Monday, May 17, 2010

Japanese Rose Garden, Dreams, Roses, and Harry the Dog

Last night I dreamed about blog layouts.  That is... weird.  If I was a blog layout designer, I'd say that dreaming about layouts is totally normal.  But as someone who occasionally thinks "I really need to do something about this layout," it is kinda strange I'm dreaming about them.

I find it really weird when I dream about something that I only considered in passing, or something that was simply a blip on the radar of my day, or even things that happened weeks prior (and which I didn't think I was pondering upon).  Dreams are funny things.  I love that some people keep dream journals - I think that can be a really cool way to discover more about yourself.  I think I may do that this summer, when work has ceased.  Right now I wake up and leave for work less than five minutes later, so I don't have much time to dwell upon my dreams.  But I think it would be a really introspective and pretty cool 'task' (I use 'task' lightly since I'm hoping this will be fun).  Have you had any weird or interesting dreams lately?  And do any of your keep a dream journal?  Have you learned anything?  Or have you just realized how bizarre your dreams really are?

On a non-dream related note, I have OPI Japanese Rose Garden for you today!

OPI Japanese Rose Garden
I used two coats for complete coverage. It applied really smoothly.
The first time I ever used Japanese Rose Garden was in October 2000 at a nail salon in lovely Keyser, West Virginia ("The friendliest town on earth!").  I remember it being much more purple, which I assume was just because a lot of salons mix polishes when they get low, thus creating fun Frankens. Although I liked that Japanese Rose Garden more (from what I remember), this is still a gorgeous pink.

I've been having a bit of a bird... I guess 'issue' is the correct word.  The birds have been stealing my plants!  My mom, the Queen of Coleus, gave me a ton of Coleus plants, which I happily planted all over the place.  Apparently the birds wanted them for themselves, because the next day I came outside and more than half of my Coleus were gone!  I later watched as a bird yanked another from a pot and flew off.  I guess they are building nests with them?  Or they despise Coleus and are redecorating.  Either way, the recent plant thefts and OPI's Japanese Rose Garden made me think of a childhood book: No Roses for Harry.  In the book, little Harry the dog sheds his silly rose sweater only to discover that a bird has used it to build a nest.  Thinking about the way these two things made me remember one of my childhood books reminds me of the way dreams are formed.  Two totally bizarre things (missing Coleus, Japanese Rose Garden nail polish) happen in one day and I end up thinking about No Roses for Harry.  Very dream-esque, eh?

My house Coleus - safe from the birds

And my (little) American Rose Garden!

Have a great Monday, despite the (at least in this part of the country) rather dreary weather.

No Roses for Harry image copyright Harpers Collins


SailorWifey said...

My dreams have been very nightmarish lately. Like in one a friend of mine was buried alive by EMT's and I had to dig her out.

♥ SailorWifey

Brooke said...

^^ oh my goodness, what a terrible dream!!!

kelliegonzo said...

*sigh* i think i need this polish :) i've been searching for a polish that matches the one that Molly Ringwald wears in "the breakfast club" and i think this might be pretty close.

Ayuu said...

I love this color, it's so sweet and pretty :)

Taki J said...

Oh, I love Coleus. I had some gorgeous ones a couple of summers ago and then for the life of me couldn't find them in any local nurseries the past few years. Hoping to get some again this year. I had the prettiest ones with the most beautiful magenta color.

Kittynail said...

That nail polish is so cute! Love it!

Visit my blog too sometime! :)

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