Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Zebra of a Different Color

As a child, I loved watching The Wizard of Oz.  I have a number of memories watching it on different occasions: sitting in my blue Playskool chair in front of the family room television watching with my mom, laying in my parents' bed watching it on their (even then) very dated tv, and sitting on the La-Z-Boy in the family room with my dad.  I also remember having a strange tradition of eating a slice of those individually wrapped Kraft American cheese slices, which I disliked even then (and rather despise now), but found fascinating for the fun-to-open wrapper.

I had two favorite parts of the Wizard of Oz: Dorothy's fabulous sparkly, red heels (oh, how I coveted those) and the color-changing horse.  Whose to say a horse can't be purple?

So today I have a zebra of a different color.  Black and white is totally chic (and I believe some type of zebra-preserving camouflage), but how often do you see a green and gold zebra?  Now that's a zebra of a different color :)

For the base, I used two coats of OPI Cuckoo for this Color, topped with Konaded zebra stripes in OPI Glitzerland.

Do childhood memories ever influence your fashion choices?
Have a nice weekend, and thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

I had to laugh to myself because I felt the same way about Kraft singles. LOL!

Pretty mani!

Unknown said...

brooke i can't wait to get Glitzerland, i think it will get my out of my (not using) konad rut!

Zara said...

I love this! I felt the same way about Kraft singles, too...they are really disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Loving your konad designs!

P.S. About the nerve damage question you had at the end of your previous post. I've had that happen to me on my left thigh from waxing (different type of nerve damage but same symptoms). It never feels the same, kinda less sensitive when compared to my other thigh but sometimes the lack of sensation heightens (cause I don't think about it most of the time anymore). If the lines came back though for you, maybe check with your doctor when you do your yearly check up? Nerve damage can range from mild to serious. Be careful okay? Take care!

Aurora's Nails said...

Another cute Konad! And EW, I hate Kraft Singles, but I used to love opening them! But then my hand would smell like cheese...

NAILSTAH said...

Brooke!!! I LOVEEEEE WIZARD OF OZ. Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! I was waiting for it to come out on dvd. =D You know *random trivia* I read somewhere that they used jello to dye the horses coats those various colors for the movie. fun huh!? I love your nails btw (onto more relevant things) LOL <3

Unknown said...

Great design!
You chose nice colours, though I would have chosen a brighter colour to do the stripes (^o^)

Laynie said...

Ohhh, now THIS is gorgeous!! I'm a sucker for any sort of out-of-the-ordinary animal print, and this is so different, even for those!

It's elegant, it's subtle, and yet it's zebra print. How can zebra print be subtle?? I don't know, but you managed it!

Absolutely gorgeous. Although... cheese? Somehow, I missed that... *laughs*

Enamel Girl said...

I loved the Wizard of Oz too. I try to create the same memories with my girls but they just don't get it, lol.

I like your golden zebra!

Unknown said...

I've got to say I'm shocked that I'm not the only Kraft Singles hater! My whole family loves them (and even makes grilled cheese with them... ugh. Grilled cheese must be made with sharp cheddar, IMO, lol). Danielle, Zara, and Aurora - looks like we have similar tastes :)

jbrobeck - I am loving Glitzerland - I can't get enough of it. I was actually just thinking today that most of my favorite Konad designs start with a gorgeous gold base - not sure why I like gold Konads so much, but I think they are just so pretty!!

Kitty, that is so scary that you suffered nerve damage from waxing - I had NO IDEA that could happen! wow. I'm glad it isn't too bad. That is a good point you make though - in fact, I had completely forgotten about closing my finger in the window until the pain showed up again the other day - out of sight, out of mind, right? I also don't tend to touch or look at the inside of my index finger often, so that is probably part of why I haven't even thought about it at all until it went totally numb. I'm going to see my doctor not long from now, and then I have an appt. with my cardiologist not long after that, so hopefully someone will be able to help me! Thanks so much for the advice, Kitty - I really appreciate it!! I hope your nerve damage fades with time!!

Unknown said...

NAILSTAH, that is so interesting!! I had no idea!! That's how I've colored my hair when I was younger and it was blonder - that is so funny!! Love trivia - thanks so much for sharing!!

Thanks so much, Becky!! I'll definitely try it with brighter colors next time :)

aww, Laynie, thank you!! haha, I thought it was kind of subtle too - how often are animal prints subtle? I have to admit, I used to really love animal prints (ok, I still do, but I'm more choosy with where I show it)> In high school, I had a numb er of very NOT subtle animal print shirts - one even had sequins on it!! haha, wow, can't believe I wore that :) lol

aww, Enamel Girl - I don't have kids yet, but I have all kinds of big plans of trying to recreate my favorite childhood memories in them too. Things are so different now days, aren't they? Kids don't want to watch old movies, they want 3D and fun, new stuff like that lol. Things have changed so much! I'm sure your girls will look back on the memories you helped them create one day and truly see them as fond memories. It is funny what becomes a fond memory, isn't it? The most random things have become cherished childhood memories for me. I hope your girls get the chance to sit through The Wizard of Oz!! :D

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