Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rounding the bend on our giveaway with Mommy Pads & More!

Mommy Pads & More has offered the winner of our giveaway ONE personalized Mommy Pad of their choice!!  I'm not a mommy (well maybe a dog momma, but that's it), yet I find these notepads utterly adorable.  Many are tied with adorable ribbon, they are all fun and colorful, and the fonts are so cute and spunky.  They are just so fun.  Plus, I'm a total notepad nut.  I write myself so many notes (this probably goes in the Revealing Too Much category, but I actually write myself a to-do list each morning - basically mapping out my day).  I love notes.  They keep me on track and on schedule and they ensure that when I send J to the grocery he gets what I tell him to get (because when I verbally tell him and don't write it down he comes home with nothing I asked for!).

The Mommy Pads are so cute, but there are tons of other styles too:
Pet sitter notepad, Teacher notepads (great end of the year gift), notepads for the entire family, and many more!!  Check out my favorites:

They are so adorable!!!
Each Mommy Pad retails for $10.99-$14.99 and all can be totally customized.  Aside from notepads, Mommy Pads & More also offers notecards, address labels, and personalized stamps (I'm a huge stamping fanatic and love finding personalized stamps!  I have a "Made by Brooke" stamp that I use on the back of all the cards I make - but mine isn't nearly as cute as these).
Learn more at

Thanks for joining our giveaway, Mommy Pads & More!!


Megan Harmeyer said...

*looking for like button*

Trista said...

Very cute :o)

Aurora's Nails said...

Okay, these are absolutely adorable! I'm not a mommy either, but I would go nuts for one of these haha!

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