Friday, June 18, 2010

At the last minute, Nailene joins the fun!!

The FedEx guy just drove up and dropped this last my door, so I need to quickly show you the goodies before I start photographing EVERYTHING for the giveaway!!!

Nailene makes some of the most gorgeous (and REALLY high-quality) glue-on nails.  My friend Michelle recently tried some Nailene nails and couldn't believe they were fake.  She was amazed at how natural they looked and how different they were from the artificial nails we all wore as kids.  I've been working with Nailene since December and totally stand behind their products.  It is really awesome of them to join in on the giveaway :)  For the giveaway, they gifted:

Nail Studio Chip Proof French Manicure Nails
Matching Nail Studio Chip Proof French Manicure for Toes
So-Natural Chip Proof French Manicure Nails
Adorable Nail Art Rhinestone Stickers
Two Nail Studio Glue-on Nail Glue
French Tip Guides
French Tip Pen

I love Nailene products!!
Check out some of my reviews:
And some of the cool nail art I've done with the Nailene Skinny Tip Pen!

Nailene products are available at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, and many other stores.  Check out their webpage to learn more about Nailene at!!

Thank you for joining the celebration, Nailene!!!

Now I'm off to photograph ALL the prizes and get my giveaway post ready - hopefully it should be up within the next hour or two!! :)


yokeMun said...

omg!!!another awesome goodies to be added to the giveaway!!
this si so cool and exciting!!!
arrr..i can't wait for the start of this giveaway!!!=)

Eva said...

yayers, i've actually never worn fake nails before ! haha.

can't wait! :)

Polish Hoarder said...

Holy moly! Does it ever stop?! You keep getting things left and right! :) BTW, I've been wondering... since you have SO MUCH stuff, how many winners are you choosing? I guess I'll probably find out later, huh? :)

Megan Harmeyer said...

FUN!!! This is such a HUGE giveaway!

Trista said...

More great prizes :o)

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