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OPI Summer Flutter Collection - Summer 2010

OPI Summer Flutter Collection
Summer 2010

The new OPI Summer Flutter Collection is based on the beautiful, and often elusive, colors found in butterfly wings.  I think this collection must have been built around Wing It!, a totally unique (and completely butterfly-esque) multifaceted pink.  I absolutely love Wing It!, as well as the mermaid-like Catch Me In Your Net and the oh-so-pretty Flower-to-Flower.  Check out this gorgeous collection and let me know which ones make you want to go butterfly watching.

Catch Me In Your Net
Ah ha, you've caught me!  Yes, this lovely (and crazy-glittery) shade reeled me in too.  It's beautiful with large, glassy glitter flakes that reflect blue in some lights, green in others, and even gold from some angles.  The base is a sheerish blue, so the glitter makes up most of the nail coverage.  Two coats provided nearly full coverage and dried really quickly.
This is a pretty near-on Zoya Charla dupe, although I feel the application is different.  My sister has a bottle of Charla, yet as soon as she saw this she asked to borrow it (and then wore it to her boyfriend's sister's graduation and ohhed and ahhed over it).  So while it may be dupey, it isn't a hugely obvious dupe.  But that may just be me.
Pictures are spot-on color accurate.

Wing It!
Look at my index and middle fingers in the last picture.  THAT is the only color accurate shot I got.  My camera just hated this color, which was really annoying because I LOVE it.  Wing It! is one of the most unique colors I've seen in a long time.  It is a mix of everything great and truly looks like bottled butterfly wings.  It is overall pink (with a ton of glitter), but it has a strong purple/blue iridescence, as well as shimmering yellow/gold tones.  It kept photographing more orange than it really is; the yellow/gold doesn't come through as much IRL as it does in these photos.  I kept them to show you how gorgeously glittery this is, but for true color accuracy, look just to my index and middle fingers in the third photo.
This is a VERY unique shade that somehow manages to capture the iridescence and shine present in butterfly wings.  It is truly amazing.
It covered pretty well; I used three coats and still felt compelled to use a fourth but I restrained myself.  It is kind of sheer, so it builds upon itself.  It dried really quickly, so three coats wasn't a problem.  One coat over top of another color would probably look really cool too.

What is 'Flower-to-Flower' supposed to mean?  Am I missing something?  Still, I LOVE the color.  It is a medium toned bubblegum pink with LOADS of shimmer (remember that glittery Barbie dream car with the wired 'remote' control?  This is that color!).  It is so shiny in the sunlight - I can't get over how much pretty shimmer is in this one.  It applied great and covered with two coats.  These pictures are perfectly color accurate.  I'm loving this one.

Flit A Bit
This shade was the oddball for me.  Where is the glitter?  This is the only creme in the collection, and while I would have preferred to see another glitter (hello, glitter addicts anonymous right here!), this is an excellent bright, fun addition to a summer lineup.  You guys know I'm weird about orange anything.  With my white-as-milk skin tone, orange makes me look... jaundiced.  So I lean towards more yellow-based oranges (instead of red based) - and Flit A Bit is an excellent yellow-based orange.  I was surprised to find that I actually really liked Flit A Bit and ended up wearing it all day.  It is a perfect summer shade.  The consistency was great and it covered nicely with two coats.

This collection was just released and is available at ULTA, Trade Secret, and many beauty salons.  Visit to learn more (and to see the cute Summer Flutter theme they have going on!).

So which shades are your favorite?
Thanks for checking out the new OPI Summer Flutter Collection!!

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MightyLambchop said...

Very pretty!
The first two are my favorite but that orange is pretty sweet.

jaljen said...

Flower to flower. Because the butterfly flits from flower to flower for the nectar?
Love that colour. Mwah!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mighty Lambchop - I'm glad you like them!!!

jaljen - (hits self on forehead), ah ha!! That makes total sense. I was thinking like 'sister-to-sister' or something - I totally wasn't getting it. Glad you're more on the ball today than I am!! :)

Tierney said...

These are all so pretty!!
I really want Catch Me In Your Net and Flower-to-Flower.

MudMaskHoochie said...

Wow these are all so gorgeous - love love love for me! Your nails look great!

Polish Hoarder said...

Oh I want Flower-to-Flower the most! I was just going to tell you what I thought it meant but Jaljen got it covered! :)

Perles & Paillettes said...

They are great ! I need Flower to Flower :)
I love them all, but Flit a Bit a little less than the others ;)

ANSTAH said...

so prettyy!!! =D

Skulda said...

I love them all except the creme pink. I wish my local shop was carrying them. I hope it's not an American exclusive. :(

Jamie K. said...

love the orange! :D looks nice on u ;)

Skulda said...

Doh, it's not a creme. I meant the "flower to Flower" one. Looks like pepto.

polishedlyrics said...

THese are gorgeous, I want this whole collection!

Susie said...

I love the pink and orange. :)
So pretty,

Enamel Girl said...

Goodness I'm lovin' Flit a Bit!!!

Bunny Masseuse said...

The last 2 don't thrill me much, but I already have the Zoya equivalent of the 1st, and I'm wondering, is Gilda not a good semi-dupe for the other pink glitter?

Unknown said...

Wing It is so pretty, I need this.

Trista said...

I like Catch me in your net and Flit a Bit :o)

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I'd say these are the best summer line-up I've seen. The Catch Me in Your Net reminds me of a mermaid. :)

Aurora's Nails said...

I wish Flit a Bit was a glitter!!! Or a strong shimmer...anyway, I love Wing It!

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