Thursday, May 27, 2010

Babbling Brooke's Favorite Things - Foundation

Ah, the great foundation search.  I have spent many, many years searching for the perfect foundation.  It needs to be the right formula (long-lasting, not greasy, lightweight) and the right color (natural looking).  I spent a good many years wearing the wrong foundation, so I am insanely happy to finally have found the RIGHT foundation.

My favorite foundation:
 in Organic Ivory

What I love about this foundation:

*It's super lightweight - I never feel like I'm wearing foundation
*It lasts all day, even all day through graduation festivities (in 90 degree heat)!
*It is easy to apply.  I need primer or lotion underneath most foundation in order for it to apply smoothly, but I can apply this without anything underneath to help blending and it goes on great.
*It smells nice.  It has a very light floral fragrance that smells great.
*It looks totally natural - like I just have perfect skin naturally!
*It is organic, natural and NEVER tested on animals
*It covered the crazy breakouts I had all over my skin on graduation day.  Seriously - you couldn't even see them (and I was having major stress acre).

Look at that!  Acne hidden, skin looking perfect and, most importantly, natural :)
(I should also mention that I got five hours of sleep the night before this.  My Perfecting Foundation brightened me up and hid my dark under eye circles).

I like that it is an easy-to-use pump - one pump is the perfect amount to cover my face.
It is also loaded with antioxidant rich fruits and anti-inflammatory agents, so it is great for my skin and not only smooths out my imperfections but helps heal my skin.
Like I said, it is loaded with rich, organic ingredients and Juice Beauty NEVER tests on animals, which is super important to me.  Our skin absorbs what we put on it, so it is very beneficial to put natural, organic ingredients on our skin.

Juice Beauty's Perfecting Foundation comes in three shades (Ivory, Sand, and Tan).  Ivory is PERFECT for me - I have never found a shade that matched my skin tone so well.  It sells for $35 at

This is my absolute favorite foundation ever.  I am so happy I have finally found the perfect foundation.  I wear foundation daily because I have uneven, acne-prone skin, so having a great foundation is really important to me.  That is why Juice Beauty's Perfecting Foundation is one of my Favorite Things :D

I had planned on posting a picture of me wearing my favorite foundation today, but since I've had two fillings this afternoon, I'm currently sporting a dopey Lee DeWyze half smile.  But I can't complain about the numbness - my mouth is going to HURT when that wears off!  On the upside, I really liked the new dentist!  It turns out my friend, Melanie, goes there.  She actually knew who I was talking about from my cryptic blog post (impressive, eh?).
Did anyone else see the Crystal Bowersox and Alanis Morissette perform together last night?  That was AWESOME!!

I hope everyone has had a fabulous Thursday!!

Want to buy my favorite foundation?
You can purchase it at - just click HERE

(PS: I have 777 followers!  Lets all make a wish on that lucky, lucky number!) 

Product was sent to me for review purposes.  I refused to do a regular review.  I totally fell in love with this stuff - it is amazing!


polishedlyrics said...

Thanks for the info on the foundation. I use BE right now but it doesn't apply as smooth as I'd like since I use a topical gel from the dermatologist and then my sunscreen.

You nailed it! said...

Congrats on the graduation!
I hoooope to graduate too!
The foundation really works well, also on an EXTREMELY dry skin?


(my give away:

Skulda said...

Where can you buy this?

Unknown said...

You're welcome, Jessica!! I've tried BE (I'm telling you, I've tried like, everything looking for a good foundation). BE made my face itchy and never looked as smooth as I liked. I would wear sunscreen underneath and then BE would be kinda splotchy on top. I wish you lived closer so you could stop by and try this stuff out :(

Unknown said...

awww, thanks you nailed it!! Good luck!!
I have combination/dry skin, and this works great because it is moisturizing. I don't need to put my lotion on underneath for it to go on smoothly. With other foundations, I need to wear lotion underneath or they look rough in my dryer areas, like the part of my cheek closest to my nose and my forehead. hope this helps!!

Unknown said...

Skulda, I'm sorry - I should add that in. It can be purchased at through this link:

Join their mailing list - they have specials sometimes (like free ship and free gift with purchase!!)

- said...

Thank you for the tip! The ingredients are right in my alley. In general, cosmetics formulated with vegetal oils and plants are so better tolerated than petroleum oil formulated ones...

The result is really natural, I can't believe you have acne. Do you really?

Have you already tried to apply pure biologic aloe vera gel on your skin? I general use biologic hydrosol as a toner (ah ah, I'm so bio), then when it's still wet, I apply a small nut of aloe vera gel prior to my moisturizer. It consequently improved my skin condition. <3

Unknown said...

jellynat, so glad you use natural products too!! I get stress-related acne, so for the past, oh, two months, I've been breaking out pretty badly because I was working on my master's thesis. I was freaking out the few days coming up on graduation because I could NOT get rid of my acne - I assume it would clear up once I passed my master's defense. I think focusing on it and stressing out about probably didn't help, but I bought a Zeno to try to get rid of everything (didn't help) and used all kinds of cleansers and creams. Of course now, one week after graduation, my skin is totally clear - that's how it goes, right?

I have NEVER tried using aloe vera on my skin other than for a sunburn. I wonder if my local health food store would have biologic hydrosol - I've never heard of that. I have an aloe vera plant and I will use the leaves for burns and scrapes - I'll have to try it on my skin! Thanks for the great tip!!

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