Monday, May 3, 2010

"Adopt a Shelter Pet" stamps to the rescue!

Lookie lookie what I picked up on Friday: the brand new "Adopt a Shelter Pet" stamps!!  I am beyond excited about these.  It must have been a good twelve years ago that I wrote the United States Postal Service asking for a stamp to benefit shelter animals - namely spay/neuter efforts (I never got a response, so I very highly doubt these stamps have anything to do with a twelve-year old's desperate plea - although you never know!)

So the premise:
"You buy the stamps, Halo buys the food for 1 million shelter pets"

What is Halo, you ask?  Halo is a brand of holistic pet food.  They have teamed up with Ellen DeGeneres (I always knew I liked her!) to fund the food for 1 million shelter pets.  Pretty awesome, especially when you consider what hard economic times our local animal shelters are facing right now.  Because of the economy, fewer people are making donations and, unfortunately, more people are giving up their pets because of the added expense.  More than half of the animals that go into shelters don't make it out, and when you consider the huge amount of dogs and cats (as well as other animals) going into local shelters, that becomes a devastating figure.

Here is some info directly from the program:

In celebration of the new Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps, the Postal Service™, 
together with Ellen DeGeneres and Halo: Purely for Pets, is giving shelter pets around the 
country a First-Class Meal.  During the launch of the stamps, Halo will be donating a million 
meals to animal shelters around the country.

We want more Americans to know about the millions of shelter pets that need good homes. Nearly half of the animals that enter animal shelters are euthanized. Many of these cats and dogs would have made a wonderful pet...if only given the chance.
You can make a difference. Adopt a pet, volunteer at a shelter, or just get the word out by buying these stamps.

So what can you do?

*Well, head on over to your local post office and pick up some stamps.  Not only will you be helping out, but you will be spreading the message with absolutely adorable pictures of shelter cats and dogs.

*Also, take a moment to donate to your local shelter.  You could give money, your time, food and toys, or even old towels and sheets.  There are so many ways you can help out the shelter.  Call them up and ask if there is anything they need.  Give what you can - the animals will appreciate it so much.

*Considering welcoming a new pet into your life?  Check out your local shelter or visit to search pets at shelters and rescues all across the country. All the pets featured on the stamps were adopted from a CT shelter!  (And all of my wonderful pets were adopted too).

PS: Very happy Birthday to my favorite Michelle 


Skulda said...

As a stamp collector, I approve.

Unknown said...

A stamp collector? How cool! Hope you add these to your collection! (if they are available in Canada, that is.. or if you can smuggle some in!)

Rebecca said...

Aww how cute. Wish we could get these in the UK!

Mary said...

I've been waiting for these to come out and I just picked them up this morning! A great cause and we have 3 rescue dogs and do many assists in German Shepherd transport rescue, so thank you for posting about this!

Unknown said...

Rebecca, I wish you could too!!

Mary - I had no idea you had three rescue dogs and help out with transport rescue!!! My Cara (the Caracita namesake) was adopted DURING a transport rescue! I fell in love with her while we were transporting a few dogs and she ended up coming home with me. Glad you got a set of the stamps this morning! I'm got two sheets thinking I'd probably keep a sheet or a half sheet because they are so cute and use the other sheet :) Glad to hear about your dogs too - and nice to hear from you!

ch3rryco1a said...

Aww. I love shelter pets (that's where both of mine are from), I love Ellen, and I love you for posting this! Must purchase these.

Bunny Masseuse said...

MMm must pick up, I assume they aren't forever stamps are they?

Unknown said...

awww, ch3rrycola, so glad your pets are rescues!! I love Ellen too (I think she's a great addition to Idol). Thanks for reading :D Your comment made me smile!

Bunny, not forever stamps :( I wish (since we know the price is going to go up at some point anyway!). But, you could always buy those 1-2 cent stamps when they do I guess. Or just keep them as collectors items!

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