Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coloring My Hair - Need Your Advice!!

Happy Tuesday, everybody!!  I desperately need some hair color advice!

I'm planning on getting my hair cut and colored very soon.  Some of you may remember my color mishap in late June; let me start from the beginning though.  I have been highlighting my hair for years - basically to the point where I was a platinum blonde.  My hair stylist put a medium brown semi permanent color over it and I LOVED it - until it started to fade.  So I used two semi permanent colors over it, first in March, then again in May.  I couldn't remember what the color was called when I went to buy a new box in late June, so I picked up one that looked similar.  It wasn't.  My hair basically turned BLACK, which was a huge shock.  It has been fading, but it has developed a brassy, red color that I really just don't like.  I dislike the way I look with red hair (I don't even like how I look with red clothing - my skin tone is already so pink, I feel like red really clashes).  So although I have been letting it fade for two months, I'm just very ready to have a color I like again in my hair.  So I've been saving up a little money each week and I've decided I'm going to get it professionally colored.  I'm thinking I'll get a base color and highlights put in.  I've been thinking light brown or dark blonde, with highlights.  I'd like it to look more natural than it does.  I've been looking for pictures of what I'd like online, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE any and all opinions.

Here is what my hair currently looks like:

Brassy, and fading on the top, but more red near the ends.

Here are some pictures of hair colors I like:

1 2

What do you think?  Which one of these four would look best, in your opinion?  Is there another color you think would look better?  Please feel free to include links to other pictures and any suggestions whatsoever!!

Thank you so much for your help - I really appreciate it :)
I am a terrible decision maker, especially when it comes to things that can be costly, so any and all advice is very welcome.
Have a great day!!


As requested, here are some links to other pictures of my hair:

I like these colors in my hair:


Unknown said...

I belive there is a word for this color now... BROND. seriously. I like the ashlee simpson color!

Unknown said...

Brond!! Love it! Thanks for your input, lovely :)

Unknown said...

Brond is great. Honestly though, I'd have tried to suggest a light warm red. It seems like you have the skin tone for it. Maybe it's just the pics?

Aurora's Nails said...

I like the number 1 and number 4! Also, if you're feeling daring, you could definitely pull off a dark red!

But if blonde is what you want, I think the Ashley Simpson color or Lauren Conrad looks nice!

Meeka said...

I lean towards the Ashlee or Jennifer pics. I like Jen's highlights. I considered going for that color but I ended up going red myself, I miss the warm tones when I don't have them lol.

Unknown said...

hanna, thanks for the advice!! Let me scrounge around for other pics too...

Thanks Aurora!! I appreciate your advice - and good to hear from you too :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Meeka! I tend to like cooler tones in my hair (probably why I ended up being a platinum blonderexic before). I like the tonality in Jen's hair too - the highlights look so great! Thanks for your advice!!

Rebie said...

The 4th one is my favorite cuz it looks more natural.

But the 1st one looks more healthy, summer, like if it was screaming I'm happy with that color.

My choice is the 1st one

Krystal said...

I like four, it's not so blonde and highlighted looking.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your opinions, Rebie and Krystal Leigh :D

Sarah B. said...

From the options you showed I like Aniston's better.
But you would look stunning as a redhead, no flashy reds, natural orange-red. I'm surprised you're not a natural redhead!

Kelsey said...

I like LC's hair in picture #1. I would stick with the mostly brown with blonde highlights because you can always add more blonde but you know its hard to take away! haha

Megan Harmeyer said...

I like the color of Jen's hair - it's light but still warm. I like the color your hair is now, though.

DesertNails8 said...

I think a haircolor with highlights and lowlights would last longer in between colorings (as compared to a noticeable color line from growth if just one color is used). And I like that look better. I have had great luck with the nearby school of cosmetology and I love the low prices. Takes them a while though and they often call the instructor over to double-check stuff. So, #2 or #3 seem the best to me because of the high/low lights and because those tones look richer and like the hair is in better condition.

The Frustrated Fashionista said...

You would look great with jen Anniston's hair color!

Juicy Nails said...

I love number 1 !!!!

Unknown said...

Very similar to the others, but maybe with a few more platinum pieces a la Heidi in the following link: http://www.jewelry.com/2009-08-jn-heidi-klum.shtml

Pawssies said...

i like yor hair just like that!!!!!

Sara Elizabeth said...

oh man B, once you get your hair professionally coloured (by a really good salon) you'll NEVER want to go back! your hair will feel so smooth and lush!

i think you should go in with pictures in hand but speak to your colourist to be sure the colours you are choosing are flattering with your skintone. you are much more fair than jennifer aniston so just be sure it's not going to make you look washed out!

any good colourist worth their salt will lead you in the right direction. plus a full head of highlights (while ££££) looks SO much better when done at a salon. it's so multifaceted and gorgeous!

keep us posted!


Anonymous said...

You are so pretty!
I like the first one and second.
They'll look great.

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

You are seriously pretty! You could rock any color. :) I like #2. Dark blonde with face framing highlights.

Unknown said...

I like number 3


Unknown said...

Thanks for the opinions Sarah, Kelsey, and Meg!!

DesertNails, I agree - I want it to be able to grow out some without a noticeable line. Thanks!!

Thanks Tracy!! :D

Thanks Juicy!!

Rachael, it's funny you mention Heidi, because I was thinking I liked her hair too. My only concern is that it might be a little too blonde, but I love how multi-faceted it is, you know? But I do like platinum because it is cooler. Thanks for the advice!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Paws :)

Sara, I am SO EXCITED about getting it done and having gorgeous hair!!! I guess that does make sense to just go with all the photos I'm considering and see what my colorist thinks. I just worry she'll want me to stick with the base I have and put highlights in it - but I am SO DESPERATE to get away from this red. I will keep you guy posted - thanks for your advice!!! :D

aww, Helena, you're so sweet!! Thank you :)

Liz - thank you so much!! :D that is too kind of you! I think a dark blonde with highlights sounds perfect :) Thanks for the advice!

Thanks Becky!!

DistantDreamer said...

I think the Ashlee Simpson color would be great for you. Even LC's hair color wouldn't be bad. Personally, I don't like the over highlighted look of Jennifer Aniston's and even LC's but the base color would look nice on you with subtle highlights. Maybe even some lowlights!

Anonymous said...

I think #4 looks more natural than the other 3. You won't really know until it's done though. There's always photoshop but hair color will turn out different on different people's hair. Good thing you're going professionally cause they'll know what to do to get exactly what you want.

You look good with the red or blonde. I'm sure any of those would turn out great. Pics after the coloring!

Erika said...

I am thinking #2... Jen's colour and highlights. I think that those tones would work nicely with your colouring, Whether you are tan or not.

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I might be the only one but I like #4 best. It's not overly blond but it has the best blond color highlights.

I know what you mean about getting highlights for so long that you end up being REAL blond!

You have to come back when you get it done and let us see the final results. :)

Unknown said...

I like #4 best, especially with Fall approaching, its has nice dark undertones :)

Donna said...

If you ever decide to color yourself again, look for shades that have either "Ash" or "Cool" in the name, like ash blonde or cool medium brown. Ash and cool shades minimize the reds. I prefer less reds in my hair color too, although now I have reddish dark brown hair because my husband suggested it the last time I bought hair color and I like it.

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