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Zoya Sparkle 2010

Zoya Sparkle

Zoya Sparkle is an awesome collection of six insanely glittery polishes.  It couldn't get any more glittery than this - these shades are overflowing with sparkle, and I love it!  I am very impressed by this entire collection - I was expecting to be so blown away by these glitters, but they are STUNNING.  And it wasn't even very sunny outside when I photographed these!

All of these polishes dried very quickly, applied nicely, and were easy to remove.  It is a very consistent line.  This collection is really fun and I am continually impressed with Zoya's new colors.  I love that they are bringing out the ultra-glitters for us sparkle addicts.

All Zoya polishes are toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate free (meaning no toxic chemicals).  They are also vegan, so they are never tested on animals - something Caracita can give her paw of approval for.  I know I've said this before, but I'm a huge fan of Zoya's bottles.  The line up so neatly and are easy to organize (plus they look so cute!)

The Zoya Sparkle collection is available now at - and any of these shades can be included in your Zoya Polish Exchange order!  Seriously, if you haven't tried Zoya yet, the Polish Exchange is the perfect time to get to know their awesome polishes.  I discovered Zoya last year during the exchange and I have been extremely impressed with all of their polishes.  This collection only makes me love Zoya more!

Ivanka is a rich medium-dark green with loads (and I mean loads) of green and gold glitter.  I like this that polish is the color of money and named Ivanka :)  Ivanka is a beautiful emerald green.  Wearing this shade makes me feel like I should be skipping down the yellow brick road alongside Dorothy and Toto heading for Emerald City.  Ivanka covered with two coats and dried quickly.  It is smooth to the touch (no rough glitters here!) and has some seriously awesome sparkle.  Isn't it gorgeous?

I'm surprised I haven't heard more people raving about this shade because it is just spectacular.  I was blown away when I saw it on my nails.  It is GORGEOUS.  Charla is a very mermaid-y polish.  It is green/blue with swirls of gold, blue, and green glitter - it really looks like a mermaid tail.  The first picture really shows the multi-tonal nature of this polish, and the second one shows you the shimmer (but doesn't capture the green as well).  Charla is very smooth, applied easily, covered with two coats, and dried quickly.  These polishes dry a lot faster than my other Zoyas.  I very highly recommend this color - it is stunning and I am really impressed.  Dear Zoya, Charla rocks!

Beautiful, beautiful purple with shades of purple and silver and gold glitter.  Another gorgeous glitter.  This one reminds me of grape soda - it is very grape-like.  This one wasn't as loaded with glitter as Ivanka, Charla, Gilda, and Alegra, but it still had amazing shine and sparkle.  Mimi covered with two coats and dried fast.

Alegra reminds me a lot of Zoya Brooke, but with lots of glitter.  I am wearing this one right now.  It is just loaded with glitter, but still completely and totally smooth.  Alegra is a dark pink with hints of purple.  My camera was not feeling this one - it kept trying to turn it red.  I took a LOT of pictures, and I am pretty happy with these, but they are still looking a bit red.  The way the color looks in the bottles in these pictures is spot on.  I used three coats, but it covered with two.  Alegra dried quickly and shines beautifully.  Alegra is tied with Charla as my favorite polish in this collection, and this is one I can see myself returning to often in the future.  I am seriously in love with this shade.

This one felt weird to me when I first saw the collection (and not just because I'm not sure how to pronounce the name).  I didn't feel like tomato red fit in with this line, but once I wore it, I felt a lot differently.   First of all, this is a really pretty shade of red.  It is bright but compliments my skintone with blue undertones.  The glitter in this one was a bit more subtle than the others.  The glitter is predominately gold, but there is some silver and possibly blue glitter too.  As you can see, this is a really pretty red - and in my opinion, a really unique shade.

Look at that awesome sparkle!!  Beautiful bright, medium-hot pink.  You know how I feel about pinks - and how I feel about glitters, so this is the best of both worlds for me!  Gorgeous fun, sparkly shade - I love it.  I wore this one all day yesterday and couldn't get enough of it.  And it was so easy to remove - I was surprised.  I normally have such a hard time getting glittery polishes off.  It may be because these are finer glitter particles.  The glitter in this polish is tremendous.  It really shines in the sunlight.

I would love to meet whoever names the polishes at Zoya.  It would be so fun to name these pretty shades!  After I asked them all kinds of polish name questions, I would BEG to have a polish named Kelsey so I could buy it for my sister (you all know how much I adore Zoya Brooke).

