Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zoya and Lima Beans

Zoya #1

This Zoya is the first in the new polishes I got through the Zoya Polish Exchange.  I can't wait until next year's exchange!!  By the way, the oh-so-exciting Wicked and Wonderful collections are coming - I'll have swatches within the next week :)

This polish took a few coats for full coverage - I used three and you can kinda still see my nail line.  It's a pinky-purple with very subtle shimmer.  I like it - it was a good choice.  It reminds me a lot of a color I used to wear during high school.

Any guesses what this shade might be?  Feel free to guess away in the comments section and/or enter Guess that Nail Polish!!

Lima beans!!
I had to take a picture of these because they match my Fiesta bowl so well - isn't that gorgeous?  I wish I could say these came out of my garden, but they actually came from the frozen section at the grocery.  My grandparents grow lima beans every year though, then they put them away to use throughout the year.  Every Thanksgiving, we have succotash (don't you just love saying that word?), which they make with their homegrown lima beans, corn, and a little butter - it is sooo good!

I uploaded all my vacation pictures this afternoon - I'll share some with you guys tomorrow and tell you all about my favorite little town :)

Hope everyone had a fun Thursday!!

PS: I just checked the Google doc for Guess that Nail Polish, and someone already guessed this one right!  I'm so impressed!!  I thought this was one of the most difficult ones.  You guys are GOOD.


Pretty said...

ooh those lima beans.. look yum.

I love that zoya..too
hmm I think I got the same color in the exchange!!

haha is it trinity? I'm thinking it is the one I got.. but I maybe be wrong.. they have a lot of pinks.

adorepink said...

I was going to guess Trinity as well. I own that one and it looks kind of familiar.

Laynie said...

Ok,that pink is just too cute! It definitely reminds me of high school as well. I didn't paint my nails in high school, though. Polish would completely lift itself right off my nails almost in a solid sheet, no matter what I did.

Thank goodness that's changed! I'd not have met any of you awesome people otherwise!

Also, the shot of the beans and your bowl is too cute! My first thought was, "Wow, those are identical! The beans just blend right in!" I want a polish THAT color!

Stiletto said...

That polish is gorgeous!
Oh and I LOVE Lima beans!
Growing up, my Nanny (grandmother) used to cook them with just enough water to come shy to covering them, then added olive oil, garlic powder, salt, and oregano. let 'em cook away til they are nice and tender (i like 'em almost mushy, lol) then oddly enough I like to add a tiny scoop of sour cream to them once they are on my plate. Yes I am totally weird, but it's so good!

Zara said...

That polish reminds me of candy...yum. Speaking of yum, those lima beans are making me hungry! :)

Unknown said...

Laynie, Zoya Midori is kind of similar to the Fiesta color, but Tangy is just about SPOT ON! :)

Stiletto, YUMMM!! What a great recipe - I'll have to try that! and sour cream is always great - I'm game to give that a try (I like weird foods too... a lot, lol). Good to hear from you!!!

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