Monday, May 24, 2010

Babbling Brooke's Favorite Things - Polish

Welcome to day 1 of my favorite things!!  I'm being all Oprah-esque and showing you all my favorite things (although, unfortunately, unlike Oprah, I don't have a free gift for every single follower - sorry!)

Today I have my absolute favorite polish to show you, and I have the unbelieveably sweet Jessica from Polished Lyrics to thank for it.  Not only did she take note when I sent out a desperate plea searching for it back in February, but she actually went to the trouble of finding it for me and sending it as a gift.  I am so impressed by her kindness, generosity, and overall thoughtfulness and I am so thankful that she has united me with a polish true LOVE.  My original bottle of this was my first-ever store-purchased OPI.  I used mine like a maniac for a few years (I was addicted!) and a few month ago pulled it back out and was sad to discover that what little remained had dried up.

But Jessica has reunited me with my all-time favorite polish!!

OPI Lifeguard Makes Me Blush
Very blue-based medium hot pink with loads of blue shimmer - ahh, it is so gorgeous!!  Look at that shimmer!!

I used three coats for perfect coverage.  It dried surprisingly quickly and applied beautifully.  It goes really, really, really well with my fair skin.  It is perfect :)  I have hunted high and low for so long (about six months after buying it, I knew it was my signature color and I needed more) - I am just shocked to actually have a FULL, brand new bottle of this gorgeousness.  I love it so much!!!

Jessica, thank you so much for reuniting me with one of my favorite things!!
Tomorrow I'll have another favorite to show you all.  Have a great evening!!

PS: another favorite thing?  Puppies.  I love these crazy dogs!

Happy Birthday, Gary!!!  I hope you have enjoyed your day!!


Crystal Polish said...

I have never even heard of this OPI polish. I will definitely have to look for it now!! I can see why this is your favorite. It is totally gorgeous and looks great with your skintone!

Lokum Hanim said...

Beautiful pink!

Lokum Hanim said...

Beautiful pink!

polishedlyrics said...

:) Glad I could help. It looks lovely on you.

What are the dogs after? I'm guessing a squirrel since squirrels like to tease and are kind of rotten like that.

Tierney said...

Love it!!

And the dog picture is great [:

Unknown said...

Crystal, glad you like it!! It isn't a super-popular shade and when I got it, I just chose it off the shelf from a gazillion other pinks. Little did I know it would become so difficult to replace! lol. Thanks so much - and I'm glad you can see why I'm so obsessed with it :D

Thank you Zuzu!!

Thank you again, Jessica :D I love it!!
The dogs saw a chipmunk run up the tree - it was so cute!! I wouldn't let them catch it, but they can sniff around at it. I love having little chipmunks and squirrels around - and the dogs love trying to catch them (although I doubt they could if their life depended on it!).

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, Tierney :D I thought the dogs looked hilarious - they were doing that while I was photographing the polish, so I turned around and snapped a few pics of them being silly :)

jenobebs said...

this is a very pretty pink color!
oh and the dogs look adorable :)

Trista said...

Very pretty color. Looks good on you. :0)

Unknown said...

Thank you jenobebs!! and thanks about the doggles too :D

Thanks Twister!! I could live in this color :D

Laetitia said...

Love that colour but maybe I prefer red one for my nails..


Kelsey said...

Wow that is a beautiful color!!!

Haha what are those dogs doing?

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

OOohhh! I love a 'Favorite Things' theme! First one up is a fab color!

I gave you a Sweetest Blogger award. You can pick it up from my blog at:

Unknown said...

Laetitias, thanks so much!! I love reds too :)

Kelsey, thank you!! The dogs found a chipmunk :) today they discovered one under the porch and they chased it up the tree - poor things. it was a big chipmunk!

Kimberly, glad you like the theme - and the color!! thanks!

Unknown said...

This looks great on your nails! PERFECTION!

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