Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brand New Polishes!!

I did a little polish shopping :)

Color Club L-R:
High Society, Fashion Addict, Electronica, Revvvolution
China Glaze L-R:
Pink Underground, Blue Sparrow, Prize Winning Mare, Four Leaf Clover
My Private Jet, Shorts Story, Pink Flamenco, My Chihuahua Bites, I'm Not Really a Waitress, An Affair in Red Square, DS Extravagance

My Shorts Story kind of exploded in transit.
I could have SWORN I ordered You Don't Know Jacques because that was one of the number one polishes I wanted.  But no YDKJ :(

OPI Senoritas collection (Suzi Skis, No Spain No Gain, Pink Flamenco, RapiDry Top Coat) and OPI Shrek minis.  If I had known these would be this TEENY TINY I would have just bought full-size polishes!!  They're cute but what are they - two manis each?

My first DS!!
OPI DS Extravagance
(please ignore my polish-swatching thumb - there are around 8 colors going on right there!)
I chose extravagance based on the great recommendations you all gave me.  I had a much longer list of DS wants, but from the ones available, this was the only one I loved.

I'm especially excited about My Private Jet and Revvvolution, my two new OPI reds (one will be my graduation nails shade!), Pink Flamenco, Extravaganza, and Prize Winning Mare... but getting new polish in general is so fun :)


Tierney said...

Ooh, that's exciting!

jaljen said...

That is a lot of polishes!
In the last 24 hours I got 17!

Yours are more expensive than mine though!

Unknown said...

yay, I LOVE getting new polishes Tierney!! It is so exciting :)

jaljen - wow, 17 in 24 hours?!? Isn't it fun though!! Hope you found lots you love :)

Smoochiefrog said...

Is that the brown or the black MPJ? If it's the black, WHERE did you get it????

I so hope they still have CC Revvvolution when I'm off this no-buy. I'll so be snapping it up if it is.

Susie said...

I love, love, love, love hauls. UM, I love them more when they are MINE but you know what I mean.
AWESOME polishes,

lauravee said...

Wow Brooke this is quite an amazing haul! I just purchased DS Extravagance last night, very excited about it. Looking forward to seeing all these on you!

Bunny Masseuse said...

Was MPJ the holo version?

OH, and when you get done with those mini bottles and u don't want them shoot them my way :) I do mini-frankens with them!

Linnie said...

Wow, me likes!!! :D Nice job Brooke!

I finally bought MPJ in New York!(the brown holo version)

Linnie said...

And did you get a different polish instead of YDKJ ???

ANSTAH said...

AHHH BROOKE!!! You're going to LOVE DS Extravagance!!! It's absolutely to die for!!

~Nailstah (

Rebecca said...

A *little* polish shopping? :p

Unknown said...

Smoochie - it is the black, but it doesn't look holo (although rainbow glitter). I ordered it thru TransDesign! I've been looking everywhere for Revvvolution - I was so excited Trans had it!

Susie - haha, I agree, they are better when they are you own!

Laura, I can't wait to see extravagance on you!!!

Bunny, no holo :( I was so hoping it would be!!! And the minis were actually supposed to be gifts - but I wasn't expecting them to be so small!! If I end up not giving them away, I will pass them on :)

Linnie - I'll have to see the brown one. Its weird there are so many!! And no, I think what happened is that my cart timed out, because I had YDKJ and a China Glaze polish in my order (and my free 'gift' too - darn!) in the cart and none of those are listed on my order. So I guess it timed out and I didn't realize it :( Sad, because I wanted YDKJ so much!!

ANSTAH - I'm so excited about it!!!!!!! It looks awesome in the bottle :)

Rebecca - haha, yeah, I feel like if I'm paying shipping I should make the order worth it, you know?

Unknown said...

Uh, a little? Girl, you fell in it! Awesome haul!!!!

Unknown said...

haha, yeah, I guess - it doesn't seem like much when it is all packed in boxes though, lol. Thanks Jackie :)

Fiona M said...

transdeign are liquidating their opi stock so if you want any you better get there fast! v sad about it - they were my favorite e-tailer

polishedlyrics said...

Thats on heck of a haul there lady! Enjoy all you're new pretties!

Sara Elizabeth said...

wow i can't believe that's your first DS! BROOKE! you are soooo getting a demerit! ds are AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! man, there are tons but extravagance and there's a gorgeous blue one too....royal? regal? i can't remember. the names are rubbish for remembering their corresponding shade! i'm itching for a big haul but i've been buying in little bits but it's NEVER ENOUGH!


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