Friday, July 16, 2010

Zoya Matte

I only own two matte polishes, and both of them are Zoyas.  I think it is the frosted bottles I find so appealing.  Mattes became ridiculously popular last fall, and I'm looking forward to wearing more mattes come this autumn.  Wouldn't the China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection look awesome matte?  I have a mattifying topcoat (I believe it's the China Glaze one) that will turn any polish matte.  I'll have to try that one some of the Vintage Vixen polishes when the weather starts to cool.

What is your favorite matte polish?  Since I only have two - and I like them both - I don't really have a favorite per se, but I'd love to know which ones you guys like.  What I like so much about my other matte, Veruschka, is that it is AWESOME for Konading with.  Having the base matte and the design shiny, or vice versa, is soo gorgeous.  I got this polish (below) mainly to use for similar Konad designs.

Zoya Polish #2

This polish (whose name I can't reveal until next Thursday, since it is part of Guess that Polish this week) applied great.  It dries SO FAST and covered in just one coat.  Matte polishes dry in like, seconds, and this one was no exception.  It is full of glitter without being sparkly or shiny.  I painted a glittery top coat over two nails to show how that looks (pictured below).

And happy Friday, everyone!!  I keep forgetting that today is Friday, so it is a really nice surprise realizing that tomorrow is the weekend :)  J and I plan to go see Inception this weekend, that new and rather confusing-looking movie with Leonardo DiCaprio (J is REALLY excited about it) and I'm hoping that the weather will cool by a degree or two so we can go hiking.  Anyone living in the MD area here?  We had a pretty big (by MD-standards at least) earthquake this morning a little after 5:00 am.  I slept right through it, but my sister emailed me (around 5, no less), to tell me that it had woken her up and her cats were all flipped out.  Yeeks.  Do you guys get a lot of earthquakes where you live?

And in much less exciting news (although quite exciting for me!), my tomato garden is going absolutely crazy.  I pick handfuls of Juliet tomatoes from it every single day - it is so exciting!  I've been eating tomatoes on everything - Quorn burgers with tomatoes, tomatoes with salt, tomatoes on pasta, tomatoes with mozarella, and this tomato pizza I made on Tuesday night:

I used my grilled pizza recipe but made it with organic soy flour, and for the cheese I chopped up mozzarella string cheese.  Obviously we were in dire need of a trip to the grocery store that night, but the pizza turned out great.  And look at all those delicious tomatoes.. yumm :)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a fabulous day, everyone!


maisenzasmalto said...

Nice matte! I only own a couple of OPI Matte (which I don't like) and Suede (I love them, as I prefer a more "satin" finish).
Your pizza Margherita (tomato + mozzarella) looks appetizing!!

Suzanne said...

nice polish, I just have a problem buying mattes when I can just put a top coat on to get that effect.. :)
I was in the epicenter of the earthquake in '89 here in CA...8.9 on the scale, not fun, but I'd take it any day over a hurricane...
pizza looks great!

Serena said...

I don't have any matte polishes but I do have a matte topcoat. (Actually I have some neons that dry semi matte) I really liked putting matte topcoat over Hidden Treasure.

Liz said...

I had no idea East Coasters had to deal with earthquakes, just hurricanes?? Oops. I'm CA born and raised so I have been through my share of earthquakes! There's been some good ones in our area this year since Easter..., more than usual. Yikes. Anyway, I still haven't tried a matte or even matte topcoat yet. :/ That Zoya is a pretty color though!

Michelle said...

I have a couple polishes that dry semi-matte, but I usually just use a matte top coat. I just got the new elf matte finisher so I've been swatching that with a bunch of colours.
There was an earthquake here a few weeks ago but I was in Montreal that week so I missed it.

Zara said...

Ooh, I like it--but I really want the guessing part to be over so I can add this to my lemming list. :) Also, the pizza looks fab.

Unknown said...

smalty, I have always been really impressed by the pictures I've seen on suede polishes - they are really pretty. and I LOVE Margherita pizza!! I wish I grew some basil this summer - that makes for the perfect Margherita pizza :)

Suzanne, WOW! that is a BIG earthquake!! I hope you and your family were all ok. The one here was a little over 3.

Serena, I'd love to see HT matte!!

Smoochie - heading over to check out all the matte-goodness!! Isnt that weird?? I slept right through it too - I wonder if it bothered my pets...?

Liz, I know - I thought so too!! I guess you never really know though - the earth does what it wants - we just live here! I wasn't a huge fan of mattes at first, and I'm still not in love-love with them, but they can be fun :)

Michelle, I agree - matte topcoats are a lot easier to use (and more economical!). :)

Unknown said...

Glad you like it, Zara!! Zoya doesn't have too many mattes ... this one shouldn't be too hard to guess ;)

Susy said...

Your pizza looks delicious!! :D

That color is so pretty! It looks great both ways, matte and with topcoat! :)

Joan said...

I love this colour. Well, I love any purple np, but this colour is especially beautiful. I don't own any matttes, but I would love to get my hands on a matte top coat since there are some colours in my collection that I think would look really wonderful matte. :)

Floor / Marjolein said...

very nice colour.
i like matte so much too!


love the color! :) -Dawn

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