Which Zoya Sparkle shades do you like?  And the big questions: which ones are going in your Polish Exchange order?  Thanks for checking out these shimmery, glittery shades!

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Lucy said...

Aw I wish people would stop posting pics of Charla, it's too nice to resist! x

Unknown said...

Lucy - Charla is awesome! You should get it. I'm obsessed with Charla - I wasn't expecting to love it this much, but it is so beautiful :D

Rhea said...

Lol, it's difficult to explain how to pronounce Nidhi. The 'dh' sound in it is not similar to any word in English.
Charla is beautiful!!!!

Rebecca said...

Charla and Ivanka are stunning! Mimi would be on my list as well.

Aru said...

Lovely colors!! I wish Zoya was available here in Italy too...great post! ^_^

Kelsey said...

Omg these are the most beautiful colors I have ever seen!!! I love love love the blue, green, and purple!!! Can I borrow one? haha :)

Michelle said...

Oh Brooke I love the swatches! I'm soooooo drooling over Ivanka, Charla and Mimi!

nihrida said...

I really need the CIM three. =)

Susie said...

Really beautiful. I only own a few Zoya's but I love them. :)

Unknown said...

Rhea - that's what I was thinking (and I must admit, I am really, really terrible at learning new languages/pronouncing words in other languages!) But I agree, it is an awesome color and I am OBSESSED with Charla too!!

Rebecca, I totally agree. I was just blown away by this collection. The glitter is amazing and I love that it doesn't get so stuck on my nails that I can't get it off too.

Thanks so much Aru - I wish it was too!! Perhaps they ship internationally?

Kelsey - I know!!! Aren't they stunning?? This is why I've been raving about them so much - you seriously need to come see them/try them!! I'm placing a Zoya order soon too, so if you want any, let me know.

Michelle, thank you so much!!! I'm glad you love them. Ivanka, Charla, and Mimi are so insanely gorgeous!!

Nihrida - haha, that seems to be the top three favorites here!! Glad you love them :)

Susie, I totally agree - Zoya has such an excellent formula. I just discovered them a year ago, but I have become such a HUGE Zoya fan. The formula is excellent and the colors and fun and exciting. Are you joining in on the Zoya Polish Exchange? It's a good time to bulk up your Zoya collection :) Glad you love the swatches!!

Susie said...

I only have a couple of Zoya's and I wouldn't want to get rid of them. :) You have to get rid of one to get one right?

Unknown said...

I love Charla, I need it!!!!

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

I love Mimi & Charla.

Trincess said...

hey brooke, awesome swatches =)
the giveaway entries are to be sent to my email =) please no spoilers till the deadline =D kisses!

Kathy said...

Only one i'm no liking as much is Nidhi followed by Gilda but your picture of Gilda is making me second guess myself! I have the other 4 iun my list for the exchange. LOVE!

Unknown said...

Susie, you have to exchange polishes, but not Zoyas! They can be any brand - it is especially useful if you have old, dried up polishes that you don't know what to do with! I couldn't get rid of any of my Zoyas either :)

Jackie - it is SOO amazing!!!

Kimberly, me too :D Thanks for checking them out!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Trincess - and thanks for the info!! I already did mine, so I'll be emailing as soon as I upload photos!! :D I'm so excited about it!

Unknown said...

Hey Kathy!!! I love Gilda - it is a beautiful bright pink - very princess-like to me. I'm excited you got 4 out of the 6 - I'm sure they will look awesome on you (and I know how much you love glitters!!). Thanks for stopping by :D

Susie said...

Thanks Brooke I didn't know that. I think all my polishes are pretty new because I'm new BUT I bet I can find some. I will go to go to the ZOYA site and find out more.

Necromancer said...

These are all awesome. I don't even have a fave - I love them all :-)

Unknown said...

You're welcome, Susie!!

Necro, so glad to see you!! Glad you love the Zoya glitters - I think they are so much fun! :D

*Photographer Harjot Kaur * said...

Damn I love the blue and pink ones..and would u look at that its the two colors im in love with right now lol

Gejba said...

Mimi is already on its way. :)
Love the swatches.

iPolished said...

Love the sparkles!

Unknown said...

these swatches are amazing brooke!! you really did amazing :D all of them are beautiful.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much ladies!!

aww, Kellie, you're so sweet!! It was all the Zoya and the sunshine, not me :) lol, but thank you so much!!

Unknown said...

haha yeah but you applied them so well on your pretty nails :) and took great pics!

Unknown said...

thanks Kellie :D I appreciate that!!

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