Sunday, July 18, 2010

Zoyas 3 & 4 - Guess that Nail Polish swatches

Happy Sunday, everyone :)

Today I have swatches of the third and fourth Zoya polishes in Guess that Nail Polish, and tomorrow I'll be publishing all of the gorgeous fruit designs you guys have been sending me.

Zoya #3

I LOVE this color so much more than I expected I would.  It covered nicely with two coats and dried fairly fast.  It is a light pink with tons of gold shimmer, giving it a gorgeous golden glow.

Zoya #4

The fourth Zoya covered with two coats.  It is a sparkly blue with green tones and lots of glassy glitter and shimmer.

My breakfast - sesame bagel with cream cheese and tomatoes from the garden.  SOO good!!

Oh, and yesterday J and I saw Inception!  It was really good although kind of long and a little confusing (the dialogue was kind of low, but the music and sound effects was high, so we missed some of what people were saying - is that a problem with the movie or does the theatre control that?).  But we both really enjoyed it - and I'd watch it again to try to figure thing out.

Have a great day!!


Serena said...

Both Zoya's are gorgeous. I can't believe I missed the polish exchange. I was really tight on money when it was going on and as soon as it was over I was able to spend again.

Sarah said...

These two are the only ones I know! Happi & Charla! I'm actually wearing Happi right now. haha

Megan Harmeyer said...

Ahhh...Zoya. How I love thee. Beautiful colors. I am so jealous of your tomato harvest.

Zara said...

Mm, that bagel looks amazing! I love fresh garden tomatoes.

Susie said...

They are both gorgeous colors!

Unknown said...

Serena, I BARELY made it - I shipped a few days before it ended! I hope they have it next year - you can join in then :)

Sarah, I'd love to see Happi on you!!

Megan, I am finally getting some of the yellow/orange tomatoes - they are called Lemon Boys. I am so enjoying the tomatoes (although so are slugs... I'm losing a few). Hopefully it will be this great next year!

Zara, it was SO GOOD!! can't wait to have it again for breakfast tmrw :)

Thanks Susie!!

Kathleen said...

I love number 3! I've never seen a pink quite like it before..

I saw Inception today too! It must be your theatre because I had no trouble hearing the dialogue. And yeah it was kind of confusing but I really enjoyed it! The ending drove me crazy though haha :D

Alex said...

That pink/gold color is to die for. I need it!


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