Friday, May 14, 2010

Zoya Flash - Spring 2010 Collection

Zoya Flash

I was obsessing so much over Zoya's Sparkle collection that I didn't pay much attention to Flash, but now that I've tried out all the polishes, I realize that I was seriously underestimating this collection.  There are some really stand-out shades in this group and I consider most of, if not all, of this collection to be a must-have for any polish lover.  These are all very wearable and fun without being over-the-top.  The application on all six was excellent, as always (love Zoya polishes for that!).  Again, all Zoya polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (meaning no toxic chemicals).  They are also vegan, so they are never tested on animals.  Check out the swatches and fall in love with this collection with me.

Robin's Egg Blue?  Nope!  Robyn isn't a subtle, demure robin's egg blue.  Robyn is a bright, fun medium blue creme.  Can I tell you how obsessed I am with this shade?  We've been seeing some pretty amazing blues this season, and Robyn is one of them.  I just love it.  A LOT.  It applied well and covered with two coats (although one coat was pretty good!).  I apologize for the crazy dry hands - I forgot to put on lotion between swatches for this set.

I have a shirt this same color (a Ben & Jerry's shirt, to be exact) that I love.  This color is fantastic.  I was drawn to it right away and I can't stop admiring it.  I never think of purples as especially unique, but I've got to say - this purple is pretty unique.  Fun, bright, and yet, somehow kind of.. calm?  Not sure if that is right word.  My good friend came over last week and went through my entire 300+ polish collection and, out of all of those, chose THIS shade to wear to her friend's wedding (and she didn't even know it was a hot new color).  It's an awesome purple.  Very easy to apply, nice and smooth, and covered with ONE coat (although I still used two, being the perpetual over-polisher that I am).

Oh Jolene, I wasn't expecting to love you so much.  I could (literally) sing your praises! (Yes, that song runs through my head every time I think about this shade).  Jolene is a GORGEOUS pink and is my IT pink right now.  I've gone gaga for Zoya's pinks before - there was the Whitney period, the months of Jewell, and of course the darling Sweet has been a favorite of mine for the last year.  Jolene joins those lovely pinks that are so near and dear to my heart. Oh Jolene, I adore you.  Jolene is a bright blue-based pink creme and I truly don't think I have another pink like this one (I'll scrounge up all my pinks and do a bottle comparison for you guys soon).  I LOVE Jolene.  Jolene applied great and covered well with two coats.

This one was really, really hard to photograph (although I got some awesome pictures of my dogs while I was trying to capture this!).  It is a fuchsia, so basically, a deep, slightly reddish pink.  It is a really pretty color, very fun, and nice and summery.  I liked this one a lot, but I was more smitten with Jolene.  Great application, like the others, and nice coverage with two coats.

Very pretty blue-toned red jelly.  This is the color I wanted my car to be, but the only red Toyota had available back then was a burgundy-red.  (Perhaps I should polish my car.  Wonder how many bottles that would take...). This is a beautiful red, and it seems pretty different for Zoya.  I think of Zoya as more jewel-tones (blues, purples, teals), so this is a really cool shade to see from them.  Maura is a very classic red nail color (would go great with an all-black outfit!).  As my friend Michelle said, this is very 'pinup-esque.'

Jancyn is a cool orange that hedges on really, really dark yellow.  I like that there is a lot of yellow to this, since it makes it so much more flattering on my fair skin.  Jancyn is a kind of bizarre name, in my opinion, but I was surprised by how much I liked the color.  The application was excellent and it covered well with two coats.

With all these fun and unique names, you could totally use Zoya's polish guide as a baby name book (granted you're having a girl).  And seeing as how Zoya polishes are safe for pregnant women, that wouldn't be a bad idea!

All Zoya polishes can be purchased at  Right now is Zoya's Polish Exchange.  Simply send in old polishes (they don't have to be Zoya polishes!) and Zoya will safely recycle them for you - and send you brand new Zoyas in a equal trade.  It is a great deal and an excellent opportunity to give some of these new shades a try.


Unknown said...

I ordered the sparkle collection. Maybe now I need the flash collectin. lol!! :)

Unknown said...

^^ Can't wait to see the Sparkle collection on you! I was surprised by how much I LOVED this collection. Robyn, Perrie, and Jolene are total must-haves for me :)

Jeweled Thumb said...

I was planning on exchanging 12 polishes, but I might just need to scrounge up some more since I *need* Perrie!

Tierney said...

Ah, I just LOVE Robyn!!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Question - I just started following your blog.. Do you have fake nails? Like acrylics or press ons? Do you paint you nails then take the photos then re do them in a different color? Lol just wondering I do love your reviews of them all.

Michèle said...

These colors are so much fun, I think I like them all! And I'm not really big on orange, but strangely enough I'm really drawn to Jancyn :-D

Unknown said...

Michele - I'm not usually drawn to orange either, but I really liked this one!

Jenn, I do have fake nails - I'm only wearing them in the Jolene and Perrie pictures though, but I wear them pretty regularly because of how soft and bendy (and therefore breakable) my natural nails are. I do paint my nails, take the photo, and redo them all for collection pictures like this, but when I post my nail of the day, I wear that all day or something 2-3 days. Thanks for following!!! :)

Trista said...

Very fun colors :~)

Unknown said...

I ordered Perrie in my exchange, can't wait to try it out! :)

Lucy said...

Argh, I like all of these!

On another note, there was a viral marketing vid a while ago of some guy painting a car pink with nail polish :-/

Laura said...

I've just started following your blog and I'm really enjoying your posts. I have to say those colours are gorgeous! And the nail polish exchange seems like a fantastic deal- too bad it only seems to be available in the US.

Skye said...

I love every single colour this collection has been one of my favorites from Zoya

KarenD said...

Hmm, I think I need to add a couple of these to my next order.

Laura said...

I love that these vegan polishes are so colorful! Most vegan polishes are not as pretty. And they recycle old ones? I will have to try!

Unknown said...

Jackie, you'll love it!

Hahahaha, Lucy I HAVE to look that up - that's hilarious. I can't believe someone would actually do that!

Unknown said...

Laura, thanks so much for being a new follower!!! I believe Zoya ships internationally (but I have no idea how much $$ that costs...). I'm so glad you enjoy the posts - thanks so much for reading and commenting!!!

Skye - YAY!! So glad you love it :)

KarenD - which ones do you like the most? I'm getting a second bottle of Jolene in my order and prob getting Perrie for a friend.

Laura, I TOTALLY agree - these are FUN and EXCITING vegan polishes!! Love that :) And the fact that they recycle old ones is awesome. They are a pretty cool company.

Kelsey said...

I think I'm falling in love with Zoya! I've been wearing the sparkle collection and now I see the Flash collection!!! These are so pretty!!!

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