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I tried it! Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes (and Giveaway!)

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes

I have always been a little afraid to try putting on false eyelashes.  The glue, the risk of them falling off midway through the night, and the idea of pressing something onto my eye all really freaked me out.  So when Revlon contacted me to review their Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear Self-Adhesive Eyelashes, I did a little research before I said yes.  
The reason I said yes?  Because Revlon's Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes are self-adhesive (meaning no glue!!), long-lasting, free of latex (so no risk of allergies), and all of Revlon's products are never tested on animals.  
Plus, the lashes look gorgeous!

So I decided to try out Revlon's Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes last weekend.

The lashes come with really descriptive directions, complete with pictures, which was REALLY helpful.  I applied the right one first (the packaging tells you which lash is for which eye - perfect for newbies like me!).  I trimmed a little off the end to make it fit my eye better, then applied it to the base of my lashes.  Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes are self-adhesive, therefore I didn't need to apply any glue.  I pressed it down a bit at the base of my lash (gently), and then applied mascara.  It was RIDICULOUSLY easy.

But then I tried to do the left, and that one took about five tries.  Luckily, the Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes have a self-adhering strip inside the packaging, so I just stuck the lash back on to the adhesion strip (which made the lash sticky again) and then applied it to my left lash.  After applying the left one, I coated it with mascara to help it blend in with my natural lashes.

I loved how Revlon's Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes made my eyes look bigger and brighter, and the extra long lashes gave me an extra dose of confidence.  The varying length of the lashes also helped them blend in with my natural lashes.  As a teacher, I can't see wearing these to work, but I will absolutely be wearing them for my next night out or the next big event I attend.  They were SO much easier to use than I ever expected, they lasted for hours (I removed them after 8 hours, and they came off easily), and they looked natural.

Self-adhesive (no glue needed)
Realistic length and material
Easy to apply
Never tested on animals

Some people may need to trim them to fit eyes

Revlon products are available at Target, Walmart, 
Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid,, and many other locations.
Learn more about Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes at!

Revlon was kind enough to send over some bonus packs of their Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes for my 2nd Birthday giveaway.  Since I didn't give them all away then, I still have some for you all to win!

To enter to win one of two packs of Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes, just fill in the form below (one bonus entry if you leave a comment here too! Just make sure I know who you are in relation to what email/name you use in the entry form).  
Thanks for reading!
Enter before Midnight EST September 13, 2010.

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Unknown said...

It looks very natural :)

Chiara said...

they look good on you! :)

Enamel Girl said...

they look very natural!

Kimber Y said...

yup, i'll have to agree with everyone else and say they look completely natural but open up your eyes beautifully!

myolie said...

was excited to join cause it really look good on you. i also like the fact that it is self adhesive (suitable for clumsy girls like me) ^ ^

Anonymous said...

I never tried these on my own. Only for a wedding and the salon put it on for me. I hope I win!

Rena said...

I tried these when they were on sale for 99 cents but they weren't dramatic enough so I layer them with other lashes instead!

<33 Rena

Anonymous said...

I would love to try these. I have struggled with fake lashes that you have to apply glue to before. These look like they might be easier to try.

GFC: astraea1976

email: astraea1976 at aol dot com

Unknown said...

I love false eyelashes but as you say, the glue is the worst part! I like that they look natural too.


Jaz said...

They are beautiful, they look naturally long! I'm jasmine

Miss Emmi said...

I've never tried eyelashes before but I sure would love to - these ones have a lovely, natural look about them.

Unknown said...

these look gorgeous on you. and everyone's right--they're completely believable!

Michelle said...

Those lashes look really natural but they definitely open up your eyes.

I used to be so nervous putting on lashes. It just takes a bit of practice. And don't be afraid of lash glue. I'm incredibly clumsy and accident-prone and even I have never managed to have a problem with the glue.

Michelle said...
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Donna said...

I think they look great on you too. I was wondering, did you clean them while you were wearing them with your normal makeup removal routine, then take them off and put them away? Or do you clean them after you take them off? It just seems like they would be so flimsy and difficult to handle to remove mascara on their own. Can you tell I've never worn them either? lol
dmj618 at gmail dot com - Donna J

shortwidenails said...

self adhesive? crazy stuff. the last and first time I wore false eyelashes was my grade 12 prom. so very long ago...and did fall off halfway throughout the night =(

- said...

I find you super beautiful, Brooke. <3

Beside, I like how natural they look. I love the look of falsies but finally never wear any because they feel heavy on my lids and I just can't forget about them because of that. Are those ones comfortable to wear?

Megan Harmeyer said...

Those look great! I've never used falsies before because they always look so fake. LOL These look a lot more natural!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the comments!!!

Donna, I actually didn't clean them at all, but I think they would be easier to clean while they are still on. The mascara didn't stick on them the same way they do on my normal lashes (with my 'real' lashes, I need to clean the mascara off every day or they get all weird and clumpy).

shortwidenails - oh no!! that's awful! :(

jellynat, you're so sweet!! you're gorgeous yourself, and you do your makeup WAYY better than I do!! I felt that these were really comfortable to wear, and I totally forgot that I was wearing them (but that also might have been because of the mango margarita I had, haha). They didn't feel heavy at all (maybe because there was no glue). I was really impressed with them and I'm looking forward to trying them again (hopefully they will be easier to apply to my left eyelid this time!). Thanks for commenting :)

Mai said...

Oooh I'm always in need of more false eyelashes

Entered as Mai, dancinbluegirl90 at gmail dot com

Dana said...

Those are really cool. I've never heard of false lenses that didn't use glue. :) Also they look really natural.

I entered the contest under

cruzgrl1 said...

looks great!

Jana said...

Wow, these look INCREDIBLE on you! Totally natural too! I had false eyelashes on for a wedding recently for the first time ever and lked them a lot more than I thought - I'd love to try them again!

Jana said...

Wow, these look INCREDIBLE on you! Totally natural too! I had false eyelashes on for a wedding recently for the first time ever and lked them a lot more than I thought - I'd love to try them again!

Jana said...

Wow, these look INCREDIBLE on you! Totally natural too! I had false eyelashes on for a wedding recently for the first time ever and lked them a lot more than I thought - I'd love to try them again!

Silverstargirl said...
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Maria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ezzy said...

wow enter me please. these eyelashes look fab !!

Unknown said...

wow... so pretty and natural!!! ^__^

Loqi said...

They look great on you! very natural.

I entered with manonpen(at)gmail(dot)com

Unknown said...

They look so pretty, and as everyone is saying - very natural!

I have yet to take the plunge with these that I won from you, but now that I see how natural they look, I'll be wearing them soon!

ArtisticNailArt said...

it looks very gorgeous! I' ve also never tried false lashes before :P But it seems so cool :)

Victoria said...

I've never tried false lashes but they look sooo natural. I need it!

I'm Victoria R.L.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Pleshette_Rose said...

They look really natural and pretty. Thanks for the giveaway.

Piper said...

I have been curious about trying a lash that doesn't need glue! maybe this will be the one.

nettysgirl at

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