Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Feeling Superstitious

Yes, I'm back to my superstitious ways today!  I'm not tremendously superstitious by any means, but I certainly believe in good and bad luck.  And today, I wanted to make sure all the good luck possible was on my side.  So I did a few superstitious things today... but for a good reason :)

Superstition #1
Wear OPI Don't Think, Just Pink

As you may recall, I wore OPI Don't Think, Just Pink for my Master's thesis defense last month (which I passed!) and for my job interview in early February (got the job!).  Given that, I decided to not do anything foolish (like wear another shade of pink) and just go with the safe bet: OPI Don't Think, Just Pink.

Superstition #2
Don't tell anyone what is going on

I'm a kind of secretive person (as much as that tidbit of information totally doesn't jive with the whole blogger persona).  I'm pretty open about a lot, but when it comes to some things, I'm as tight lipped as they come.  So that is why none of you (and most of my friends) had no idea what was happening today.  Because in my superstitious mind, telling people about it would increase my chances of things going wrong.

Superstition #3
Wear the same outfit you wore to two previous good events.

Now I'm sounding a little nutty.  But the outfits worked so well for me in the past, I went for it.  I wore the same blue button up shirt, pearl earrings, and black flats that I wore to my defense and job interview.  I wore different pants though.

So did my superstitious ways pan out?  Well lets see... here is what was going on today:

1. Job interview!  A BIG job interview! OMG!
Basically I was freaking out about this.  Very, very excited.
The interview went really well.  I'm feeling pretty hopeful :)

2. I got hired to teach a summer class!
Of course, I got hired yesterday and the class started this morning (oddly, that is what happened with the last class I was hired to teach), but I'm totally ok with that - more than ok with it.  And even though I got the syllabus this morning and obviously didn't have a chance to read the text we were discussing today, we still had a really great class and a nice discussion.  This is going to be a fun class to teach!

3. I got a flat tire. As I was leaving for my interview.
Hmm. Bad luck? Probably those different pants I was wearing (just kidding!).
But not a problem!  I wasn't far from my parents' house, so I drove my car and the quickly deflating tire to their house and borrowed my mom's car - and still got to my interview twenty minutes early.  Whew. Major problem averted!

So all in all, I feel like my superstitious ways totally panned out for the best.  And hey, even if it wasn't the nail polish or the secretiveness or the outfit that gave me good luck, what they did give me was the confidence in myself that I needed to make today a fabulous day.

I'm off to prepare to my lesson tomorrow, but now that I'm feeling a little superstitious, maybe you could all join in with some Stevie Wonder :)  Have a great day!!


Dovey said...

Congratulations on your job interview!! That's awesome!! And yay for OPI pinks =)

polishedlyrics said...

*Very Superstitious* Singing with ya Brooke!

I hope you get the big omg job you interviewed for! You deserve dear!

Libbeh said...

Woo hoo, another superstitious blogger (kinda seems like an oxymoron, but I'm digressing!) I feel a bit "nutty" at times too, but I can't help to think that there are some things that aren't coincidence. I always blamed being superstitious on my Chinese heritage, but I'm happy to hear non-Asians are superstitious too!! :)

I agree 110% with superstition #2 because there were several occasions where I've mentioned a few things on my blog, and something bad always happens right afterward. My bf thinks I'm silly at times, but I can't help to think that it's not all chance. Case in point, not too long ago, I mentioned on my blog about being super excited for my upcoming vacation trip & how I've been busy with shopping for the trip, and then, shortly after (2 weeks ago to this day), I came down with appendicitis, and had to have surgery. I'm still recovering from the op, but I had to cancel one of my planned excursions on my vacation as a result, which was a huge bummer since that would have been the first for me doing that.

It seems crazy to some, but I think not divulging certain things about your life (aside from the superstition part) is a good thing because you never know who's reading your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I've read too many news stories about people getting robbed, killed, etc. while on vacation because they twittered or Facebooked about it. Sad, but true.

Anyway, congrats on the landing the job, even after that bout w/ the bad luck/flat tire! I have a friend that recently attained her Master's, and she's been having some terrible luck in finding a teaching job.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much Dovey!!!

hahah, Jessica, thanks for signing along (seriously - I can't get that song out of my head!!) and thank you so much for the good luck :) You're too sweet!!

Libby, yay!! superstitious bloggers rock!! I LOVE that you blame it on your Chinese heritage (makes me thing of 100 Secret Sense by Amy Tan - LOVE that book!). OMG!! I'm so sorry you had to have surgery!!! and missed one of your excursions! :( I would be thinking the same thing. I always worry because the blog is such a huge public forum - I feel like that is so much worse than just telling a few people because you could (potentially) be telling thousands of people about something - therefore increasing the ability for bad luck to come raining down even more! And I do agree about the being cautious thing... you never know who could be reading. :( scary.. :( Thanks so much for the congrats!!! It is hard finding jobs right now - and I chalk mine COMPLETELY up to good luck. I need to write a post about my feelings on good luck soon - I'm sure you'll have something really interesting to add. I really enjoyed your comment, Libby, and I love that we can be superstitious together! lol.

Unknown said...

brooke - awesome news about the "big" interview!!! i love that you averted catastrophe and still arrived early, that is so me!

and superstitious??? are you kidding??? girl i live in a hockey town (hakeytawn), superstition is a religion!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

Brooke, Congrats on the teaching job! Woot!

I have self-made superstitions. But I'm sure there are others who do it too.

I have to wear new undergarments on a first day of a new job. anyone would know!

I have to make my bed every day because if I don't I worry there will be something that won't get finished that day. (like...making the bed???)

So, I'm Irish...I'm supposed to be lucky??? ;)

Kathy said...

Boo on the flat tire but yay on getting there early in spite of that!

Check your email btw! :)

Perles & Paillettes said...

Congrats, I hope you'll get the job :)

I totally believe in you #2 superstition, I never tell anyone when I do something that is important for me :)

Jana said...

Congrats!! I'm really superstitious too haha I totally understand

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