Friday, July 23, 2010

Guess that Nail Polish - REVEAL!

First off, this was a pretty difficult one - some of these were really obscure.  I should also say I've been really happy with all 8 colors and I'm pretty proud of my choices - not like I can take even half the credit, since many of them were suggestions and the other half were swatches I discovered while perusing through MANY, MANY blogs.  I'm a bit of an overthinker when I shop; I have to be absolutely certain of what I want before I buy it, and I can say with certainty that I am really happy with these choices.

But enough about that - what about the polish names?  You guys did really well on this Guess that Nail Polish.  There were 31 guesses total and all but 2 correctly guessed polish number 2: Harlow.  The ones that werern't so easy?  Numbers 1, 7, and 8 - and I've got to say - I couldn't have gotten those.  Amazingly, 4 people got #1, Lilith, correct, and 3 people got #7, Lola, correct (I saw Lola swatched on Brooke's blog, Getcha Nails Did, and HAD to have it!).  Only ONE person got number 8 right (to be honest, I didn't think anyone would) - Laura J., you totally deserve a standing ovation for correctly guessing Emme because that is a polish that is HTF pictures of online!

I love this picture!
The pretty colorful polishes, my plants going wild in the background, great sunlight :)

1. Lilith (looks kind of like Zoya Brooke, doesn't it?)
2. Harlow
3. Happi (love this one!)
4. Charla (got this for my sister)
5. Adina
6. Reece
7. Lola
8. Emme

So, now for the miracle guessers who got 6 out of 8...

Amber V.
Laura J.
Kellie Gonzo
Amanda K.
Jackie S.


Great job guys!!  Any themes for the next Guess that Nail Polish?  I'll post it in a week and a half on Tuesday :)  Thanks again for playing, everyone!!


Unknown said...

YAY! haha :) i should've gotten emme, sheesh i've swatched that one before. fun stuff!

dr4g0nf1y said...

Woohoo!!! The ones I missed were Reece and Emme :( This was so much fun to do! I'll definitely participate in the next one :) Maybe an all matte challenge? Thanks Brooke!

-aka Amanda K :)

Irene Blushing Loves said...

Wow!lovely choice!They all look really pretty!Waiting for notd!

Justine (Productrater) said...

hey chicky..

I gave you an award on my blog... cause I heart your blog..teehee.

check it out here


vegesauras said...

Maybe international polishes? Like british ones to make it harder/easier for people :)

Megan Harmeyer said...

I was closer this time than the yellows. Got 6 out of 8 - not bad. These are fun!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I was closer this time than the yellows. Got 6 out of 8 - not bad. These are fun!

Kitty said...

Haha, I totally thought Edina was the new one from their Wicked collection! But now I have a new one to add to my list! Thanks Brooke!

Unknown said...

Kelly, I actually saw the swatch for Emme on your blog - that's why I decided to get it :)

Awesome job, Amanda!! Matte is a good idea... plus, I just got 4 new ones! although that means I only have 6 mattes total, and you guys know what one of them is. I think I'll need to pick up a few more mattes - that's a good idea!!

Thanks blushingloves!!

Thanks so much, Justine!! xoxo

vegesaurus, what a great idea!!! Most of my polishes are US brands, but I did win a few polishes in 2 giveaways from other countries... hmmm, that would be fun!!!

Unknown said...

Glad you like it, Megan!! I don't even see you on my Google docs list - is it possible your entry form didn't go thru? :(

haha, Kitty, they are tough to tell, aren't they? Glad you found a new polish to add to your list!! :)

Zara said...

Congrats to those who got 6/8! I'm not familiar with Zoya, so I knew I would do poorly...and I was right. :) It was still fun, though!

Unknown said...

I actual made the Top 6 this time, LOL!

These are fun, and basically thy create more lemmings for me :):)

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