Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guess that Nail Polish! Round Four - China Glaze

Welcome to Guess that Nail Polish, with your host, Brooke!!

Today we have our fourth round of Guess that Nail Polish.  In Guess that Nail Polish, you get the chance to earn early bonus entries to the big upcoming 2nd Birthday Blogaversary!

This evening we have eight China Glaze polishes.
In order to earn a bonus entry to the giveaway, you must be one of the first FIVE to correctly name five of the eight polishes.  If you correctly name all eight (and you do NOT need to be one of the first five), you get two bonus entries.

Email answers to:
with the header: Guess that Nail Polish - China Glaze 2

You have until 7:00 PM Friday (or 24 hours from now) to get your guesses in - and tomorrow we'll be back with the final (for this week, at least) round of Guess that Nail Polish!!  I will be posting the Zoya answers later tonight - and I can already say a LOT of people really knew their Zoya polish!

Have fun - and good luck!


Megan Harmeyer said...

These are so much fun! Thanks for challenging us. :D

Eva said...

Sent you my guesses :D


Trista said...

Hopefully I did better this round :o)

Nicole said...

Awesome, I think I actually knew some of these! ♥

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