Friday, July 9, 2010

Our third mystery yellow!

Today I swatched the third yellow in my Guess that Nail Polish lineup.
You can guess the nail polishes by clicking HERE.

Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
This yellow only took three coats, but it was SO SLOW to dry - like watching paint dry (haha - sorry for the cheesy humor).  It was also kind of... lumpy.  I'm not sure if that is the right word, but it definitely was a pain to apply.  Thick and blobby - maybe blobby is a better word.  Not the best formula - but I really like the color.

I got four new books at the library Tuesday (decided to read a few non-vampire books before trying some of the books you all suggested).  I checked out The Story of a Marriage by Andrew Sean Greer (one of my favorite authors), The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb (another favorite author) - and I blogged about this book a long time ago here! -, Solar by Ian McEwan, and something I picked up off the Summer Reads shelf called Girls in Trouble, written by Caroline Leavitt.  I just started The Story of a Marriage, but I like it so far!  It is always so exciting to have so many new books.  I was also really amazed by how many people were in the library - it was PACKED!  It makes me really happy to see so many people in the library - and so many adults, too.  I have this fear that everyone is turning to the internet for all of their reading, or abandoning reading all together in favor of videos on tv and online.  It really surprised me to see so many people - of all ages and races - checking out books at the library.  The parking lot was almost completely full!  It made me smile :)

Have a great Friday!!


Anonymous said...

thats a pretty colour for summer!! try deco'ing your nails with pink or white over the yellow! would be pretty!

Colores de carol said...

Mellow yellow is the color! Beautiful!!

Enamel Girl said...

i take my girls to the library 2x a week and it has been packed all summer long. they have a lot of training programs for adults and free summer programs for kids which are easy on the budget, lol.

Unknown said...

Enamel Girl, SO GLAD you're taking your girls to the lib rary so often!! They are very fortunate to have a mother like you :) I hope they have a great summer reading!! My childhood memories involve lots and lots of books. I hope your girls have lots of favorites :)

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