Thursday, August 5, 2010


So I just found out that Babbling Brooke was named Betty Confidential's 2nd favorite nail polish blog and I'm kind of ridiculously giddy.  This little blog made the list alongside other notably awesome blogs like All Lacquered Up, The Swatchaholic, Magic Maid, and You've Got Nail - all favorite blogs of mine as well.  Congrats to those lovely ladies - they seriously deserve it.  Read more about it HERE.

We at Babbling Brooke are all about the celebrating right now (Thanks Betty Confidential!) - and by "we" I mean my dog and I, and by celebrating I mean sharing the news.  But in the middle of being excited about this, I got a call hiring me to teach a 5th class (for a position I never even applied for, which is pretty great), making my fall schedule look sort of like this:

5 am: Wake up, shower, commute
8 am-9 pm: Teach, tutor, work, commute
9 pm-5 am: blogging, lesson planning, grading, eating, sleeping

But that's cool.  Seriously - I'm not complaining.  In this economy, I'm fortunate to have one job and ridiculously lucky to have three part-time positions.  And I really don't think it will be as crazy as my schedule makes it look.  I think that in my mind I keep factoring in 'school' - as in, the school I go to, since for the last 22 years of my life, I've been a full-time student.  So it will be interesting to be defined by my job, not my student status.

I'm also pretty giddy because I found this new blog (through Fat Like Me) called like a fat kid loves cake and they are giving away (are you ready for this?) a BODYBUGG!!!  I have wanted a Bodybugg for so long.  Watching those Biggest Loser contestants using their Bodybuggs makes me so envious because I would just love to have one - and I would love for my mom to be able to use a Bodybugg too.  And now like a fat kid loves cake is giving one away to one very lucky reader.  She won it through a raffle and since she already has her own, she is generous enough to give it away on her blog.  Seriously, how sweet is that?  I am so excited!!  That would be perfect to have with my new workout plan.  Head on over there and enter if you, like me, are desperate to have your own Bodybugg :)

So I'm kinds of excited about a lot of things right now - having our fun blog recognized, getting a college composition course to teach, and having the chance to win a Bodybugg!!  So, how about a celebration mani?

OPI Glitzerland with ORLY Lunar Eclipse (not yet available)

For this mani, I used two coats of OPI Glitzerland, topped with ORLY Lunar Eclipse with Konad plate m63.  I can't wait to review the new ORLY collection - I have to wait until mid-August to show it to you guys, but I am chomping at the bit.  And you can clearly see how obsessed I am with Glitzerland.  I think this is just such a beautiful polish - I love wearing it.

Hello, Humidity!

It is SO incredibly humid outside that my camera instantly fogged up!

By the way, I made a FAQ section with some of the questions I'm asked quite frequently (not that I don't love answering them - just thought I'd save you all some time).  Want to check it out?  Click on that little tab that says "About Me" (or, just click HERE).

Have a great evening!!

Oh, and a quick ps: Check back to see my mani tomorrow - I'm doing it right now and it is ALL SORTS of cute!!


Becky said...

Waa~! Gorgeous nails!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Congrats! Your blog's awesome so you deserve it ;)

It is nasty humid huh? We just got a nice storm so hopefully it'll help a little. You're in MD right? I'm in NoVa.

Jana said...

congrats on everything! And the Orly's are out at Ulta, I picked up Galaxy Girl this afternoon :)

Halifax said...

Great news come in bunch eh? Congrats! Celebration is a must, lol

Brooke said...

Thanks Becky!!

Thanks so much ShortandSweet - your blog is awesome too!! We got a little bit of rain here (although it seemed like more thunder than rain - but it was enough to water the gardens for me). It's still feeling pretty humid though - just took the dogs outside and was blasted with the wet heat. ick. Hope it's less humid in NoVa now!!

Thanks Jana!! They're out already?? I'm being told I have to wait until mid-Aug to post pics of them :( How do you like Galaxy Girl?

Halifax, it's weird how that happens, isn't it? Perhaps we're just more aware of good news when other good news comes. J seemed to think me getting a fifth class to teach was bad news - so I guess it's all in how you look at it! :)

Jackie S. said...

Great news and gorgeous nails :)

Aurora's Nails said...

Congratulations! You certainly deserve it! And perfect mani to celebrate!

Zara said...

Congratulations - your celebration mani is awesome! I've seen Orly Cosmic FX on other blogs, though, and they seem to be out at Ulta...

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