all 6) just for that reason! I'm really liking the pink shade, Hope Springs Eternal, if not for the name and the cute tag hanging off the bottle, than for the frosted bright pink that seems like it would be a good color for Spring. Thanks for showing these pretty polishes!

Unknown said...

ANSTAH, glad you like it! I am LOVING this green :) I keep admiring it!!

Kelsey - no problemo!! I'll share the SpaRitual love tomorrow - as long as I can photograph your pretty nails!

Thank you Kae!! SpaRitual makes such lovely shades :) I'm so glad I was introduced to them!

Cyan - I love the names too - the silly, funny ones are nice, but these really are so inspiring. I feel the same way about Hope Springs Eternal - such a great name and beautiful shade :) I'm so glad you love them!!

Libbeh said...

Brooke, I am really loving the Yes I Can! You're right; it's THE perfect color for St. Patty's Day. That's the green I imagine when I think of that particular holiday.. and then I get carried away with fantasies of green Irish hills, LOL!

Spread Your Wings is pretty neat too since I haven't seen any red jellies. I have a growing collection of red cremes, but after seeing this color, you're having me rethink about being strictly red cremes.

I wished I discovered these 2 because I placed an order w/ Skin Store a few weeks ago. Oh well. I guess it doesn't hurt to spend another $50+ on these 2 colors & an additional 2-pack of Clarisonic brushes.

As always, I love your reviews. Just curious, are you wearing fakies again? ;)

I broke 4 nails this past week, but I don't think I'll wear press-ons again after this one incident where a press-on broke off into the hummus I was sharing with my bf.

Unknown said...

Hi libbeh!!
I totally agree about Yes, I Can :)
and Spread Your Wings is SO UNIQUE!! I just love it.
I hope you get a chance to order them - I'd love to see how they look on you!!
I am wearing fake nails :) On my left hand, 4 out of the 5 are long enough to be without the fake nail on top, but I like how even (and strong) they make all my nails - especially for polish pictures :) although I do take them off before I go horseback riding - that's one of those places you really WANT short nails! lol. and OMG your story about the hummus cracks me up :) hahaha.
Thanks for your comment!!

Necromancer said...

I haven't got any of these...yet. I love them, though I'm very biased about SpaRitual, as you know. They all look fab on you too.

Unknown said...

Necro, I hope your salon gets Yes, I Can in soon!! It is such a BEAUTIFUL color. I'm glad you're biased about SpaRitual, since you introduced me to it :) (and now I'm a total SpaRitual lover too!). I just wish they were more easily available - I don't know why they aren't at local beauty stores yet. I hope as they continue to grow that they become easier to find :)

Lorraine said...

You're right - What's not to like about SpaRitual!!! I have "I am the Light" -- a beautiful light pink/purple. It smells good, the bottle is so beautiful, and I love the little tag. But the best thing is the coverage. You can really go with just one coat! Thanks for leading me to this fantastic product!

Unknown said...

Lorraine - I agree with everything!! and the smell - isn't that incredible? So many polishes are so strong and chemically. I love how SpaRitual barely has any odor at all - it is quite unusual (and great!). I am the Light is gorgeous. I am so glad you're enjoying it :) Thanks for your comment!!

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