Monday, May 17, 2010

University of Maryland Red Week!!

It's University of Maryland Red Week here at Babbling Brooke, so I'm breaking out five brand new red polishes in celebration of my graduation this coming Friday!  I will be wearing a new red each day of the week, capped off with my UMD graduation red nails (color chosen with your help!) on Friday.  Get red-y for some major reds this week!

Today I'm not going to empty the dishwasher because I'm wearing OPI I Don't Do Dishes (I absolutely LOVE this name!).

OPI I Don't Do Dishes
I Don't Do Dishes is a darker, blue-based red with lots of gorgeous microshimmer.  It dried FAST, which really surprised me, since this is not a new polish.  I believe it came out in 2006 and was part of the OPI & Whirlpool collaboration collection (rather odd collaboration, IMO).   This looks kind of similar to I'm Not Really a Waitress, which I just gave to my mom.  I'll have to do a comparison of the two soon.  No sun out today, so the pictures are with flash - although still pretty accurate (my flash only distorts them when there is little to no natural light).  I need to get or make a lightbox for these kinds of days.  Any tips on making on (or finding one somewhere to buy)?

Look at that shimmer!!

Check back tomorrow for another gorgeous red!


Linnie said...

I love this red on you!!
Even though I'm not into red polish, it looks stunning!

Tierney said...

Hahah, I love the name!! And I agree with Linnie, I think this looks really great on you!

Can't wait to see the other reds this week :D

Unknown said...

Thanks Linnie!! I'm not normally a red lover either - I think for me it is all about finding the right reds.. especially since I'm white as a ghost! lol

Thanks so much Tierney - and me too :) The name cracks me up!! lol

ANSTAH said...

This color looks great on you!!! Early Congrats on your graduationnn!!! A lot of my friends just finished their final papers and all of them were telling me that they wrote their acknowledgement pages with tears streaming down their faces. Congrats again!!! =]

Unknown said...

^^ awww, thanks ANSTAH!! I'm so excited about graduation :D :D And thanks about the polish - I'm glad you like it!! It really is surreal being finished with school (I'd like to say 'forever' but I'm sure I'll go back one day, lol). Thanks again :)

... said...


I love looking at red polishes, but I'm terrified to wear them! Go figure. :)

CONGRATS on your impending Grad!! :D

Unknown said...

Lady C, reds feel like a commitment, don't they? I always feel like they aren't very 'me' - I have to have the red shade of blue-toned red to feel comfortable wearing it. Thanks so much on the congratulations!!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your Graduation from a fellow Terp!!!- It's funny, I'm wearing red today too, lol :)

Jana said...

Gorgeous red! I'm not big into red's usually but I really really like this one. Can't wait to see the other four reds you have in store for us; but I already think you have a winner in this one!

Bunny Masseuse said...

Very nice! I have found most of my favorite red's are Essies, I have very few OPI reds.

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I <3 red polishes. And this is one I'd snag up in a heartbeat!

It looks stunning on you.

I'll have to keep checking to see if anyone gives you tips on a light box. I'm in the market for one too.

Unknown said...

Nail Polish, MD - ahh, fellow Terp polisher!!!! yay! Thanks for the congrats :D

Jana, always good to see you!!! I LOVE this one too - just painted the red for tomorrow and I think you will REALLY like it (I do!!) :)

Bunny, another friendly face!! I don't have any Essie reds, and now that they've been bought by Loreal, I prob never well. I'm such an OPI addict :)

Thanks Kimberly!! I hope I get some tips on lightboxes - if I do I'll head on over to your blog and let you know!

Kelsey said...

I'm wearing "I'm not really a waitress" right now and it does look really similar! They're both such beautiful colors :) I'm excited for your graduation on Friday!!!

Unknown said...

Oh ...I am loving this red and I love the name! How did I miss this one?

10nekk@ said...

Ok I'm super late but I'm a Terp too so congrats! lol

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