Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nicole by OPI - Summer 2010 Collection

Nicole by OPI
Summer 2010 Collection

left to right: Oy Oy Oyster, Traffic Cone, Yum-Egranate, 
Nail Ya Azalea, Rent A Magenta, A New Kind of Blue

Today I have swatches of the newest collection from Nicole by OPI.  I just picked up a new bottle of Nicole polish at my local ULTA, and they have a pretty good selection, but I didn't notice any of these there yet.  I don't have any info on when these will be released (but I'd suspect it will be very soon), but you can find them at ULTA, Target, Walgreens, and many other stores.

Loaded with glitter, these bright, fun shades are perfect for summer.
Let me know which ones you like best!

Rent A Magenta
Rent A Magenta is tied as my favorite of the collection.  It has an insane amount of silver and gold glitter and it covered completely with two coats.  The formula was great and dried quickly.  This one leans more towards purple than Nail Ya Azalea.  The first and third pictures were taken outdoors in medium light; the middle picture was taken outdoors in full sunlight (to show all the glitter).  The first and third pictures are spot-on color accurate.  I LOVE all the gorgeous glitter!!

A New Kind of Blue
This is a GREAT GREAT GREAT blue.  Perfectly Patriotic Blue.  I absolutely LOVE it.  It is a rich, glittery sapphire with smaller glitter particles.  It covered great with two coats and dried quickly.  I have a lot of polish, and I don't have anything close to this shade.  It is STUNNING!  My sister came by while I was swatching and saw this one on my nails and right away asked if she could borrow it.  It is a beautiful shade.  This is tied with Rent A Magenta as my favorite.  It's so beautiful.

Nail Ya Azalea
I feel silly saying this name out loud ("What polish are you wearing?" "Oh, Nail Ya Azalea").  Yeah...  BUT, I really like the color (you know me and pinks, but pink+glitter=LOVE).  Nail Ya Azalea is a bright pink with gold glitter and pink and purple microshimmer.  It is bright, hot, and super glittery - basically, a perfect summer shade.  Very gorgeous :)

Oy Oy Oyster over Nail Ya Azalea
Oy Oy Oyster isn't much on my nails by itself, but it looks great on top of other polishes.  Here it is on top of Nail Ya Azalea.  It is a very sheer nude (I tried it on my bare nails and my nails were still very visible with four coats) with a mix of lots of chunky and fine multihued glitter.  It is fun as a top coat - I especially like using colors like this after wearing a mani for a few days to change up how it looks without totally redoing it.  Oy Oy Oyster dried really quickly.

I get excited about reds with purple undertones.  This looks a lot like OPI Deer Valley Spice to me.  Very pretty and flattering on a lot of different skin tones.  It applied nicely, covered well with two coats, and, like all the others, dried quickly.  This shade has much finer glitter than all the others.  The purple glitter gives it a hot pink look with red tones.

Traffic Cone
Traffic Cone is a bright, super-shimmer loaded with pink and gold glitter.  It covered with two coats, dried quickly, and was pretty good to work with (the formula on this one was my least favorite of the six, but it wasn't bad by any means).  Orange totally reads 'summer' to me, so this will be a perfect shade for these warm months (hello, June!).

Index: Nail Ya Azalea
Middle: Rent A Magenta

Do you have a copy of the June/July 2010 issue of Seventeen magazine?  Right now you can pick up a FREE bottle of Nicole by OPI polish at any ULTA nationwide when you bring in the most recent issue of Seventeen.  Pretty good deal, eh?

Visit NicolebyOPI.com to learn more about about Nicole by OPI polishes.
Which shades are you favorites?


polishedlyrics said...

Rent A Magenta is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

the blue is stunning on you!

Tierney said...

I LOVE A New Kind Of Blue, it's beautiful!!!
I also really like Traffic Cone. Orange is fun :D
These are all pretty though.

jaljen said...

Azalea and Magenta for me. Oyster is pretty too. But this is a good collection.

Stephanie said...

Nail Ya...looks a lot like the polish I posted on today, which is $OPI. Interesting! These are pretty but most of them aren't my style.

Perles & Paillettes said...

They look great ! I love Rent a Magenta & New Kind of Blue a lot :)

Anonymous said...

Nice collection. Lovin' Rent A Magenta, Nail Ya Azalea, and Traffic Cone!

rijaH said...

These look so good :D

Dovey said...

oy oy oyster for me =) love the name... and sparkly sheers!

Kathleen said...

hmm, I dont know, I'm not really loving this collection. My favorite is Oy Oy Oyster, it does look beautiful over top Nail ya ! And I got my free nicole from seventeen! I ended up just getting a base coat because I needed one and I'm not really in love with any of the nicole colors. Great post !:D

Unknown said...

These are great!

Susy said...

These are very pretty! I love Nail Ya Azalea, it's gorgeous, though I agree the name is a little silly :)

AnĨek said...

A New Kind of Blue <3<3<3

Unknown said...

Jessica, I totally agree!!

Thanks so much, Kellie - it is a fab blue. I am excited to wear it on the 4th of July :D

Tierney, thanks so much - and glad you like the blue and traffic cone :D

jaljen, you are always so honest, so I trust your judgement - when you say a collection is good, I know you mean it :D

Stephanie - I totally agree with you - wow!!

Ayuu, thanks so much!!! :)

Mocha Mish Mash, looks like we have similar tastes :)

Rija, good to see you!! Thanks - glad you like them!

Dovey, I think the name is so cute too!! haha

Kathleen, so glad you got your free Nicole by OPI!! That's an AWESOME 17 freebie!!

Thanks so much Jackie!!

haha, Susy, it is a silly name, but I agree with you - the color makes up for that!!

Ancek - YES!! I TOTALLY agree. I am still drooling over a New Kind of Blue :D

jo.frougal said...

Rent a Magenta and New Kind of Blue are to die for!!! So lovely!!!

Crystal said...

rent a magenta and traffic cone...i love orange!

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