Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's a purple kind of day

Today seemed like a purple sort of day - which is why I painted my nails two different colors.  Ah, indecisive me!

OPI Done Out in Deco

I used OPI Done Out in Deco on my right hand, OPI Parlez Vous OPI? on my left.  I've wanted Done Out in Deco for a while.  When I got OPI Do You Lilac It, oh, 14 months ago, I debated and debated between DYLI and DOID (love the silly abbreviations, although DOID sounds like DROID, like the new phone J just got that I am insanely jealous of).  I finally decided on DYLI and I've LOVED it.  But everytime I see DOID I have this DOID craving... so I am SO EXCITED to finally have it - and now I love it so much!!  Not a DYLI replacement at all - I seriously don't know why I didn't get this one sooner.

OPI Parlez Vous OPI?

As for Parlez Vous OPI?, ever since I saw it on my friend Liz's nails in her taupe comparison I've wanted it.  It is a very cool color - kind of neutral, but still purple.

Parlez Vous OPI?, Done Out in Deco, Do You Lilac It?

Tomorrow I'll have a little more purple with my promised Japanese Rose Garden :)

Last night I coerced my parents and sister into watching Avatar with me (I was so excited for them to see it - I tried to rally them into a cheer at the start of the movie with no success).  My sister loved it (yay!) and my parents liked it (good enough!).  It was fun seeing them - and seeing Avatar again!

I thought it was my little Chloe and Delilah's second birthday yesterday, so I gave them a huge Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys breakfast, but it turns out it was last month and I missed it :( So I have a few pictures of my little girls anyway.  They are so great!

They were about six months here - and so little :)

They were so tiny!  This was right after we moved in.

Aside from being a purple day, today is also a day of more yard work.  You would not believe the number of plants outside.  In the spring and summer, my yard is like having a second house to take care of.  It's crazy.  I'm also trying to repaint my fence as long as this storm holds off (could the day get any more exciting?).  In addition to that (and with limited landscape knowledge), I'm attempting to redesign a rather large flower bed, which is... difficult.  My mom and I have been driving around inspecting others' flower beds (and trying to NOT look like we're criminals staking out the place), seeking inspiration.  Hopefully I'll have some nice looking yard and garden pictures to show you all soon!

Have a great day, whether it be a purple day, a gardening day, an errand day, a work day, a rest and relax day - or whatever day you make it!  I hope it is nice :)


Perles & Paillettes said...

They are both great ! DOID was my first ever OPI and I love it. Parlez-vous OPI is pretty, too !
Lovely cats :)

Michelle said...

Great colours, I'm really liking those shades! The cats are adorable :)

ch3rryco1a said...

I have nothing constructive to say except AWW. CATS!!

Necromancer said...

Parlez Vous looks fab on you.
I love your kitties. Please give them a belated birthday chin scratch from me :-)

Kelsey said...


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