Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guess that Nail Polish - REVEAL!

I held off on announcing the answers to Guess that Nail Polish - Mix because I got so few responses than times before, but it's time for a new Guess that Nail Polish - so on to the answers!

1. China Glaze QT
2. China Glaze Fairy Dust
3. China Glaze Blue Sparrow
4. Lippmann Makin' Whoopee
5. OPI Need Sunglasses?
6. OPI Flower-to-Flower)
7. OPI Panda-monium Pink

Since there were only 9 entries (and it appears that this one was really difficult - sorry!), I'm giving a bonus entry to everyone who entered.
And the winners are...

Stephanie 'PaintedBlueStars' (a whopping 6/7!) - sorry I didn't get yours!, Sara (Daily Polish) (4/7) - sorry I missed you!!, Lisa 'Reiko' (5/7) - sorry I missed you too!, P C (2/7), Michele (2/7), Amanda K (4/7), Hershley O (2/7), Debbie 'Cupcakequeen22' (5/7), Origami Dreamer (4/7)!!!
Congratulations, everyone!!  You 9 all received bonus entries into the giveaway :)


Reiko said...

Hmm. I entered too. Maybe it got lost in spam? Anyhow, these were fun!

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

how funny!2/7 huh!lol

cupcakequeen22 said...

I knew the pink and yellow OPIs were going to be my downfall! LOL.

It's kind of sad because Japanese Rose Garden is one of the 2 polishes that I own in the line-up. :p

Unknown said...

Reiko, can you reforward it to me? I don't know why so many got lost coming to me - maybe because all my email forwards from BlogBabblingBrooke@gmail.com to my personal account? perhaps it decided not to forward that week? :( I'm sorry!

Trista said...

I entered too. I don't know what happened. Oh' well. Congrats to all those that got extra entries :o)

Unknown said...

Twister, can you forward yours to me too? I don't know why I didn't get any of these - I checked my gmail account and the spam and didn't see any more. so weird! I'm sorry :(

dr4g0nf1y said...

Yayyy thanks Brooke!! :)

Amanda K<3

Megan Harmeyer said...

Wow - I should've guessed cuz I think I would've gotten a couple of them. Oh, well. WTG ladies!

paintedbluestars said...

i am sent one in as well brooke...ima head over to my email to send it away cuz I think i did pretty well this time:S

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