Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guess that Nail Polish - Summer Yellows

Today felt like the true first day of summer to me.  Ever since graduating, I've been teaching, tutoring, and babysitting, so I haven't had that real 'summer' moment of sitting back with nothing to do but read a good book, or polish my nails, or photograph butterflies in the yard.  Today was one of those days.

Although I was pretty under the weather with food poisoning (did you know you can get food poisoning from movie theater 'butter'?  Apparently that stuff is oil dyed yellow... and sometimes it goes rancid.  I don't think I'll EVER eat movie theater popcorn again.  Ughh.  But at least I can say I REALLY enjoyed Eclipse!), today was still the first day where I felt like I was truly enjoying summer.  I stopped by the library and picked up four new books (so excited!) and I painted my nails a pretty yellow.  I finally feel like I am enjoying that true 'summer' experience.  Plus, the fourth of July was great!!  We went swimming, had a great dinner, watched fireworks from the front porch - it was so much fun and totally got me in the summer mood :)

The color yellow has always been very iconically 'summer' to me, so to celebrate this hot, sunny, summery July week, I wanted to share six of my favorite yellow polishes.  But to make yellow week a little more fun, it is also going to be a Guess that Nail Polish - Summer Yellows.

Pictured below are all six Summer Yellows.  Over the next six days, I'll have swatches of each to share with you to help with your guessing.  Enter guesses in the form below, or if that doesn't work, email them to me at BlogBabblingBrooke@gmail.com before next Tuesday at 7:00 PM.  I'll post the names of everyone who gets 6 out of 6 and 5 out of 6 correct (quite a feat, in my opinion!).

Best of luck, and enjoy that summer moment for the next six days with my top six Summer Yellows!!

Click on the image to expand!

Thank you so much to Kellie for her help with this awesome Google doc thing - I never would have figured it out without her help!  And thank you so much to R3Beauty for helping me make this entry form a more manageable size!!


Livin'inAK said...

Gosh I tried. I think I only new a couple though! LOL! :)

Unknown said...

To resize your google doc, go to the edit post and go into HTML mode. Find the code for your google doc and then adjust the heigh & width. I think I brought mine down from 700 to 500 or something similar. Hope this makes sense. If not feel free to email me: r3beauty@gmail.com.

Off to try and figure out your yellow polishes! Fun!

Unknown said...

Thank you SO MUCH R3Beauty!!! You're awesome!!

I must be one of the most computer-inept bloggers ever! lol.

It looks like this Google Doc is working well - 22 entries so far!! Thanks for playing, everyone!! :)

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