Friday, June 18, 2010

Guess that Nail Polish! Round Five - OPI

Welcome back to Guess that Nail Polish!!

Round Five is going to work a little differently.  Here are the rules:

You have until Friday, June 25 at 7:00 PM EST to place your guesses.  I will then take all the correct responses and randomly select five (not sure how I will do that though - write each down and draw them from a bowl?  Any suggestions?).  Those 5 will win bonus entries to the big giveaway going on now, but everyone with correct answers will be recognized here!  This gives everyone a chance to enter (which is the fun part!) and doesn't just favor the speedy.

In order to have the chance to win a bonus prize, you need to correctly guess 6 of the 7 polishes.  And, like always, if you guess all seven correctly I'll give you two bonus entries (because that's just super-amazing skills if you can do that).

I'll have a new one for you guys next Friday at 7:00 PM!!
Check back tomorrow for the answers to Round Four :)
And if you haven't entered yet, check out my giveaway HERE!!

Send responses to:
With the header:
Guess that Nail Polish - OPI 2

Natural light with flash

Natural light without flash

Have fun - and thank you all for playing!!


Skulda said...

yay! I'll take my time tonight after the blood drainers! I already know most of them just by looking so if you want I'll mud-wrestle people to win.

Eva said...

you can use to choose the 5 lucky people :)

rijaH said...

darn that is a hard one :P

Bunny Masseuse said...

I think I'll be passing on this one... unless I have time later this week to look em' up.

laguimauve said...

hi! I'm a french girl, I wish this giveway is international! I like you in facebook and I follow you!
bye and congratulation for this fabulous giveway !!

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