Monday, June 28, 2010

My weekend, in pictures

Horseback riding!  This is my wonderful pony, Breeze.
She is so cute :)

Sailing - it's the schooner from Wedding Crashers!

Being attacked by pirates.

We were no match to their water guns.

That was the abbreviated version.  Here's the longer recap:
Kelsey and I took Kelsey's boyfriend's youngest sister horseback riding on Friday.  She was great - and I even got Kelsey to ride Breeze (something she hasn't done for more than ten years).

On Saturday, J and I went to Annapolis with his family, my family, his sister's boyfriend, and my sister's boyfriend for a day of sailing.  Sailing was fun (although I got a little seasick near the end of the trip), dinner was great (we went to a place called Reynold's), and it was RIDICULOUSLY hot.  So, so hot.

On Sunday, I discovered black nail polish on my carpet.  Ugh.  Thank you ALL for the suggestions!  I'll let you know what works soon!  Sunday I also managed to destroy my hair. I attempted to dye it brown (which I've been doing just fine), but this time it turned BLACK.  Which is kind of awful.  I've been shampooing like crazy and Evil Angel lent me some suggestions, so I plan to continue Operation Remove Black From Hair this afternoon.

And today I am polishing away so I can show you guys some more of China Glaze's gorgeous Vintage Vixens collection - which I should be posting soon!  Have a great day!


Tierney said...

Ooh, that sounds like a great weekend! Breeze is very pretty [:
I'm not gonna lie, I'm slightly jealous of you getting to go sailing. I spent all weekend on a boat helping run a regatta. It was nice being on a boat but I haven't been sailing in a year! That's a very long time for me haha. I miss it.
Sorry you got seasick though, that's never fun!

Unknown said...

Tierney, I had never gone sailing, and I must admit, I didn't do a thing. J got to help raise the sails and such, but I just sat back and watched with everyone else on the boat, lol. That's awesome you spent the weekend on a boat!! I'm not much of a boat person, so this was a new experience for me (although I do love to kayak). Where do you go sailing and boating?

Unknown said...

Brooke one way to get the color out is to use dish liquid soap. It can strip most of the color out.

Or there is a product by Clairol that will remove the color.

But the surest way is to visit a salon. It will set you back about 100 bucks, but they will strip the color and color it back to a normal hue.

ps good luck with the nail polish removal.

Tierney said...

The first time I went sailing I was 12 and a cried like crazy. When the boat heeled over I was convinced I was going to fall off and drown haha. I crawled everywhere, it was so silly. Then one time a family friend who is like a brother to me made me get up and walk up on the bow with him to clear some lines or something. After that I basically got over it.

Anyways, since my parents have two sailboats I used to go sailing quite often. We go cruising in the San Juan Islands. It's so much fun. And there are races every Wednesday night on Bellingham Bay from April through September. My parents quit racing our boat a few years ago though, so now I help out on the race committee. It isn't as much fun.

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