Thursday, August 19, 2010

Orly Plastix Fall 2010 Collection

Orly Plastix
Fall 2010 Collection

Today I have swatches of Orly's Plastix polishes from the new fall line.  All of the polishes have a satin finish that is very similar to matte but less, well, matte.  They also dried a little slower than matte polishes (I know some people get frustrated with mattes because they dry before you finish painting one nail, resulting in an uneven look).  These polishes dried fast for normal polishes, but slower than mattes, so I had no problem applying them at all.  I used two coats of each, with no top coat.

A cool fact about this collection?  They used alliteration for all the polish names!!  Purple Pleather, Viridian Vinyl, Old School Orange, and Retro Red (like Babbling Brooke!).  Very cute.

This collection is available in stores and nail salons now!  Visit to learn more.

Purple Pleather

Purple Pleather was my favorite of the collection.  It has a nice, satiny finish and it covered really well.  Purple Pleather is a grape-juice kind of purple (more blue than red).  I really like it.  

Old School Orange

Old School Orange is a funky, traffic-cone kinda orange with a cool satin finish.  It covered great with two coats.

Viridian Vinyl

What is "Viridian" you ask? (I certainly did).  
a). An (invisible) line that wraps around the earth 50 miles above and below the equator
b). A toxic gas
c). A shade of green
According to Wikipedia, "Viridian is a glue-green pigment, a hydrated chromium oxide, of medium saturation and relatively dark in value."  Apparently it was derived from the word "viridis," meaning "green" in Latin.  Surprise, surprise!

This color is certainly "Viridian" - or turquoise - and very pretty at that.  It also has a satin finish.  I like this one a lot too; I think it is really pretty and, because of the satiny finish, quite unique.

Retro Red

I SO, SO, SO wanted this one to be pink (I was hoping "retro" somehow was intended to mean "not").  From the outside, Retro Red looks totally pink (hot pink, actually), but it is actually a orangish brick red.  I am POSITIVE I don't have another color this shade - it is certainly a different red - and honestly, it does look retro.  The satin finish looks really nice on this one.  I still wish there was a pink, but Retro Red is one cool cat.

Love these shades?  How about the fabulous frosted bottles (I adore them - everything should be sold in frosted bottles).  Let me know what you think of Orly's Plastix Collection!

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Product provided by company or PR for review purposes.  All photos taken outdoors in sun.  Sorry for the missed edges - I wasn't wearing my contacts and could barely see what I was doing!


MightyLambchop said...

Oh I want these so bad! They are really snazzy.

Unknown said...

So good to hear from you!!! I've missed you! I hope all is well :)

Pretty said...

i want some!! orly bottles are my favorite. i love them...the frostyness, and the handle..and they close perfectly.. not letting air inside..

Tassa said...

They are gorgeous!!! <3

Megan Harmeyer said...

The colors are good, but I just don't care for the satin finish. I'll be holding out til I can find the Cosmic FX collection.

Nail Candy said...

Hi from New Zealand! :0)
Yes I agree the 'Plastix' are cool! Check out my post about them on Facebook at!/photo.php?pid=248749&id=130624803639160&ref=fbx_album
Love your blog, keep up the good work!
Kylie :0)

Enamel Girl said...

thanks for posting these! i was on the fence about them.

Anonymous said...

I dunno. I love shimmers and such so I might have to top it off with a glitter polish.

hiitscaila said...

Wow! Lovely collection! Viridian Vinyl is gorrrgeous! And I like your added facts too, :)

L4pinkpetal said...

these colors are lovely

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