Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guess that Nail Polish - REVEAL!

WOW!!  You guys REALLY know your Zoya polishes!!  The winners were all in before the clock struck 7:20 PM - crazy, right?  For the previous two I still had winners rolling in the next day!

There were more than 40 entries.  I lost track at 40 and decided a recount was futile.  Lets just say there were a lot!! :D

1. Zara
2. Kiki <-- I really thought I could trick you guys into thinking this was Katy!
3. Mimi
(kind of weird that they all ended up as 4 letter names with double vowels)
4. Midori
5. Miley
6. Tallulah

How did you guys get those??  You're good!

Our first winner is KellieGonzo!!  Kellie got 1, 2, 4, 5, & 6 correct.  Congrats Kellie!!!  Kellie is being super sweet and helping me design the submission forum for the giveaway, so it is pretty awesome that they earned a bonus entry :)

The second winner is another wonderful and very kind blogger - Nathalie from JellyNat!!  She said "I don't mind if I'm all wrong, it's fun!!" - but they certainly weren't all wrong!  Nathalie got 1, 2, 3, 4,& 5 correct.  Congratulations Nathalie!!

Our third winner is Lisa H. who got (drumroll please...) ALL SIX correct!!!  Congrats Lisa!!  Lisa earns TWO bonus entries!!  Yippee!!

The fourth winner is Savvy, who guess 1, 3, 4, 5, & 6 correctly!!  Congratulations, Savvy!!

And the fifth winner is Laura V. who, like Lisa, got all SIX correct (and gets 2 bonus entries!)!!!  I am so proud of all you guys!  I feel privileged to have such polish-knowledgeable company :)  Congrats Laura!!

Honorable mention to a lot of great people who guessed all 5 right or were really close:
SmoochieFrog, DistantDreamer (would have been 3 in a row!!), Lizbeth, EvilEva, Bunny (that lady knows her polishes - all six correct!!), Skulda, Laura (Laura's Blog), Heather, Kathleen N (all 6!! awesome!!), Jessica Butterflys, Debbie (Cupcakequeen), Laura J., Dovey (got them all!!), Michy, Kathy T. (I know she knows polish!!), Nicole A. (all 6!! wow!), Keisha K. (another 6er!! awesome!!), Aqilla (great spirit!), Gilbert G., Nihrida, Lianne (another 6!?! wow!), Chong Y.M., Marissa B. (all six!!!), Petra.  

Congrats again, guys!!  Everyone did great and EVERYONE got at least one polish correct :)
I love reading your kind messages too - you guys are so great!


Unknown said...

Yay! This was fun :)

Skulda said...

I like Kelliegonzo. She introduced me to this blog that I have been reading for 3 hours straight. No srsly. My ass is numb now so I had to shut the window to get more useless internets completed.

I think I'm picturing everything as a stick figure drawing now.

*imagines a picture of myself looking at nail polish for your contests and freaking out when the borwser is moving slowly as I'm trying to find the right polish names*

Ok, I'm done.

cupcakequeen22 said...

Congrats to the winners for this round! Very impressive!

I'm happy with my honorable mention. :) I'm really new to the polish world so I'm enjoying searching for all the colors available out there.

This has definitely been the funnest giveaway I've ever been a part of and it hasn't even started yet!

yokeMun said...

oohhh...i got it all correct!!!wow..that's amazing!!hahah
i never thought i could get all of them!!but too bad, i was too late..
anyway thanks again!!

Unknown said...

HAHA @Skulda i like you too :D

- said...

I astonish myself! (I had incidentally spelled "astronish", ah ah) =) I so love to play.

Congrats to the girls who guessed the 6 correctly! Amazing! :)

Bunny Masseuse said...

I would like to thank the Zoya exchange for being the reason I knew all 6 polishes... if only I could get my money back now :)

Unknown said...

hahaha @Skulda & Kellie :) you guys crack me up!

cupcake, I am SO GLAD you love it!!! This has been lots of fun for me too!! and you've done a great job :)

YokeMun - you did great!!! congrats!! I'm thinking next time it won't be timed but instead I'll take all the ones with correct answers and draw 5 names from a hat or something.

hahaha, JellyNat (and haha @astronish! lol) I'm glad you've enjoyed the game!!! :)

lol, Bunny - that polish exchange has made me know Zoyas pretty well too! :)

Eva said...

Hehe ; i was in the honorable mentions :D
good job everyone!

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