Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Babbling Brooke's Favorite Things - Gadgets

Hello everyone!!  I had hoped to post this yesterday, but I was going from job to job from 7:30 in the morning until 10:30 at night, so when I finally got home and weighed my options (write a blog post vs watch American Idol and eat dinner), blogging lost :( Sorry guys!  (but, on the upside, Idol was really enjoyable!)  So lets pretend this is a Tuesday post!!

So, first order of business, I'd like to wish a VERY Happy Birthday to J's mom, Debbie!!  Yesterday was her birthday - J's mom and dad have birthdays one day apart - how cool is that?  Happy Birthday, Debbie!!

Much, much less exciting than birthdays... one of my fillings fell out (ugh! & ouch!).  My dentist is seriously inept.  She is a really nice person (and my parent's neighbor at that), but it is time for me to find a new dentist.  Nearly every filling she has put into my mouth has fallen out, and I'm neurotic about brushing!  I assume they just weren't bonded right.  So I'm getting this fixed tomorrow at a new dentist with a really funny name.  Fingers crossed that all goes well and I can sign him up as my brand new dentist!  For now, I have a super ouchy tooth and I'm a very hungry (and thirsty) Brooke because everything I try to eat or drink hurts :(

So on to my favorite gadgets!!

My Camera
Sony A300K

I love my camera.  It makes photographing everything more fun - plus, it has 10 megapixels!  Kind of awesome.  It has a live view screen, which is one of the greatest features alive.  It saves me so much time, because I can see what my photos look like as I'm taking them and immediately after.  And, in general, I'm pretty happy with the picture quality.  It is super-easy for the camera-inept like myself to use and, in general, quite intuitive.  My biggest gripe is that the flash is set too low, so taking pictures at night isn't ideal, but for outdoor pictures my Sony is awesome.  I chose to get a Sony as opposed to a Nikon or Canon because a) it was significantly cheaper, and b) I was already accustomed to using a Sony.  I really, really want to get a new lens for it.  When I come into some money (or acquire a job where I'm no longer paid hourly), one of the first things I want to get is a lens for my camera and a new battery for my computer.  Almost every picture you see on this blog is taken with this camera.  For the photography I do, this camera works great.

My Computer
MacBook Pro

Oh do I love my MacBook Pro.  I never thought I'd be an Apple user.  When the iPod first came out, I turned my nose up at it (who needs that?  I have a Walkman).  Ahh, but eventually I came around... and it was only a few short years before I became infatuated with the glorious MacBook.  I chose the MacBook Pro because the screen is larger - but the price was bigger too.  There is absolutely no way that this computer is worth nearly $2,000, but in my opinion, computers in general are overpriced.  That being said, I have used this computer daily for two years.  It runs pretty fast, it looks amazing, and I like it significantly more than my previous PCs.  It also plays Civilization quickly, which my previous PCs did not (a slow Civilization game is torture.  It is like progressing through time at actual speed.  Not cool).  It has started making a strange airplane-taking-off kind of noise, won't play DVDs, and it has reached max capacity more than once (serious lack of storage.. major issue).  Even if it is slowing down, the battery is shot, and it refuses to play youtube videos, I adore this computer.  This is where I write every single blog post, and I have never loved a computer the way I love this thing.  MacBook, I heart you.

My Cell Phone
Samsung Rogue

The fact that my phone wears a pink case makes me love it twice as much.  I had an ancient phone before this one - a flip phone that barely made phone calls, wasn't much for texting, and was slowly spliting into two pieces.  Oh, and it wouldn't hold a charge.  This phone is AMAZING.  I adore it.  I can go online (OMG!) and check my email, I can text with a FULL keyboard, I can make phone calls, it holds a charge for days, and the games rock (I never thought I'd be a Need for Speed fan, but you drive by tilting the phone - ahh!).  It was only $50, plus an extra $10 each month for a pitiful little data plan that requires I check it daily to make sure I haven't gone over my limit.  But even though Verizon blows and is trying to suck me dry financially, I love this little phone.  I never thought I could love a phone so much.  J and his whole family just got a slew of Droids, which although way more high-tech, faster, more powerful, and in general just better than my phone, my phone is still #1 to me.  I just love it.  The keyboard is easy to use, the touchscreen is fun (and look at that picture of Delilah - it takes crazy good pictures!), and people can hear me on the other end.
The biggest downside?  There are like, zero apps.  I didn't realize how big of a deal this was until I saw the plethora of apps (free too!) that the Droid has.  I want apps!  The other downside is that the charging cord is hilariously short.  I can't even charge this phone in my room because the nightstand is too far from the outlet - yet the lamp on my nightstand can reach it just fine.  Short cord, lack of apps - whatever.  I adore my pink phone.

