Thursday, August 5, 2010

China Glaze Endurance vs OPI Wing It!

A reader asked how similar China Glaze Endurance and OPI Wing It! were to one another.  I had never even considered comparing the two, since they seemed so different to me, but once I polished them side-by-side, I was surprised how similar they are.  I'm currently wearing both shades on every other nail on both of my hands and they are similar enough that I forgot that I was wearing two different polishes.

China Glaze Endurance

Like I said yesterday, I wore Endurance almost my entire vacation.  I took somewhere around 20 polishes with me (clearly thinking I'd be painting my nails much more than I did!), but this color just seemed to call to me.  I took this picture last week.

Left: China Glaze Endurance (late afternoon sun); Right: OPI Wing It! (full sun)

Index and ring: Endurance
Middle and pinkie: Wing It!
(indoors, no flash, near window on a rainy day)

So this is what my nails look like today.  Pretty similar, right?  So Endurance is more of a raspberry, and Wing It! is a lighter pink (although outdoors, in full sun, which we don't have right now, it has an orangish glow).  They have very similar glitters, although the glitter in Wing It! is slightly finer and a little more rainbow-y.

With flash (makes both look brighter)

So the consensus?  They are WAY different in sun and indoors with really bright lighting.  In my dark, shadowy house, they are kind of similar - but they are certainly different enough to merit owning both.  Personally, I prefer Endurance - it's a beautiful pink - but I really like Wing It! as well.

Which pink do you prefer?

I have two giveaways coming up soon, plus I need to upload some pictures so I can get your opinions on what I should do with my hair - so both of those posts will be coming soon.  Plus I have a couple great collections to swatch and share with you all.
Have a great day!!


Aurora's Nails said...

Hmmm, I think I like Endurance better! I'll have to buy it first to try it though lol!

Zara said...

Wow, these are more similar than I would have guessed! I think I like Endurance better, but I don't own either yet.

Unknown said...

I agree that they are more similar than expected. I passed on Wing It! but definitely plan to pick up the China Glaze Fight Like a Woman collection when it's released. Thanks for the comparison!

Kitty said...

Thanls for the comparison! Definitely the more raspberry shade better!

Martje said...

aaahh that Opi wing it makes me smile each time I see`d better order it ;)

Unknown said...

I really like Endurance. I love glittery shades--they seem to "stick" on my nails so much longer.

jillvicious said...

I just picked up Wing It yesterday, and I can't wait to try it out!

beachgal said...

I have Wing It - but saw recently on a blog Endurance - fell hard in love with it. Now found this comparison makes me not love Wing It - though I know I do - it has fab glass fleck and looks a lot more light fuchsia then it does here. It's looking a bit off here - that's because it has some neon pigments in it and those just toss the camera lens into crazy land. Wing It is positively unlike any others gorg! But I do have to get Endurance - hunting the secondary market for it.

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