Tuesday, May 18, 2010

UMD Red Week!! OPI Pretty & Privileged

In celebration of my upcoming graduation from the University of Maryland, I'm rocking UMD red nails all week long.  Yesterday I had the gorgeous (and awesomely named) I Don't Do Dishes and today I have a polish with a name along the same lines...

OPI Pretty & Privileged
I was LOVING I Don't Do Dishes yesterday, but I am absolutely smitten with Pretty & Privileged.  This color is HOT!  It is a brighter blue-toned red with LOADS of red and pink microshimmer, which gives it a hot, dark pink/red look.  It is a little brush strokey and my bottle was pretty thick.  It covered with one amazing coat (yes!) and seriously makes my heart skip a beat.  I hope I love my Friday polish choice as much as this one :)
Again, MD is in some kind of monsoon, so no sunlight to photograph this gorgeous red for you.  It is more magenta than it looks in these photos.  Same shimmer and all, just imagine a little more pink in there.  I'll try to take another picture tomorrow morning before I do my next red if the sun is out.

Aside from being day two of UMD Red Week, today is also the last day of the college class I am teaching.  Cue sad music.  I'm amazed by how quickly it went by and devastated that it is over.  It was such an incredible experience and I am really going to miss working with this great group.  We're having a pizza party today to celebrate the end of the semester.  I can't wait to start teaching a new class; I have learned so much this past semester :)

Have a great Tuesday!!


Tierney said...

I love this red too!!
I'm so glad you are doing this red week, I always forget how much I love reds.
Have fun at your pizza party! [:

Michelle said...

I'm loving the red week! This red is gorgeous, reminds me of OPI's Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire! Might have to wear that one pretty soon again. :)

KONADomania said...

So hot and glowing! Love it<3

Liz said...

I totally think you should wear this one friday! It's a great color and the name gives a nod to what a huge privilege it is to have the opportunity to pursue graduate study. Although I am sure I will change my mind again with whatever you post tomorrow. : )

I think I'm going to do a red shimmer on my toes.

polishedlyrics said...

Beautiful glowy red! I hope you have fun at your pizza party today! Yay again for graduating!

Unknown said...

Thanks Tierney!!! and I'm so glad you're enjoying the red week :D The party was a lot of fun :)

Michelle, I was so surprised with this one - I had never heard of it! Friar, Friar is a gorgeous one too :)

thanks KONAD!!

Liz, I hadn't even considered that!!! what a cute idea :) Maybe I'll use this as my pedi polish? Looking forward to seeing the red shimmer you use. How are you doing your fingernails?

Thanks so much, Jessica - for everything!!! :)

Kelsey said...

Wow you've been a college professor for one whole semester now!!! Thats so awesome!!!

I cannot decided what to wear to your graduation... I think I'll just have to buy a new dress! Jk but I would love to go shopping sometime soon, yes? :)

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