Ahh, electronics.  What would be ever do without them?  This camera and this computer (and maybe even the phone) make my blog possible - plus I love using them!

What are some of your favorite gadgets?

PS: I will post the winners of the Hana Pro Flat Iron and the KOR on Friday :)


Polish Hoarder said...

Oh no about your dentist! I had a bad experience once. (Got a new veneer on a chipped front tooth in Houston, where my parents live. One month later, in Iowa where I went to school, it fell off when I was brushing my teeth! Agh what do you do when your dentist is in Texas!? Welp, I didn't go to class. That's for sure) I got a new dentist.

I have a MacbookPro too. The new one with the LED screen. I LOOOOOOOOVE it! I've had 2 Macs now and I constantly say I will never buy another kind of computer :)

Also, Good luck finding a new lens! It's so hard to choose!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that is TERRIBLE!!! I wouldn't go to school either - that's awful! I thought veneers were supposed to hold up better than that. I hope you were able to get it fixed quickly - and glad you found a new dentist :)

ahhh I want the new MacBook pro with the LED screen!! haha. I don't think I could every go back to a PC again either.. I'm just in love with my Macs. I wish they would take a bit of a price drop though.. lol

Thanks about the lens! I have NO IDEA where to begin, but it will be great to have some more photographing variety :)

- said...

Good luck with your new dentist, Brooke! It's hard to find competent people. Seriously. I can't find a competent doctor personally... Happily my dentist is great. :)

My fave gadgets... Hmm...

- My camera (Sony DSC-N1). I litteraly can't live without it. I get it with me all the time. It's 4 years old, just a compact but it can make amazing pictures if pushed a bit.
- My iPod (nano). Don't ask me the generation, I'm completely lost. All I know is that it's my 3rd iPod and the first to be so tough. It's nearly 3 years old and well, it's still perfect.
- My MacBook Pro (we have the same computer he he). A hell of a great machine. <3
- My Headphones (Panasonic RP-HTX7). I listen to music all the time and this is the best pair of headphones I've had. <3

(also I wanted to thank you for the wonderfully kind words you've had on my blog... Thank you Brooke <3)

polishedlyrics said...

Good luck with the new dentist. I've got to find a new one too, mine just isn't cutting it anymore, too many slips ups and trying to sell.

Lets see my fave gadgets:
Laptop for sure, my camera, my blackberry, and my jawbone headset

jaljen said...

I have a Mac. I don't know if it's a Pro. It has a large screen so I don't have to peer with my ageing peepers. A Mac is a thing of beauty.

I have to use PCs at work. Tch! Rubbish.

Eva said...

I have a Macbook too, but it's not pro :)
I lalalalove it.

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

*Gasp!* You have a PINK laptop AND a PINK phone! My heart jumped a little when I saw those pictures. And the camera...Whoa...step back, guys, the lady is 'packin' some heat!'

Tierney said...

My mom loves apple, so I grew up using an imac. It had flowers on it. Now I've got a macbook and another mac. I love them both tons. I also love my ipod and my iphone. I was lucky and got my stepdad's iphone when he decided he wanted the 3g one.

Unknown said...

love your mac :)

Joy said...

Ok, so I have pink phone, pink Ipod, pink camera, pink everything, haha!! By the way, GREAT PHONE!!! I'm a super girly Assistant Manager for Verizon. :):) Not all of Verizon blows. Love the blog!!!!

Unknown said...

hahaha, thanks Kimberly, you crack me up :D

Tierney, wish I grew up with Mac!! I heart Apple :D

Joy, AHH, LOVE IT!! So great to meet a fellow pink lover!!! Wish you were the assistant manager at my Verizon!!! and I agree - I ADORE this phone. My fiance has the Droid, and he LOVES it - and I agree, it's a cool phone - but the Samsung Rogue is so much more 'me' :D

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