Friday, July 16, 2010

Brooke goes to Chincoteague Island, VA

Beware: ridiculously photo-heavy!

Last Thursday, I went on vacation with my parents and sister to one of our favorite vacation spots: Chincoteague Island, VA.  Unfortunately, J couldn't get off work for the whole trip, but he came up for the weekend.  My family and I started camping in Chincoteague when I was 11 or 12, and we have gone there every year since.  Chincoteague is a beautiful, charming town, with a bridge leading over into Assateague National Park, filled with clean beaches and wild ponies.

Chincoteague Island is the setting of Marguerite Henry's real-life account of Misty in Misty of Chincoteague.  As a young girl, I read all of Henry's books and fantasized about one day purchasing my own wild Assateague ponies during the annual pony swim.  Each year, a number of horses living on Assateague Island swim across Tom's Cove and are auctioned off (a practice that seems a bit cruel to me, but I've never been there to see it).

Our vacation was just fantastic.  It is amazed how revived I feel after just getting away for a few days.  My sister and I biked almost every day for hours, my dad and I kayaked for miles, we took the dogs on a ton of walks, we tried new recipes, and we all read a couple books each.  And of course, the town of Chincoteague is so charming and welcoming - it really is one of the nicest towns around.  It was a great trip - I can't wait to go back.

Inside of our camper. There are bedrooms are each end, a bathroom on the left, dining area (that turns into a bed), couch that folds out into a double bed, and a really nice kitchen.  This is my parent's 5th camper; when I was really young, we bought a used camper that we used a few times, then we bought a larger camper with bunkbeds for my sister and I.  We used that camper from when I was in elementary school until I was 21, then we got this new one with the two slideout sides, which really makes it a lot bigger and more livable.  I LOVE our camper :)

Our campsite!

Kelsey and I made a campfire


Assateague Lighthouse

We saw this herd while driving into the beach

Kelsey and I biked 15 miles through Assateague and finally came across this herd of around 17 wild ponies.

We biked down a long trail, then hiked a short trail and came out at this pony path

Wild pony mom and foal :)  They were penning themselves in the pens used to round up the ponies for the swim.  Leading up to the swim, food is kept in the pens, so the ponies go in there at night to eat.

A white heron and some oysters

Dad and I kayaked through Tom's Cove to the lighthouse, around 7 miles roundtrip


Misty's hoof prints, outside the vintage Roxy Theatre

Mural on Main Street

Misty Statue, formerly on Ridge Road (near BeBee), relocated to Main Street

Can you tell how HUGE this thing is? Look at the tiny camper beside it!
This viking was part of Captain Mr. Bob's display.  He passed away a few years back, but his friend Star has continue to run his shop full of sea treasures.

L: I just like this photo of the train.  R: Captain Chandler's grave, with coins on top.  I wish I knew the legend behind the coins.

Our vacations typically consist of lots of reading and a lot of outdoor activities - and of course, tons of relaxing - but these are the places we always visit on our trips to Chincoteague

Tom's Cove is the campground we stay at each year.

Dad ate crabs EVERY single night we were there.  He always gets them at Rick's Seabest Seafood Market.

And I'm OBSESSED with Sea Star!!  This place is one of the things we look forward to the most about visiting Chincoteague, because they make the best sandwiches.  They have a ton of vegetarian choices; I love the Key West and the Super Sprout.  Our other favorite food-stop is the Island Creamery - they make the best peanut butter milkshake on earth.

Egret Moon is filled with awesome art and jewelry by local artisans, plus Megan, the owner, is one of our favorite people in all of Chincoteague.  Each year she has a new booklist for us (she's married to the town librarian!) because we are the "reading family."

It was a great vacation and it was fun to go camping with my family again.  
Have any of you visited Chincoteague or Assateague?
Thanks for checking out my vacation photos!


Ashley said...

Yay! I live near Assateague Island!

Nicole said...

Oh GOSH Brooke that sounds like SO much fun! I'm glad you had a great time - the camper looks awesome, I would have ate crabs every night too. Mmm. Loved your photos!!

Kathy said...

Slideout campers have sooooo much more room! Thanks for sharing the pics. Lovely place you guys went to!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Oh man that brings back memories. I haven't been to Chincoteague since I was like 15. Sooo awesome there.
Thanks for sharing. :)

Kathy said...

Hey Brooke, any opinions on China Glaze's Christmas collection? Vintage Vixen is on nail etailers now and I'm debating whether to order now or later but it pretty much solely depends on the Christmas colors. Looking to hear from you about what you think about it.

Anonymous said...

I think it is so cool that you shared these photos of your family vacation. I,like you, read all the Misty books and dreamed of going there one day and adopting one of the ponies. I have not yet gotten to Chincoteague but have always had it in the back of my mind and after reading and viewing your post of it, I have renewed incentive! Thank you so much for sharing. I loved it. I think I'd be just like your Dad and eat crab legs every night! yum.

Unknown said...

Thanks awesome, Ashley!! It is so gorgeous there :)

Thanks for checking out my pictures, Nicole!! :)

Kathy, they REALLY do - thanks for reading about my trip :) As for China Glaze's Christmas Collection, I've only seen the few stock pictures available - no other info :( sorry. They look great, but it is always hard to tell from the stock shots. I assume I'll get the collection in Sept (just a guess though). Wish I could give you more info, Kathy!!

ShortandSweet, that's awesome you've been there before!! Hope you get a chance to go back sometime!

Anonymous, thanks so much for reading about my vacation - and for your kind comment!! It is such a fun vacation spot - I love how relaxing it is there :) I hope you get the chance to go sometime!!! Plus, the crabs are REALLY cheap there, and my dad says they are better than the crabs here at home in MD! :)

Anonymous said...

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